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Halloween Party

Oh my god I cant believe I finally finished this thing

Hi guys, how are your october month been thus far? Mine have been pretty sweet and awesome, albeit a bit tiresome

As you all should know by now, I love Blazblue. It's an awesome game, with awesome characters, music and graphics, and a pretty impressive storyline considering that this is a 2d fighting game franchise

My fave character is Rachel, an awesome lolita tsundere vampire, who manage to make every compliment sound like an insult, or visa versa.

So when I figured out that her birthday was the 31st... well how could I not make this a drawing?

It should be said that I have been sketching loose drawings of the characters for a bit over a month, but around 12 today they were finished and I started in photoshop

Yes people I have been spending my entire sunday from 12 o clock drawing this in photoshop and have upploaded it as soon as i finished at preciecly 19:05

a 7 hour job on a 4MB picture... pretty nice huh?

So the characters costumes:
Nirvana(Ada): Pinnochio... It felt right, don't judge me for being predictable

Carl: A werewolf. The sole reason why I made him a werewolf was that I wanted one in here and no one else fitted to be one

Tager: Frankenstein monster. Again, it fitted. And on a side not you have no idea how much I suffered drawing his abs

Makoto: A ninja. Well technically she's in the inteligence department... that must mean she know some stealth.

Bang: Samurai. Because he is really a ninja and it was funny drawing him as one of his enemies

Tsubaki: Queen of hearts. Tsubaki was the one I strugled with the most first I thought princess... but I didn't want to turn her girly, so I thought 'you know what' she's a redhead it works!

Taokaka: Ghost. Hugely inspired by the Charlie brown series where you see Charlie with a bunch of holes in his ghost costume because he never got the eyes right. I decided that Tao probably stole a whole bunch of white sheets over Kagusutchi and tried to sew them together for a costume. Simple but effective

Jin: A skeleton. Again a process of elimination. I ended up with a skeleton because I thought it was funny.

Ragna: Vampire. Let me just say that I do not support the Ragna/Rachel pairing, no matter how canon it is. End of the story is that Rachel bit him once to save his life, so he technically is a bit vampire... and he can go around and make fun of the vampires claiming to be ic so that Rachel can't kick his ass.

Litchi: Cowboy. I cant really remember why I ended up with Litchi as a cowboy... I think I just figured that it was cool if I could bring in her sidekick Linhua as a native american

Kokonoe: Bastet. I needed to cram some mythology in here somewhere, and a cat dressing up as an egyptian cat god was too god to pass up.

Noel: Black cat. Well it's no Panda, but we all know how Noel loves all things furry, I thought it would be nice.

Rachel: Witch. Aside from being a vampire, Rachel has shown a huge knowledge of magic and would have no trouble posing as one for one day. After all, she is a vampire 364 days in the year. She is allowed to be something else on her birthday... right?

Valkenhayn: Magician. I struggled hard with this too but then I figured out that he would refuse to dress up in something else than a suit... so but a hat on his head and a card in his coat pocket and make him a magician. As I started to draw him I also thought that there is some sort of joke to be made about him being a magician and Rachel being reffered to as a rabbit. :3

Jubei: Pirate. OK this was easy. I mean come on he has an eye patch for goodness sake, how could I NOT make him a pirate... and what an awesome pirate he is

Linhua: Native American. Mostly because of Litchi being a cowboy... it seemed to fit in with the team, besides what is a party without a native american?

Have a happy Halloween you guys, see you around
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andungen's avatar! Yikes, this must have taken you forever :D It looks amazing, and I remember now that I've forgotten all about Halloween :heart:
kittypetro's avatar
7 timer mer eller mindre. Ble bra da
andungen's avatar
Veldig! I like ~~ :heart: Awww, I miss you...
kittypetro's avatar
I miss you too senpai