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Do you wanna play too?

All right, I have been playing LoL for about a month now and I love it. I also have had an interesting learning curve.

In my very first game I played as Sivir, she looked fine and as a newbie, I just wanted to try things out. I ended up getting pawned by a gangplank, and I though that that was once scary character....

After that I meet Miss fourtune, and more or less forgot about gangplank, and after that my experiences grew

Although one thing have not changed, no matter who I play as or against.

I will try my best against most champions, maybe being vary of characters like Renekton, Amumu and Miss fortune

But if I see an Annie, I will retreat faster than Annie can say Tibbers!

Annie is the most scary character out there and will always be.

Fiddlesticks, no problem for me, Warwick, a grown up puppy, Annie, the reincarnation of evil!

All right I finished ranting, hope you guys enjoy
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Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttts YORDLE TIME!
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Annie dont like em, except when they're on fire and wanna play with her
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Then she needs Brand.
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Haha, that's good. You should submit it to the summoner showcase at

゙(゚、 。 7
 l、゙ ~ヽ
 じしf_, )ノ
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I have sent my work to them allready, but there are so many great artists out there so mine aren't good enough :)
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Ahahahaa ~~ OMG I love Annie's expression in this :D This is exactly what it's like. Aaaaand Teemo in the bushes, hiding, of course XD
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damn that reincarnation of hell she's so friggin scary
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She's so lovely<3
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*scowl* No she's not she's evil!
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I resent that comment sir! She is a very valuable and flexible champion with some really awesome skins :heart:
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Doesn't mean that she isn't scary evil and terrefying
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Veigar is like "do not want"
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Well who do want Annie and Tibbers after them?
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Hahah I love this, this is EXACTLY what I was like when I found out how much damage Annie can do.

Even as a tank, she takes out a lot of health from me and if you master her stun, then she's lethal.
Tip though, if you ever play as Irelia or Vayne, get someone else to go in first like Jax or a tank, then rush in and spam all of your abilities on her. Your damage output on her will be insane, so you can give some revenge!

All in all though, really good job, I love Teemo sitting in the bush! how cute.
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I usually main as Ashe (currently saving up for Wukong) So I usually try to freeze her before running away

Scary Annie
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ooft, I don't like playing against Ashe either -.- atleast early game, she's a little bit too damage heavy ;D

I have annie, but she's difficult to get right, she is nukey but I die waaay too often!

Too right, even when she is in cute skins TT-TT
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My friend who got me addicted to LoL (translation: demanding that I played it) main as Annie.

She has a nickname of Alice... guess what skin she insists on using :)
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Aw man, I love that skin, I absolutely wish I could afford it but I'm saving up for Nidalee's skins or maybe Cassiopeia...

Bah! such a cute skin! A bear dressed as a rabbit dressed in a suit, can't get much more fun than that, eh??
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I dont want to use real money on this, so I will probably never have any other skins than originals (with the exception of unrestrained Alistar wich I got free)

Although I love Ashe's white snow queen skin, and Nidalee's egypt skin (and I am loving her new halloween skin)

Personally though I love Annie's red riding hood skin, and the reverse skin
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