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Agent Derik - Commission



At long last, here's ~Neshomeh's Agent Derik being moody! I think he looks a bit more boyish than I meant him to, but that might be due to the angle I took the photo at...

...I also have picture of the lineart, so if and when I get the right programs to color things on my computer, I will upload a more decently-done version.

In any event, sorry for the months and months of waiting!

Agent Derik: ~Neshomeh
This Picture: ~KittyNoodles
Dragonriders of Pern: Anne McCaffery and Todd McCaffery
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Wow, that's a quick turnaround from your journal post. You must have been nearly done already. {= )

I think the boyishness you're seeing probably comes from his cheeks being round, particularly on the left (his right), which makes the location of the cheekbone and jaw indistinct. The mouth and nose are a little narrow for the face, too. If the photo isn't head-on, that could have exacerbated things, too.

THAT SAID, I think this looks pretty great overall! I recognized him instantly, and the scars in particular came out looking awesome. It almost seems like the texture of tightly crumpled up and then unfolded tin foil—softer than that, obviously, but I really get the idea of what it would feel like to touch, which is something I've so far never managed with my own drawings. I also like how soft and thick the jacket lining looks, and the way his bangs fall. They almost look wet, like maybe he just had a bath or something. Your attention to detail is really impressive.

Thank you so much, and I hope ticking this off your to-do list helps you feel better about your other projects, too. :hug: :heart: