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... It had to be done. I have been sitting drawing pony art to people that wont be up until after christmas because of obvious reasons, and I was determined that I needed a Soi Fon pony up as my first crossover pony...

Besides she'll forgive me, right?
Soi Fon 'scowl' Why me? Why is it always me?
Yoruichi 'smiles' I think we look pretty cute

Hehe, dont worry guys they will be in good company soon, promise.

Also it was not my intention to make Yoruichi look like Scootaloo, that just happened.

Video recording of drawing can be found here
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My Soifon is going to kill ya I would run.
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Eh I'm in no danger as long as Yoruichi is there having fun too
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For now. just heads up.

But either way nice drawing of love how you drew Soi. Soifon is my favorite character in the series and my only crush. :)
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yeah me too, to bad Yoruichi have dibs
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No not really. Soifon just admires Yoruichi out of debt for giving her a purpose in life. Kinda how the espada and arrancar had a reason for thier exsistence because of Aizen. So no there is no love between the two.

Besides Soi is Mine. Haha.
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pft please Soi Fon loves her and Yoruichi loves her back, and nothing you say will change my mind
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Well I was just saying my opinion. I am not going to fight about or argue. I will respect your opinion.

In my opinion its just admiration nothing more.
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She's gonna get you!
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