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My baby (LatiDoll Yellow Miel) abjd ^_^

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Theres a doll in that tree.
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I love your dolly pics they are so cute
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cute doll

beautiful shot
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Awww! she is so adorable.

i give you props about puting her in a tree, shes so small... and it'd hurt her if she fell.
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this is a great picture! i love the contrast on it.
who make this marvelous lil dolls? they are great! this expression looks so real and childish!
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Thats so cute, yet her eyes scare me a lil. She actually looks sad :s
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Doll photos scare me :(
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she's goth. but I love goth ourfit, so cool :D
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How do you make such beautiful dolls?
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how adorable, love the little tights :giggle:
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Ah it's creepy it looks like it could come and kill me!
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That's actually pretty amazing! :]
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I didn't know you were into Bjds! O_O What other dolls do you have! I have four dollies with one more on the way from Domuya
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Lol I <3 bjds. I have a CP Soony and an Elfdoll Lydia. I think there might be a photo of each of them in my gallery. I want more Lati yellows tho. They're so freaking cute!
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XD I cannot believe my fave photographer likes bjds! thats freaking awesome! Ooo Elfdoll has gorgeous sculpts! As for taking photos of them you do an amazing job! Im still getting used to my new camera. I love it so. Im so amateur still, but I am so snap happy. Your ophelia is gorgeous!
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luv her expression! her eyes are amazing, also! :heart:
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I love Lati dolls. I want a Lea ;_;
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Me too. It's taking so long for them to restock :(
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