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BB DTA entry by kittyqueen9 BB DTA entry by kittyqueen9

this is my entry for DTA #295
This was soooooo much fun to draw, I love this babys design >-<
but in all seriousness I enjoyed this and if I don't win, who ever wins can use any of the ideas here if you want to

Name: Odyssey
Gender: male
Personality: shy, scared easily, secretive, kind, careful, nervous
Story: Odyssey has always been a shy boy, as a sprout the only other bean he would talk to was his caretaker. Instead he read books and occasionally tried to talk to the snyches that would try to steal their crops. When time came for him to go on his journey he was really nervous but after a few days of prep talk and a long walk to Faba, he was ready. Once he was in the human world the first thing he saw was a vast open plain and in the distance, mountains and forests. As he explored he found a snail by some rocks. He took a shine to the snail and decided to take it with him. Not long after he found a pack of wolves and joined them, helping them hunt and care for their pups. One day the pups had hunting practice and this time it was Nightlight; the youngest female to choose what elk to hunt. Due to this being her first time she made a mistake and chose one that wasn't weak and got a bad injury to the leg, making it so she was no longer able to hunt. when it was time for him to leave the alpha male of the pack let Nightlight go with him back to Griffa and wished them a safe journey

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November 20, 2016
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