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Zach’s High School Sweetheart

Written by Katrina Zwicker, Zach Jordan, and Dave Smith


"Hi Zach! How are you doing? It's Kat, remember little ole me from high school? I'd love to reconnect... "

Zach noticed the message pop up on his phone and was amazed to suddenly hear from her again.  He thought things were over between him and Kat.  He replied almost instantly: “Yes hi! I’m surprised to hear from you.  I have missed you. Reconnecting would be great.”

“Yay!! Now I have to warn you, I'm quite a bit different than I was in high school...” her response came back just as fast!

“Oh really? Hmm you were quite a cute little thang in school.” his fingers were shaking he was suddenly so excited that she was so interested in him again.

“Heehee, yeah I was... ‘Little’ being the operative term there. Remember how my younger brother was like 6'8 as a freshman, my mom was like 6'4 and my bodybuilder dad was 6'2? I was totally the runt of the family.  Do you remember why I broke things off with you? Going to that clinic the last semester of school really changed things for me...”

“I don’t really remember. Miss you like crazy though. Your family is quite big and tall.”

“Yeah they are... so the real reason I broke things off was because that clinic discovered why I was the runt... there was an irregularity in one of my glands that needed to be fixed and it was going to take me three to six months to recover from the procedure.  It was scheduled for right after school and I didn't want to put your through that. My family supported me through it, as family does...”

“Oh wow I'm sorry, glad you’re doing better now. I would have stuck by you though.”

“I know, but i needed to do that with just family. Oh, and by the way, the procedure totally worked!! I'm no longer the runt of the family. Actually just the opposite!”

“What?! Really?! Interesting.” Zach was getting more and more intrigued.  She was dropping hints left and right that implied she was most likely now the woman of his dreams.

“Heehee, yeah, and I totally love it too! Not that I didn't before, I didn't mind being little because I was quite strong. remember how I’d beat you at arm wrestling? I guess I got my dad's strength and muscles...”

“Yeah lol… Muscles too?! Your dad was pretty big!” a shudder went through his body at the thought of little Kat with muscles as big as her father’s.  He had won quite a few bodybuilding championships in his day.

“You'll just have to see in person little man! Do you want to meet for coffee?”

“Yes I do!”

“Yay!! And FYI my dad wasn't just pretty big, he was really big!!! My mom was quite strong and muscular too, remember? I think their muscles multiplied in me... Several times!  So shall we meet at Marika's at 7 tonight?  Hopefully the roads aren't too bad because of the snow....”

“So you’re bigger than your dad?! And sounds great can't wait.”

“Heehee, you'll see little man...”

Kat arrived at the coffee shop a good twenty minutes early for two reasons, so that she could grab the two big comfy chairs in the back, and more importantly so that she could be sitting down and concealing her new body without freaking him out right away.  Not everyone appreciated her new physique.

He walked in right on time, she loved a man on top of things, and looked around for her.  She was well hidden in the shadowy corner at the back.  Not recognizing her right away he pulled out his phone and sent her a text:

“Ok almost 7.....I'm getting nervous but excited, where are you?”

“I'm here in the corner, in the big comfy chairs with the little table between the two chairs...  I'm wearing black leggings and a dark blue sweater...” she replied.  He came over and the closer he got the bigger his eyes became.  He totally recognized her and yet didn’t.

“Wow that's a huge sweater....omg your legs are huge.” he blurted out before he could stop himself.

“Um, thanks! I guess... How about we start with hello and how are you doing?”
Shaking his head to clear his thoughts he suddenly realized what he’d said and looked mortified.  “I'm sorry you look great. How are you doing. So great to see you.” He said as he took off his hat, gloves and coat.

“Thanks! I feel great. You're looking good too? What coffee did you get? Have a seat. I love these big chairs, they make me feel mostly normal...” she babbled out of nervousness.  She forgot how cute he was and how much she was drawn to him.

“I got a frozen mocha Frappuccino. Only one I like. Wow you sure have grown. But still have that beautiful cute face.”

“Heehee, thanks. I do miss being little ole' me sometimes, but i'm sooo glad i finally became who I was really meant to be. Hmmm, i guess these chairs are bigger than i though, it totally swallowed you up...”

Zach noticed that Kat’s head was well above the top of the back of the chair while his own head didn't even come close. It also looked like she was filling the entire chair while he had plenty of room to spare.  She was definitely a big woman now and given the curves that showed through her sweater and leggings she looked like she was quite strong and muscular too.  It was hard to tell because it was so dark and she was wearing dark colors.

“So the procedure I needed was to open a blocked gland of mine. It totally worked too! Actually it worked too well...”  My little 4'8" tall body was flooded with growth hormones that finally allowed my true genetics to be expressed. By the time they released me from the hospital two days later I'd already grown 6 inches taller, and I just kept on growing!!


“Yeah, it was actually quite uncomfortable. I was always hungry and my bones and joints ached all the time.”


“I grew five and a half feet taller in three years!!!”

“Um, wow that's amazing.  That means you’re like… Um…”

“Over eleven feet tall?” she prompted.

Zach’s jaw dropped and he could only stare. He couldn’t comprehend what that really meant.  Not yet anyway, she couldn’t wait to show him now!

“That's not all...”

“Oh, you do look fuller too.”

“Sure I do, my womanly assets grew too!” she winked at him, squished her sizeable breasts together a bit to create more cleavage and leaned towards him so he could get a good look.  Again she blew his mind and he couldn’t say anything.

“My muscles got in on the party too... as I was growing taller I was also growing stronger, but I couldn't really do any hard workouts while my bones were growing. I had to wait until they were done solidifying before starting lifting weights... Here check out this picture of me and little Mikey! You remember him from school...?” she pulled up a picture on her phone and held it out for him to see.
“…and this was me at my desk...” she flipped to another picture.  “I used to be shorter than Mike...” she added.

“Wow you’re so tall!”

“I know… You have no idea... Yet.... let me finish my story then I’ll show you.”

“Please do .”

“Once I finished growing taller, I started lifting weights with my dad and brother. Wow did my muscles respond! I feel comfortable telling you because I remember how you totally loved that mini me was stronger than you...  


“I would do a workout and add three to five pounds of muscle within the next two to three days. and with five workouts a week I was gaining 15-25 pounds of muscle a week!!! I loved it!! At my new height I was already stronger than my brother and within a month I was stronger than my dad. I've been growing ever since!  Here's a picture from last week...” she showed him her phone again.  He went pale this time and again couldn’t say anything or look away.
“Here's one of me flexing... and one of me lifting...  Yes that does say 500 pounds...!” she clarified when he looked at her with astonishment.

“Omg!!!! I think you’re my dream girl that came true!!” he was so excited he could barely contain himself.  He was ready now…

“Heehee, I figured as much... are you ready for the real me now...?”

“Yes! “

“Ok, you stand up first...” he did so and when he stood he noticed that even sitting down she was almost taller than him already. “Now me...” she said and began standing up out of the chair.

As she stood up she kept rising taller and taller and taller. For the first time he was able to get a sense for how big and muscular she really was! She was gigantic!!  She loomed over him, bigger and wider than she had any business being.  He looked all over for any part of her that wasn’t massive and other than her face, which made her body seem even bigger, he couldn’t find anything.  When he finally looked up into her eyes she flexed a double biceps pose and her arms exploded with insane amounts of sweater stretching muscle that he would have to reach up over his head to touch!!!  

“Holy fuck, pardon my French…”

“Heehee, be glad I didn't wear my 11 inch heels, I would've totally made your head explode!! So I take it you like my 38 inch arms... ?” she asked putting one hand on her hip and bending to her side so that her other arm was right in front of his face, and flexed.  The beachball sized arm she present him through her sweater was bigger than his waist! “Each of my legs is almost double the size of my arms...!” she continued and flexed one of her legs as well, visibly stretching the leggings she was wearing with a mass of muscle he could barely believe.

“Damn you are huge.”

“Heehee, yep! Total opposite of who I used to be. Watch what happens when I flex my back...” She put her hands on her hips and expanded a pair of wings of muscle from behind her. She then stood on her tip toes, making her tower even more over him, and flexed both her legs as well creating an extreme X physique with three times more muscle than any man will ever be capable of building!!  Zach was amazed that her low cut "V" neck blue sweater could handle all her flexing muscle, plus her sizeable round breasts...

“Wow!!!!!!!”  he couldn’t not look!

Next she leaned down and presented him with a most muscular pose, flexing every muscle possible to its maximum. Zach could even see her abdominals bulging through her sweater!! With 580 pounds of sexy female muscle directly in his face his knees unhinged and he sat back down in the comfy chair.  Now that she had totally blown his mind she dropped her pose and sat down as well and they continued chatting...

“I must say, you are my dream come true!!!” he leaned towards her eagerly.

“It's pretty dreamy for me too. When I was the runt I'd dream about being the biggest in the family. This isn't exactly what I had in mind, but like I said, I LOVE it!!!

“Me too.”

“I'm a total hulkette now...! No more runt for me!!

“Clearly you’re no runt anymore. Even though I liked you then. This new body is only a plus.”

“Totally!! I'd be just as happy as li'l ole me...  Mmmmmm the things I can do with this body though...! just you wait and see!!” she said flirting and giving him a wink.  She re-crossed her thick muscular legs in front of him. He was amazed at how soooo very long and powerful they are that it made him shudder at the thought of them wrapped around him.  The slightest flex and he’d be totally trapped!!  All he could do was just stare and he even started to drool.....

“Um, here...” amused at the effect she was having on him she handed him a napkin for the drool.

“Omg I'm sorry, your body is just so amazing. I got lost looking at you...” he apologized!

“There's a lot of me to get lost in...” she added flirting with him.  Suddenly she wanted him closer!!  “You're too far away little man...!” She reached over and put one hand under his chair. The next thing he knew she had lifted him and the chair up and set him down right next to her chair so that she could take his hand and put it on her leg.  His hand looked tiny on that massive sea of muscle that was her one crossed leg.  She could feel him trembling as he touched her again for the first time.

“Wow! Say how about we either go back to my place or your place?  Getting hot in here…”

“Sheesh... you move quick don't you.  Since this is our first "date" I’d rather just enjoy your company and tease you a little more with my amazing new body... heehee, I’m totally the playful kitty still!” she was missing the fact that his intentions were completely innocent at this time. “Although... what size bed do you have?” curiosity overcame her because she loved being bigger than her own California King sized bed.

“I just brought a new King bed. (“Yes!!” she thought to herself…) But I just meant we could just relax and chat more there.” He let his gentlemanly intentions sink in a second.  He then added: “You said ‘bed’ so who's moving fast now?!.....” with a wink.

“Heehee, yeah... I know, sorry.  I'd love to see your place and relax there; and by the way, I have a California king that I have to curl up diagonally on and it's still almost too small for me...”

“Ok, you might have to duck through my doorways though.” clearly he was still not comprehending her true size.

“Heehee, and turn sideways... I still don't think you realize how gigantic I really am...!” Kat looked out the windows at Zach’s Mini.  “Oh dang! It looks like the snow plows have buried your car into its parking space...! I can pick it up for you and set it in the street, or, I mean, I could help you push it out of your parking space...” she loved teasing him and dropping hints that revealed her true self.  

“What? Why are you looking at me like that?” she asked him when he looked up at her quizzically, “That Mini of yours only weighs like 2500 pounds. I squat more than double that!!” she told him.  “I can almost curl your car with both hands and I figure that in a month or two I'll totally be able to. I hope I'll be able to show you that...? I'm still a growing girl you know? I haven't maxed out my 11'2" tall frame yet...

After that last statement sunk into his head, and he shook his head to clear his crazed thoughts, they got up, put on their snow gear and went out to see what it would take to extract his car.  As it turned out the snow plow had only built up a bank of about three feet.  Zach knew he wasn’t getting it out until he came back with a shovel, which was stupidly at home.  Kat just smirked at his dismay and went around to the back.  She bent down and with both hands under the bumper, on the frame of the car, she stood up, lifting the whole back end of the car up, and proceeded to drag the entire car over the snow bank and into the road.  It looked easy for her…

“There, now you can get home and we can continue getting reacquainted.” She leaned way down to him and gave him a quick kiss on his cheek, then turned to go to her own Jeep. “See you at your place!” she called over her massive shoulder.  She was so big that from behind most of her face was obscured by her neck,  traps, and shoulders.

“Oooof, it's really snowing out there!! Good thing we decided to come to your place.” Kat said as she took off her jacket and boots.  “My oversized jeep won't have any trouble getting me home tonight. Your light little Mini wouldn't stand a chance getting you home if we had gone to my place. Here's a pic of my ride...
She showed him another picture on her phone.  He just stared and didn’t say anything.

“You've been awfully quiet...” she said after several awkward minutes. “Is it me? Did I scare you with the new me? I know it's a lot to deal with. Believe me, being a hulkette isn't easy at all!!!  I knew it was too much too soon!!! I'm so sorry, I'll just go...”

“No, no! It’s just so much to process… I’m sorry!”

“Oh! OK.... I've just freaked out so many of my previous friends when I flex an arm bigger than their waist...!

“I think I just blanked out from so much mass. And now that I'm awake I see my dream has really came true!!!”

“Yep! I'm true flesh and blood! And muscle and muscle and muscle...! Can I see your belt?”

“Sure .” he stood up and got a belt from his closet.

“Ok, so I'll just wrap your belt around my upper arm and notch it in the usual hole you use... Wait, dang, that's too small!! Heehee! Let me go two holes bigger... There we go. Ok, now let me flex...! Mmmm I just love how much bigger my muscles get when I flex!” *POP* “Oh!! there goes your belt! I'm sorry I didn't expect it to go flying off my arm like that...!  Heehee, i just love being a hulkette! It gives me such a rush to be so strong!!” she was squirming a little on the barstool she was sitting on.

“Wow you are so huge!!! I love it!!”

“Thanks!! Do you want to experience how huge I am first hand...?”  Not waiting for an answer she pulled up the sleeves of her sweater to reveal her massive muscular upper arms.  Without even flexing, her biceps looked big and round and solid like a watermelon! She then squatted down in a side chest pose with her arms curled, flexing massive muscles everywhere, clearly inviting him to feel her arms, her deep cleavage just happened to be at eye level to him when she did this...

“Wow! Your bicep is so hard!!!!!!!  Yet still somehow soft and feminine and warm…”

“Your hand looks tiny compared to just my biceps...!”

“I know. That vein on your bicep is thicker than my thumb…”

“Do you want to experience my strength?” she asked clearly enjoying his response to her enormous musculature.


“Ok little man...” she put one hand under his arm pit and stood up to her full height, nonchalantly taking him up with her. His feet were dangling about two feet off the ground while she held his entire weight in one hand!!  “You're so light!!”


“I remember loving being picked up when I was tiny, it was such a great sensation... How does it feel to you?  Of course you weren't strong enough to pick me up with one hand, even as tiny as I was I was still built like a brick!”

“Yeah I remember when I carried you with both arms. I guess the tides have turned still such a sweet girl but wow your body is killer!!!!”

“Thanks!! I love it!!! Check out this picture of a bodybuilding contest I did last month... I totally destroyed all the guys!!”
“Holy cow!!”

“I didn't like dieting because my boobs totally disappeared so no more contests for me, I prefer having breasts...”

“Yeah plus you can still be lean just not that lean. Bigger is better!”

“Totally!! I love that I'm still growing...!”

“Yeah might as well keep growing…”

“Oh I plan to... I want 40 inch arms...!”

“Only 2 more inches to go...” Zach said mesmerized by her size again!

“I love that I can curl more with one hand than most men can bench press...!”

“Yes you’re almost there.”

“Um, almost?? I did show you the picture of me warming up with 500 pound dumbbells, right??  Who do you know that can bench press 500 pounds??”

“I meant inches. Before you know it those biceps will be 45 inches.”

“Whoa! I may lose range of motion at that point... That would be too much for me...”


“Yeah, if i couldn't brush my own teeth, or comb my own hair, that's too much!”

“I think 45 is the limit. You will still be able to do anything. But if not I can do all that stuff for you.”

“Oookaaaayyy... if you say so. We'll see...” she said dubiously as she flexed her massive arm again!

“Just saying if your body wants to keep growing, why fight it?”

“Oh, I'm not... I'm just in control of my body and not the other way around...  Oh, I suppose I should put you back down on your feet... Heehee, I totally forgot I was still holding you!”

“It's ok I was getting comfy lol!”

“Heehee, I'm glad you don't mind being manhandled like that. Don't worry, I would never do anything to humiliate you!!  Especially not in public or in front of your friends/family. I have too much respect for everyone to do anything like that. Now bending an "I" beam into a pretzel to show off my strength, that's totally different...  It's kinda trippy to me how strong I am... totally surreal!”

“I'm in love…”

“Awwww already?? We've just spent two hours reconnecting...”

“Well I always had a crush on you from before. And now?.... the body is only a plus!”

“Awwwww thanks!!” Kat said blushing bashfully and sheepishly swaying in a girly way that was so alluring, especially coming from a massively muscular hulkette like her.  “Ok, this little hulkette is getting tired (it's almost midnight after all...) would you like to join me at the gym tomorrow? I'd love to show off my new body...!”  she invited as she put on her winter clothes.

“Yes sounds great!!”

“Yay!! 9am at MAX MAX MUSCLE GYM... They insist on the capitals, not me... They even set up an area just for me!!”

“I bet so.  Not many places with 500 pound dumbbells…”

“Yeah... how many people can do this...?”  She hooked two fingers under his belt and lifted him up off the ground with one hand, her bicep bulged but he could sense that it was ludicrously easy lifting his 180 pounds with one arm. She brought him up to her towering height and gave him a quick kiss...

“Wow mama!”

“Heehee, get used to it.  Life with a hulkette is very different!” she said setting him down and ducking under the door, turning sideways as well, and battled her way through the blizzard to her oversized Jeep.  Once she got The Beast (as she called it) running and the heat cranked, she had to wait for the windows to defrost.  That went so much better than she hoped it would.  Clearly her and Zach still had a connection, even with her new body.  Actually, especially because of her new body.  She had totally felt his hardness when she kissed him goodbye.  The thought that she could turn on a man with her epic body sent a wave of pleasure all through her and suddenly all she could think about was going back up to his place and letting him take her.

She spied her gym bag with a full set of workout clothes and before she knew it she was knocking on his door again, bag in hand.  When he let her in she scooped him up to her height and they began kissing passionately.  He peeled her jacket off her so as to feel her bulging muscles better and once it had dropped to the floor she set him down in front of her.

Before he could ask what she was doing he could see all of her muscles flexing and bulging and growing at once.  She flexed and pumped up so quickly that her sweater and legging didn’t stand a chance and shredded, falling off her body as she erupted with muscle!  His knees unhinged and he fell at her feet, looking up at her flexing massively in her lace panties and bra…

“Mmmmmmmm it feels so good exploding out of my clothes!!  Just like a real hulkette!!  I want you little man…! You’d better be ready!”

“Oh I’m ready my massively muscled maiden!” he replied transfixed by the entirety of her.

She reached down and picked him up under his butt with one hand and with her other hand ripped off his jeans and underwear exposing his hardness.  He took off his shirt on his own.  When she had lifted him up the her mouth she revealed another part of her new self.  Her super long tongue snaked out of her mouth and wrapped itself around him at least two, almost three times.  He gasped with pleasure as her boa constrictor of a tongue squeeze and made him rock hard.  It then began twisting and dancing and wrapping itself around him until he was almost on the verge of exploding.  She noticed this and unceremoniously dumped him on his bed from almost seven feet off the ground.

By the time he recovered and turned on his back to face her she was already prowling her way up the bed.  She dragged her large breasts up the entire length of him.  He noticed that her legs were so long that, even though she was halfway up the bed, her feet were still on the ground on either side of the bed and her knees were at about a 90 degree angle.  Just her upper legs were long enough to be wider than his king size bed.  He was finally truly understanding how gigantic his woman now was!!

Once she was aligned with him she lowered herself down, and the act of doing so made her legs flex beyond any proportions he had ever imagined were muscularly possible.  Her panties popped off too and she greedily consumed him. He felt barely any of her weight thanks to her flexing legs.  Then suddenly she was sucking him up into her with such force that his hips lifted up off the bed for a moment before he slid back down out of her.  Was that even possible?  He looked up and Kat put her hands on her hips and spread her back muscles into wings of muscle that almost made him explode again.  Her bra snapped off this time releasing her large teardrop breasts.

Again she sucked him up into her and this time he was definitely lifted up off the bed before she released him and let him slide down. Then again and again she sucked him up.  She had put her hands behind her head, making her biceps bulge spectacularly, and arched her back making her breasts seem bigger as she pulled him into her time and time again.  This was too much for him and when he was again about to explode she stopped, squeezed down on him almost painfully, and leaned forward until she was hovering over him, one huge arm on either side of his head and pendulous breasts hovering. He reached up to touch them but she grabbed his hands and pinned them down.  He was trapped and he could feel the tremendous strength of her which made him pulse inside her!

A shiver of pleasure rumbled through her entire body like an earthquake and he began to feel a rhythmical movement inside her.  It felt like she was massaging him up and down his entire length. Apparently doing this was turning her on more than just instantly sucking him in.  Her nipples grew hard and she lowered herself so that each one was resting on either side of his head.  Because she was a giantess her DD proportional breasts were each bigger than his head and the combination of being pinned down by her strength, his head surrounded by her breasts, and whatever it was she was doing to him inside, made him explode into her and as a result she came a moment later!

She arched her back again releasing him and screamed her good orgasm to the snowy sky!  Mountains of muscle flexed and bulged as she gave up control of her body to her orgasm.  After what seemed like a minute to Zach she finally collapsed on top of him.  Again he barely felt any of her almost 600 pounds of weight and he turned his head to see that she was instinctively holding herself up off him with just enough of her weight on him to make him feel pinned.  It felt spectacular!

She then lay down on her side next to him and rested her head on his shoulder. He slid his arm under her thick neck and held her as best he could while her finger traced his quite muscular chest.  She was amused that even though he was quite muscular for a guy, just her forearm was bigger than both his legs combined.  She loved her new life and was glad she decided to get in touch with him again.

In the morning they woke up in each other’s arms and smiled happily at each other. Zach began tracing the curves of her massive muscles and before she knew it he was crawling up her legs on all fours. His mass wasn’t even denting her muscles and she loved that her one leg was wider than his entire body.

“You  feel like a puppy climbing all over me...” she said as she slowly flexed her legs and enjoyed feeling him tremble as the mass of muscle under him grew bigger and bigger!!
She enjoyed watching him struggle to keep his balance and finally he fell flat on her legs. Kat giggled as she realized that his body, draped over both her legs like that, didn’t touch the bed on either side.

“I could totally flex and send you flying up into the air...?” she said playfully flexing her legs a little making him bounce around.  When she stopped he  looked up at her with fiery passion and resumed crawling up her giant body.  She licked her lips sexily with her long tongue.

He winked and slowly traced a hand up all the top of her quad. Going outwards following the curve of her hip. He grabbed onto her hip and dragged his body along her quad.  His tiny legs straddled and squeezed her one quad but nothing moved.  He felt like he was on the back of a very large horse and his entire body shook with pleasure, tickling her leg!
His shakes of pleasure made her tremble with pleasure, but to him it felt like an earthquake!!  A muscle quake!  Her muscle quake sent waves of pleasure through his body and he moaned and squeezed and enjoyed the moment.

Suddenly her fingers wrapped themselves around his waist and before he knew it she had picked him up and put him on her chest. Zach’s ribcage sank between her breasts and his hips and legs were resting on her abs...  Her long tongue tickled his ear, then his neck, then she was kissing him, her tongue battling with his tongue.

Kat then flexed her chest and he could feel her chest and breasts clamp down around him!  His body was enveloped somehow softly by this incredible muscle control. He couldn’t move an inch!!  He looked up at Katrina to see her hands behind her head making her biceps bulge to epic proportions. Her biceps alone were each the size of a big beach ball!  She had him completely pinned and she wasn’t even using her hands!  He could tell that she was enjoying this immensely, seeing him trapped by her powerful new body!  His entire body trembled.

“Please Kat let me kiss those alp sized biceps,” he requested.

She smiled and suddenly he felt a wave of muscle start at her lower abs that pushed him up to her arms without her or him using any other form of locomotion. Once she had him where she wanted him, her chest clamped down around his hips this time.

“I can move you the other way too...” she said. “all without using my, or your, hands!!
His hips clamped to her sternum and arms finally free he pushed himself up and started massaging her ultra-huge arms. Zach then lowered himself and slid his hands around her neck so that his small lips could meet with her large pouty lips.

He playfully tugged at her hair as the sparks flew between them. Her tongue filled his mouth. He grabbed on and suckled as their tongues tangled. When they came up for air their eyes locked and Trina could tell that he was overwhelmed by her kiss because her mouth and tongue are so much bigger than his...  She loved feeling gigantic compared to her little man and suddenly wanted him inside her!

He felt another muscle wave start at her chest and down her abs that sucked him back down, then with an abrupt change of direction he suddenly found himself sucked inside her.  Remembering last night he realized that he was now under the control of her super strong, playful, and gentle muscle monster.  This was going to be another rollercoaster ride of pleasure!

“Mmmmmm I just LOVE my brand new body and everything it's capable of...!” Trina moaned with obvious pleasure!

Zach felt like he was on a circus ride, his tummy in his throat and before he could regain his wits he realized he was clamped in.  He tried to move inside her as he looked up towards her huge pecs and breasts, but he was stuck!  She looked down at him over her chest biting her lip, then licking her lips with her long tongue, then inhaling filling her massive chest making her seem even more gigantic, she was totally in control.

Suddenly he felt her pushing him out but before she sent him flying across the room, which she could have easily done, she grabbed hold of him and pulled him all the way back inside her... Her hands were behind her head and her back was starting to arch, her breasts reaching for the ceiling as pleasure flooded her that she is now capable of total control like this.  Kat deliciously pulled him in and out of her, slow at first but with increasing speed as the pleasure built in both of them!

His body was getting thrown around like a rag doll in Katrina’s throng of passion and strength. He was barely hanging on while Kat  gasped and moaned as the pleasure built.  He started banging on her abs but he could tell that the hits were only mere tickles to her.  She was too much woman for this little man.

For him to be so completely and totally overpowered by his high school sweetheart and lifelong crush was almost too much for him and a scream escaped him.  Kat immediately slowed down and eased up mistaking his scream for pain.

“Oh!  Was that too much?  I don't want to hurt you!!  It just feels so good doing that all inside me!!”

“Not hurting…” Zach gasped,  “I, pleas-  Just, too much pleasure…” he was panting and incoherent from this stupendous woman he was making love with.

“Oh! Um, is there such a thing?”  she asked as she started sliding him in and out of her again... This time she was being more mischievous... She started varying the rhythm... She would keep him out of her for excruciating lengths of time before suddenly sucking him in and causing a pleasure bomb, and so on...

He used his hands to reciprocate the pleasure by massaging her lower abs, pelvis, clit.  He could barely fit one of her 8 pack of abs in his hand because they’re so big and full they’re bigger than a grapefruit!  He really wanted to touch her full round breasts but with her back arched they were just out of his reach.  The gigantic size of his lover was finally sinking in.

Reading his mind she sat up in a half crunch which made her abs bulge even bigger and as a result he was now able to reach her breasts...  His tiny hands slowly traced her bulbous abs then slowly rubbed her nipple.  His touch made her body spasm and she suddenly pulled him so deeply into her, he could feel ripples inside her as she tried to pull him in even deeper but couldn’t.  The pleasure this created was too much for him and he exploded into her just as she spasmed and squeezed down on him with her own orgasm!!  Kat’s back arched again and they screamed with pleasure neither of them had ever experienced before!!!

Zach collapsed on her tummy twitching with pleasure while Kat rode orgasm after orgasm because every time he moved even just the tiniest bit, another wave of pleasure would roll through her entire body!!

Zach’s exhausted body enjoy the tremors until after what felt like minutes she gently released him and he made his way up her monumental body to snuggle in under her arm, his head resting on her shoulder, his arm reaching only a third of the way across her chest and his feet resting in the palm of her hand.  Looking over his shoulder he noticed that her upper arm was taller than his shoulders were wide and realized that her one arm was most likely bigger than his entire body!

He looked up into her angelic face and with a smile thanked her for reaching out to him and wanting to re-connect.

She smiled down at him and said, “You’re very welcome my little lover man.  I’m glad I did too! Heehee,” she giggled and continued, “...and to think, I used to be tiny compared to you...! Now I'm perfect!!!”
Reconnection can be amazing!  (Definitely not safe for work...!)
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