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Reassigned  By Code-Shark by KittyNinee Reassigned By Code-Shark :iconkittyninee:KittyNinee 4 5 Pull My Tail By Code-Shark by KittyNinee Pull My Tail By Code-Shark :iconkittyninee:KittyNinee 6 8 Neon monster by KittyNinee Neon monster :iconkittyninee:KittyNinee 6 29 Dresses And Accessories By Code-Shark by KittyNinee Dresses And Accessories By Code-Shark :iconkittyninee:KittyNinee 19 27
What to do now...
After many months of rest and healing back to 100% health Kitty slowly getting back to her frisky self, she could not wait to get back home and back to her life with the man she loves.
But while she was in the hospital both Griz and Brad would never leave her side, if one was gone the other made sure to be there...after 4 days of them always around Kitty just wanted to scream and tell them to..well..a nice way to put it... "go fly a kite" Not sure what that means, it just felt better then typing a stream of curse words HAHA.  She really did not have a say in the matter. It was a week into her stay when she was visited by a man in black, a very tall and very skinny man..almost like a walking skeleton, with a somewhat kind of high pitch when he spoke..he cut straight to the point witch Kitty very much liked, not to mention she thought his voice could bring her to tears from laughing so hard but maybe it was the pain killers she was on?
"My name is agent Horton" he says pulling his j
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Maid by KittyNinee Maid :iconkittyninee:KittyNinee 21 24 Casey Maid Outfit 2 Wip By Gustorak by KittyNinee Casey Maid Outfit 2 Wip By Gustorak :iconkittyninee:KittyNinee 9 16 Casey Maid Outfit 1 Wip By Gustorak by KittyNinee Casey Maid Outfit 1 Wip By Gustorak :iconkittyninee:KittyNinee 15 30 Red by KittyNinee Red :iconkittyninee:KittyNinee 4 10
Brad and Kitty..the final
}Part 11{
Now that Kitty has changed out of her skimpy night clothes and into something more leather, the pants are skin or "fur tight" black leather jacket unzipped hidden under that a white tank top...
"Wait, Kitty..why don't you have any foot wear?"
"That's simple..silent..padded paws they won't hear me coming"
"So then what's the game plan? leave town and hide?"
A big paw raises up to single us to stop moving as they reach the street. Griz peeks both left and right waiting for a few moments to make sure the streets are clear...just for the few homeless people sleeping in the ally's. As they wait for Griz to scout Kitty slips the back pack from off her shoulders reaching in she pulls out some food and money and hands them out with a smile.  One hand stands out, more furry then the rest shaking and weak...not just humans are living on the street and normally she would help more but because she is being hunted they have to keep moving.
"Clear....let's go" a loud whisper breaks th
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Brad and Casey 10
Part 10.
Before Kitty can dial the phone   *..BANG...BANG....BANG...BANG* both her and Brad snap there necks towards the heavy metal door..then back at each other.
"Is that Max? think he found us?!" he asks is a scared whisper, but Kitty just shakes her head.
"No...Max would not knock..that's someone else" she quietly answers back..her attention turns back to the door.
"What do we do?" Brad asks..he would be scared but seeing Kitty stand there in her night gown..he is scared and a little turned on. What a perv! =)  Kitty walks over to the door leaning down grabs a hold of the metal handle and takes a few deep breaths while Brad scrambles for a weapon..holding an umbrella trying to look tough. Kitty swings the door up, the metal making a loud swoosh as it bangs when it reaches the roof. And there stands an Anthro Brad has never seen out in the world before...a bear, but not just any bear...a grizzly! Standing taller then Max.
"CASEY!!!" his v
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you re mine  princess wip by escafa-COLOR by KittyNinee you re mine princess wip by escafa-COLOR :iconkittyninee:KittyNinee 9 19
Brad and Casey part 9
Part 9.
After what seems like days spent in the storage locker..or "safe house" its only been a few hours and most that time Brad has been going through the photos and letters his father wrote, all addressed to him that have not been opened in years. There must be a dozen boxes with hundreds of letters and photos in them.
"Wow i can't believe Casey was there for most of my life.."
"Kitty..please call me Kitty" a soft voice chimes from behind him as she slowly sits up from the bed.   "Casey was my old life...i left her behind when i met you"
"But Casey is such a beautiful nam-"
"Ok ok...sorry...Kitty..."
"What are you looking at?" she says walking over to him and places both hands on his shoulders and winces as she can feel a sharp pain in her right hand,  running her tail along his face.
"Your growing a very nice beard Brad hehehe"
"I know i hate it, but i have not had a chance to shave"
"If you shave it...then ill be a very sad little Kitty" she purrrs as she q
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The American Summer Pastime By DACantero by KittyNinee The American Summer Pastime By DACantero :iconkittyninee:KittyNinee 14 18
Brad and Casey part 8
Part 8
Casey slumps into her chair, her knee bouncing as she dreads what she has to tell him...her knee gets faster as she bites her nails, thinking what she could do to avoid his questions...she perks up as a light build goes off in her head  <SEX! yes sex would work perfect> she thinks to her self while sitting up right but quickly a sharp pain crashes over her like a wave. <Oh my ribs! that would not be good since i am out of pain killers> slowly she slumps back..  <ya i have to face it..just suck it up and tell him..he said he loves you! how could he hate us after that bomb shell>
"So Kitty..or Casey? what should i even call you at this point?" he asks as he finishes cooking the food and makes his way over to her.
"When did you learn how to fix broken fingers? and my ribs?...did you google it? hehe"   Yes i had to google it! i am not medical expert!
"I am a doctor you know"
with a blank stare she just slowly nods  "Yes...i know...."
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Bondage Sale by KittyNinee Bondage Sale :iconkittyninee:KittyNinee 4 24

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Off work today! Shopping caught up! Maybe I'll work on my Christmas story
covering an 8 hour shift at work for a co-worker...never again! haha..
Pull My Tail By Code-Shark
Adding color to an already amazing work of art. =D

DID NOT DRAW THIS, JUST COLORED IT!!!!  DRAWN BY:   :iconcode-shark:


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Casey Ninee
just here to enjoy art.


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