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Drawing group picture tutorial

my senpai :iconandungen: said that it would be nice to get a tutorial, so shecould understand how I work so fast :3

So I decided to make a small tutorial on how I make group pictures. I had fun so more tutorials are probably going to pop up after a while

So yeah hope you guys enjoy, feel free to come with coments
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Wow, this is a really good tutorial ~~ thank you for doing this :D However, rather than understand how you work so fast, I now cannot imagine how you work so fast... this is actually really complicated, although I guess one gets into a routine after a while. Still though, this is pretty amazing.
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hehe well you know me, trials and experimenting :3

I have been doing this for quite a few years now, and I have gotten used to it

Most of the time the thing that takes the long time is the scetching prossess
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Really? It looks like the coloring takes more time :D
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not really, once the drawing is done, the rest is pretty easy :)