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Itsudemo, Dokodemo

By kittymisha
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This took me only about 30 minutes to make, and most of that was me playing with the background, didn't know what size to make it, and then I wanted certain things visible so I had to move it around a bit.

Itsudemo, Dokodemo - Anytime, Anywhere - Whenever, Wherever

Gotta this trio and their antics. The anime didn't do the relationship between Sousuke and Kurz justice, the amount of crap they give each other is hilarious. You don't really think of Sousuke as being the kind to do that when you watch the anime, but really, he and Kurz banter constantly. XD
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Love love love Kurz and Sosuke. And you did an amazing job with this banner.
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Love this. Kurz ftw~ 8D
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Damn, this is perfect! ^_^ I love it! This would make an awesome journal header also.

You know i was looking for a journal skin with FMP and i couldn't find one! >< When i get a chance i think i'm going to figure out how to make them myself.

Love this pic!!
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Thank you~!

Here's the render of the original image, if you'd like: [link]
Sadly, Mao's arm really is cut off, there's nothing I can do about that. So if ya do anything, either need to find a way to cover that up, or just stick well off to the right, hahah.

If you ever do figure 'em out, I'd love to see~ I haven't been able to figure them out either. The really confusing part is making sure they work on different resolutions Q_Q

I could redo this a bit, make it larger, so it's appropriate for a web banner, if you'd like? Shouldn't take me too long. Can leave out the text so you can feel free to add your own, too. This is 500x200, I usually make web banners at 800x220. This is what it looks like when I use a banner of that size on LJ: [link]

Thanks again!! ^^
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Awesome, i can't actually access photobucket at this point in time but i saved the link and will try it out when i get back stateside.

I was messing with one that was already on here and manag'd to make it work, but just altering the image that was of Axel to the one from your account. If you look on my front page it's up and i linked back to your site for the image i used for it. It doesn't line up very well but i did get it to work... kinda, lol.

A banner would be cool too. lol, i really like this one.
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Here ya go! ^^ Banner sizes of the sig, top one is blank, bottom has the text. Since this has a fairly drastically different ratio than the sig, there's a lot more blank space in it. If there's a specific size you want me to make it at, just let me know! It only takes about 5 minutes to make so it's no bother. ^^

Also, on the descriptions for 'em, I included another link to the render, hosted on livejournal rather than photobucket, if that helps ^^
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nice. I love the pic you used for this one
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Kurz is just the kind of drunken big brother I wish I had!
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I don't know the characters but this is brilliantly concepted and colored <3 -random commenters FTW!-
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Thank you! The characters are (left to right) Sousuke Sagara, Kurz Weber, and Melissa Mao from Full Metal Panic! This is their FMP Sigma representation. ^^ Art isn't mine, just the signature concept. Love 'em~
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