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Some of my custom brush settings in FireAlpaca.

1) Mixer brush : this brush is actually the finger brush, which I think is a smudge brush but it works poorly as one imo, but i use it for mixing two different colors. (easier and quicker than the wheel and rectangle.)

2) Hard blending brush: I don't use this too often but its good for hard, shiny surfaces like metal stuff. This brush is actually from someone on tumblr but I cant find the post anymore so if someone could link it too me if they recognize the brush that would be great. :(

3) Soft blending brush: I use this one a lot for shading, it takes the color where you first put down the brush and will basically spread that exact color everywhere. Brush pressure definitely comes in handy when blending with this on. I like it because you can see the brush strokes when you blend. The two different circle show what the "soft edges" look like like and what the "hard edges" look like. (I use hard)

4) Water Brush: From this post:…

5) Nib pen: This is a simulation of one of my favorite irl inking pens. it has a rounded edge but it gets slightly thicker the harder you press down on it. It's a thin brush brush you if you like to ink with thin lines this is the brush for you. 

6) Soft Shade Brush: This one is my absolute favorite brush. It's exactly as the name says it is, it acts like the pen brush but with a soft (not blurry) edge. I use it for coloring and shading basically everything.
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sorry if this is a dumb question but how do you download it

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What version of FireAlpaca is this because I don't know if complement is load color or the same as load color?

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Yes they are! Honestly I should probably update this bc I get this question a lot, but a couple of years ago they switched Load Color -> Compliment. It should work exactly the same!


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Thanks for the info
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It works okay, I guess?
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I cant find "load color" When i edit a brush, there is only "Complement"
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It's possible they might've changed the name or setting since this brush was made!
Make sure you're in the correct category, if that's the case then use complement instead and see if that gives the desired effect!
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those are the same thing, just different names c:
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Can I use it on MediBang
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Yeah definitely! They're basically the same program
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thank you for telling me dear!
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Wow, the blurring brush is helping me out alot! Thanks! Once I finish drawing a picture with it, I will comment the link!
Mettaton is hyped for the show 
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I'm glad you like it!! Can't wait!!!
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!!! i've been looking all over for a blending brush for medibang, thank you so much
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how to download it? TT

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How do i download the brushes??
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How do I download this?
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Hey, I'm not the most experienced artist, and I'm honestly not too sure how to use these brushes. I've got them all made on firealpaca but I don't really know where to go from there. If there is anyone who could help that would be great.
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Hi! i can't really give you any specific advice myself other than just practicing and feeling out the brushes yourself, some ways I catch inspiration are from browsing other works and seeing how those artists use their brushes and by watching speedpaints on YouTube!

Another place you could ask this question is the group :iconfirealpaca-users: they're a community of FA users who could help you out as well!
I don't have the finger option. what do I do?
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