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So I decided it was time to revamp Kei's design. I worked a bit with the colours, tinkered with her hairstyle, but right now the biggest change is her face, her muzzle looks more koopa/dragon-like and is much shorter than it was. Also made her shell smaller and more round and put a spikey ring around her tail which was shortened and I took off the spade at the end (ouch)

I personally think this is much better and it fits more along with my original idea for her character.

I got very inspired to finally dra her redesign thanks to :iconbowser2queen:'s journal recently. I HAVE been sketching Bowser quite a bit but I finally got the push to really draw koopa's again thanks to her ^^
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Girl, I have been meaning to comment on this pic for a while. X3 She looks pretty darn awesome and your anatomy looks great in this pic! C: I am happy to know I inspired you to draw Koopas again!:la: Makes me so happy because not too many great Koopa artists have been drawing Koopas anymore. ;w; Glad to know you're one of the few to pick it back up again!:D Anyways, great work!:icongreatjobplz::+favlove:
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hehe thank you so much! >w<  I definitley would like to see more koopa art as well! And the fact that you think I'm a good Koopa artist makes me so happy ;w;
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You're so very welcome! C::glomp: I am only speaking the truth!:thumbsup: You just have a very interesting style and I like it!:la: I plan on drawing my Koopa OC Jonny again some time soon. I already got a sketch mostly finished of him, I plan on inking him some time.:D Just to let you know, I spread the word that you were taking commissions, I tried the best I could to help out! A few of my other friends told me they will tell others as well. Sorry I couldn't be of any more help! ;w;
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Beautiful work on the body!~
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words cannot describe how much I was waiting for this xD
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Hey!!! Sexy Lady!!!!
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