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FoH: Jung Application

By KittyKyomi
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: Jung (Y-Uh-ng) (meaning quiet, serene)

Age: Approx 27yrs

Date of Birth: October 7th


Weight: 175lbs

Gender: Male

Sage: Fire: Fire Flare - A large curtain of flames sprouts from the ground, burning projectiles and any enemy nearby, or if the user sees fit, as a large barrier between their allies and their enemies. (Please be specific when casting) 1 turn use, KO’s baddies weaker than Sage. Excludes Bosses

Race: Keaton Level 5

    Race Skills:
            Trickster: Being the sly devils they are, the skill's user gets a slight speed boost

            Riddle: This will detain the enemy for a single turn, giving an ally a chance to attack without repercussion. (Limit 3 times per RP)

            Brain Buster: Large blocks will appear on the field, forming a small maze an enemy must solve. (limit once per RP)
            Mirage: Projects a doppleganger to trick an enemy. It will deal double the damage to the target. However if a hit is received while a mirage is in play it will deal double damage to the user. (limit 3 mirages per RP)

            Demask: Without a mask, a keaton has no powers. This vulnerability can be used to their advantage. For 3 turns they can remove their mask forfeiting their other abilities for this time period which will enhance their physical attack and defense.

Class/Occupation: Thief Level 5

   Class Skills:
            Sticky Fingers: Allows the owner of this skill to take and use another character weapon for 1 turn

            Serrated Edge: When activated is guaranteed to hit their target that turn, if using a Knife. (Limit 2 times per turn.)

            Infamous:  Once this skill is activated the user receives a 5% stacking speed bonus for each monster they defeat

            Indurance:They are able to take the brunt of a mighty blow enabling them to counter with a crippling attack. (Limit 1 use per rp.)

            Pay Day: The user throws rupoors at  their enemy to blind and distract them before rushing in and landing a critical hit

   Pro/Duel Class- Scout:
            Keen Eye: With an eye for detail, a scout can pick an enemy out of the crowd. However this means only one enemy is selected.

            Sand Veil: The user kicks up/throws dirt or dust into the eyes of an enemy to allow them easier escape. should they choose to stay and fight the scout will land a guaranteed hit. (limit 2 escapes and 2 attacks per RP)

            Informant: Owners of this skill will receive a note from an admin once a month with various information about upcoming quests. some of it will be true and some of it will be false.

            Scavenger: Scouts gather the weapons of fallen enemies for bonus exp. (5 exp per weapon limit 5 weapons per RP limited to modderated RPs only. picked up weapons can not be used in battle)

            Blend In: The user of this skill can easily adapt to their surroundings, making stealthy attacks easier. Activating this skill will result in an unavoidable critical hit dealt to an enemy. Depending on level of the user and the enemy it can result in an instant K.O. (Enemy refers to monsters,The attack does not instant K.O. in PVP battles. Limit 2 uses per rp.)


Alliance: Chaotic Neutral

Likes: Riddles, having the upper hand, gossip, playing tricks, puzzles Hotsprings and bathouses

Dislikes: Tight spaces, Wolves, People who try too hard to impress others, Kravok, Those in power over him. Anyone who tries to harm his friends/those precious to him.

Personality: Cheeky, very flirtatious with anyone he considers to be attractive, sly, never quite tells the whole truth, always good for a laugh, Sometimes quick to resort to violence, Playful

Bio: A Keaton that had lived in the decaying Hyrule for many years. He never speaks much about his past and mostly keeps his personal information to himself. He seeks to become powerful enough to never have to bow to anyone.

Other information:
Since the events on death mountian her grew to like the resistance and in particular another keaton. Once the quest to retreive the Gorons ruby was over somethin inside him snapped having lost his closest companion.  He now seeks to fufill his original mission of destroying the resistance as well as overthrowing Ganon and will do whatever it takes to see his goal through.

** Since Kit was revealed to be alive and well, living under the guise of Eden,  Jung regained a partial amount of his sanity. However as she was taken to Kravoks Castle by her own will he has a hard time keeping his inner darkness in check. As he is now the Sage of Fire, he works with the resistance but has promised to continue searching for ways to free Inari, and still holds true to his promise to protect her.

He may not look like it but he is truly loyal. Mostly keeps to his Keaton form unless he feels fully confident that he can a) fully trust the person or b) certainly defeat the person in question   ** has since grown more confident and rather cocky with his human form and now tends to stick to his humanoid appearance.

Has a withered looking Violin, he's fairly good at playing it but will not talk about it if questioned.

Relationships:  [To be Overhauled and updated]


Daichi: An interesting Keaton who seems to have a bit more faith in the resistance than he feels any Keaton should

Rao: A poe Keaton that intrigues Jung

Karan: A Healer who mainly uses Magic. He's come quite fond of her after she seems to show him kindness no matter his intimidating demeanor

Somniaya: He initially thought she was an assistant to the Poe Pedler and had tried to attempt to woo her away but her mannerisms and behavior caught him off guard bringing back some not so pleasant memories. He is now very wary of how he acts around her.

Rheyker:  A Shiekah Scout that approached Jung after the death of Kit. The two entered an arrangement although Jung was suspicious at first he still was able to use his abilities to help him locate potential allies and valuble information. His recent 'betrayal' came as little surprise as Jung had begun to have his doubts about the scouts methods.

Alei: A cowardly healer with a good knowledge of thier craft. Jung frightened then when he thought they were originally a spy from the resistance and despite his efforts to befriend them it seems something always managed to get in his way.

Sonia: A Hylian Scout who Jung was able to recruit himself. He is able to trust her despite her not being as skilled as he previous scout cohort. A setback he hopes to change.

Eli: Another of Jung's allies who still currently holds his trust. He seems very resourceful and his abilities will come in handy in his plans.

 Ame: A poe who was the first to trust him. They shared alot in common both being hunted for thier value on the black market. She loves to play pranks like he does and he rather enjoys her wisdom and witty banter

Vanda: An interesting Gerudo Woman her met alongside Ame in the resistance. She didn't trust him at first but eventually they became friendly.  He calls her his 'Dark-skinned beauty" As a fox he can sence something off about her...and it intrigues him all the more

Aivill: A cute girl he first met sleeping in the woods. She was the first encounter he had where he revealed his human form so that He could give her his shirt to wear. He likes to play guessing games and have her solve his riddles

Reily: A moblin Jung despises with every fur on his body. His first encounter had him dodging his spear to keep his tails intact. The next time he saw him was during Kits murder and Jung vows to destroy him for what he's done.

Kit: A fellow keaton He encountered during his attempts to befriedn the resistance. He quickly formed a mutual friendship with her feeling like she was the only other decent honest person he'd ever met. Her beuty lied not only in what little she showed of her face but the way she acted as well. He swore to protect her from any harm, and by getting close to the resistance he hoped to do just that, unfortunaltly he failed and stood by helplessly as her tail as cut off before him and she fell to her death.

Rp method: comment, note, skype, chat room
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This is quite good
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FayeleneFyre General Artist
Hello! It's been a while ;w;
I was wondering if you'd be okay with me using Jung as another animation test? XD
KittyKyomi's avatar
KittyKyomiStudent Digital Artist
Hey there! Of course!! Use him as you please!! 8DD
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follyoftheforbiddenHobbyist Writer
wow i really love how detailed and descriptive Jung and Jerial's relationship is on this application

...oh wait >n>
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KittyKyomiStudent Digital Artist

Queen of procrastination, The last time Jung was updated before this Jeri didnt even exist xD
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NeelkanthandEllaHobbyist Digital Artist
wow you character seem really cool! I was wondering do you possible want to rp?
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KittyKyomiStudent Digital Artist
Thanks! I'd love to RP! DO you wanna go throught SKype or through Notes? ouo
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NeelkanthandEllaHobbyist Digital Artist
Skype please if that's okay?
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KittyKyomiStudent Digital Artist
Well I will add you then!
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LeafeonFan0001Student Artist
why am I so late for everything? |D


 The handsome fox is back and looking handsome, as usual >u< So glad he's updated! He looks like someone deserving of the title of fire sage TOO HOT FOR YOU LADIES How, Kitty, how do you come up with such amazing character designs? Teach me your ways senpai, teach me your way >u<
 Namo is not coming anywhere near him now XD
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KittyKyomiStudent Digital Artist
Pfft Jung's been the fire sage for a while now xD

\There was no Party for him OTL

But thank you so much ;v; I'm glad so many people like his look! I'd been working to perfect it for some time, even though there are still some things I wish to improve. Srsly I dont even know how I got this to work ;v;

But nuuu he's a nice foxy! Dont be scared Namo! ;A;
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LeafeonFan0001Student Artist
Aw man! No party?! >n< that just sucks


His new design is perfect. I don't care what you say •^•
 Namo is just a cucco, can't blame her >u<
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KittyKyomiStudent Digital Artist
;;u;; Thank youuuuu <3

Jung: DOnt worry young one... I could never harm you... My flames will only burn bad guys ^^
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LeafeonFan0001Student Artist
Namo: Oh! oki-doki Mister Keaton! But if you burn some part of my woods. :iconsansundertaleplz: "you're gonna have a bad time"
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KittyKyomiStudent Digital Artist
Jung: -chuckles- " Trust me dearie... I live in the woods... I would preffer burning it down..."
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LeafeonFan0001Student Artist

  by the way, not to be too pushy or anything! But I never did receive a responding note for Hylian! Namo and Jung. Would you like me to send it again?
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KittyKyomiStudent Digital Artist

 There was supposed to be a ' Not" there! He doesnt wanna burn the woods down! I'm sorry Namo!! ;A;

Jung: -ded-


It must have gotten swallowed up in all my other notes! ;A; Yes please send it again!
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follyoftheforbiddenHobbyist Writer
So I am officially obsessed with his new design. When you briefly mentioned his new design in our RP, I never imagined it to look like this. In fact, this is at least twenty times better than anything I had in mind. And wouldja look at that - I finally have an idea of what our Communication Stone necklaces look like! I've been trying to figure that out for like a year now ouo;;

Congratulations on such a well-deserved and much-needed update for our beloved firefox, my friend :heart:
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KittyKyomiStudent Digital Artist
ahh Folly thank you so much ;w; I'm really glad you like it!! and yes, now you know what the stones look like xDD

I hope the update was worth the wait
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He looks great
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KittyKyomiStudent Digital Artist
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*Gaaaaaaaaasp* He is so awesome QAQ
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