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My first cosplay



My very first cosplay was a terrible, terrible Kotetsu Isane from Bleach, done at Soracon 08

I had discovered that it was going to be an anime con in norway the week before and asked my mom if she could sew a shinigami outfit for me.

At the same time i had gotten a hair extention braid and figured that without a wig, Isane would be my best choise. My mom supplied me with yellow rubber bands to tie up as Isane's jewelry.

Then I sat on the train into Oslo ready for the con. The first day of the con was sceduled to be a huge cosplay bowling meet for people to meet and have fun. I had no idea were it was and the group that was leading newbies to the place had allready left because my train was delayed (that's the norwegian railroad for you)

I miracilously found my way to the shopping mall where the bowling was supposed to be, still not sure where to go. I saw 3 girls eating lunch and politely asked for the way to the bowling.

They all dropped their food, screamed SHINIGAMI and glomped me at once... one stepped on my toe. Before cosplaying I was bullied a lot and had few friends, and the fact that 3 random people I had never met before was hugging me out of nowhere just made me the happiest person alive

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