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I might not be able to do absolutely everything, but will sure as heck try.
Shoulder up
 I know you can't really see it well, but under those flames is a shoulder. And yes, you can have a cool little background on any of these if you wish.
Chest up
The title explains it I think... I had to add a description. Okay?
OC's/Character Art
Reference art would be amazing to have, but if you don't have any, describe it well.
Full on digital art
Make sure to really describe what you want for the best results.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hello! I am KittyKawaiiComics! I might post some cool stuff on here, but meanwhile, enjoy random crap art/fanfiction/photography to waste your life on!

My birthday badge
- Name: Uhmm you can call me Kat if you wish too!

- Single or taken: Single

- Sex: Female

- Birthday: July 20

- Sign: Cancer

- Hair color: Such a dark brown that people often confuse it for black hair.

- Eye color: Olive Green

- Height: 5' 2" (And I wanted to NOT be the shortest in my family...)

- Are you straight/bisexual/gay?:  ... I have no clue honestly


- What kind of shampoo do you use?:  I don't know exact, but it's Giovanni and it doesn't have any Sulfates in it cuz I'm allergic.

- What are you listening to right now?: An bunch of Thomas Sanders videos. (He inspires me so much <3)

- Who is the last person that called you?: I have no phone... ;-;

- How many buddies are online right now?: I don't really have any friends here, but three people I'm following are on right now...


- Animal:  Fox

- Colour:  Dark Purple, Blue, Red, Green and Black

- Drink: Water (fun fact about me- I hate drinking warm/room temperature water.)

- Element: Fire (I wish space was one...)

- Food:  Freshly baked honey drizzled croissants

- Game: Undertale, Okami, Tomodachi Life, Any Pokemon Game. (I can't say one.)

- Movie: Spirit Stallion of the Cinmarron. (It may be older but I still love it.)

- Song: ...oooohhhh boy uhhh... Absolutley Smitten or Things We Used to Share. Oh! Or Dear Happy.

- Subjects in school: History (The teacher is amazing) Band, Vocal. (There's no art program at my school sadly.)

- T.V.: Voltron LD and... uhh... Okay I watch too much Youtube.

H A V E | Y O U | E V E R

- Given anyone a bath?: No

- Smoked?: No, too many tragic memories

- Bungee jumped?: might be fun but no

- Made yourself throw up?: Almost cuz I hate one of my subs that much (She made my lactose sensitive sister drink a pint of whole milk despite her telling the sub that she didn't like milk)

- Skinny dipped?:  no, and nor do I want to

- Ever been in love?: Yea.... >///<

- Made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: I tried but I still got in trouble.

- Pictured your crush naked?: No.

- Actually seen your crush naked?: Definitely No.

- Cried when someone died?: Every time

- Lied: Who doesn't?

- Fallen for your best friend?: He's like my brother...

- Used someone?: HECK NO

- Done something you regret?: Too many times

- Clothes: Blue shirt, purple and black gym shorts

- Desktop picture: Night Ride by Elentori

- CD in player: None...

- DVD in player: None again...

L A S T | P E R S O N

- You touched: MRBmeep

- Hugged: ...MRBmeep

- You kissed:  Does this mean on the lips or no? Cuz I kissed my great grampa on the cheek cuz I might not see him again...

- You IMed: I don't know

- Talk to online: MRBmeep again

- You sexed it up with: ...That's just disgusting

A R E | Y O U

- Understanding?: Yea

- Open-minded?:  Defintally

- Arrogant?:  At times

- Insecure?: YES.

- Random?: Totally....POTATO >:3

- Hungry?: Yea I smell good food somewhere in my house

- Smart?: Well I'm not doltish

- Moody?:  At times once again

- Organized?: On my laptop yes, any other case no

- Shy?: Meep had to make my friends for me in Elementary so yes (It always ended with people thinking that Meep was a better friend and they ditched me.)

- Difficult?: ...Totally Not. (Yes)

- Bored easily?: Yep

- Entertained easily?: Yep

- Obsessed?: Maybe...

- Lazy?: *Looks at amount of late assignments* Yea... o-o'

- Angry?:  Right now? No

- Happy?:  Right now? Yes

- Hyper?: Not hyper just happy

- Trusting?:  Not really...

- In the morning: I watch YouTube and then eventually eat breakfast.

- Love is: Important no matter what kind it is!

- I dream about: The most random crap ever. (I once drempt that everyone in my school was gay except me.)

- What do you notice first in the sex you're into: Mainly their eyes, or just face in general.


- Makes you laugh the most: MRBmeep

- Makes you smile: ...MRBmeep...

-Gives you a funny feeling when you see him/her: ...I totally don't have a crush on anyone at the moment
D O | Y O U | E V E R

- Sit on the internet all night waiting for that someone special to IM you?: Only happened twice

- Wish you were a member of the opposite sex?: No not really

- Wish you were younger?: Nah

- Cry because someone said something to you?: Yea...


- Of times I have had my heart broken?: Too many to count

- Of Cd's: uhmm maybe 15 at most?

- Of scars on my body: 3, one on my knee, once on my nose, and one on just outside my mouth.

- Of bones I've broken: None (I almost broke my own nose tho once)

And I tag:
No one I guess??? If you want to do this than you can, and I encourage you to do so! (Just say that I tagged you :P) So uhh.... Stay Inspired! <3


My mom just referred to my dad as "daddy" ... Time to internalize this.
My mom just knocked on my door, so of course I answered it. Yea she was holding a duck and said, "Got any grapes?" I'm dying XD
Me and my sister were gonna go to a play at my school but we were 5 mins late so we were locked out. The problem is that we were at meeting in a building next to the school so we had no one to give us a ride home. So we walked back to the building where we had the meeting and were locked out AGAIN. So we just went home.

Without our mom knowing.

So we might get grounded.

Let's hope we don't tho. 😓
My older sister just told me to make a contest where people have to draw a bunny that's a strawberry that is eating a strawberry that's a bunny.

Should I do it?


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