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The Desert is Amazing!
Old pic from before my little man started lifting weights and exploded into the sexy little muscle man he is now!

This was 7 years ago when he was only 110 pounds at his 5'3" height.  I was almost three times his size back then (I was 295 in this pic at my 7'3" height).  Now he's added 75 pounds of sexy muscle and I'm still twice his size (I added the same amount of muscle...!).  If i wanted to get back to being three times his size i'm sure I could do it in about 6 months, and i'd be adding his current body-weight in muscle to my body during that time.  Gah!  I'd be so huge and strong at over 550 pounds of sexy Hulkette! :D :strong:

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Evo Kat
By Katrina Zwicker

It had been a crazy day and I was finally on my way home.  It was 5 till 9 and the gym was about to close.  I was just waiting for my smoothie to be finished and head out the door.  When my fruity proteiny goodness arrived I turned towards to door and promptly skidded to a stop.  Coming in through the doors was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen!  She was a brunette with this cute elfin face and (yes I’m a guy) quite a substantial bosom.  She had on knee length tights and a jacket over her workout tops and as workout clothes do, they highlighted that she was a thin lithe fit woman.  I couldn’t not stare and when she caught me I felt myself turn red.  With a sweet bashful smile she walked past me and said hello to Sam closing up the desk.  

I shook my head and tried to clear the cobwebs that this amazing woman had just created in my brain.  Wasn’t the gym closing?  Who was she?  I asked Sam about her and he told me her name was Katrina and that she’d been coming in after hours for a couple days now.  Apparently she had worked out something with the owner.  I was mesmerized and decided to come in late again tomorrow to see if I could say hello to her this time, instead of staring like a loon.  On the way home I switched on the news.  I’d had enough hard rock in the gym.  Of course there were more Evo stories.  Ever since Claire Bennet came out all hell had broken loose.  It was the witch hunts all over again.  Yep, humanity never changes…  Good thing my own ability was so easy to mask.  I’d been able to avoid detection and registration so far.  Even given the improvements I’d given myself.

I tried for the next couple nights but for some unknown reason I kept missing her.  Finally on the third night I timed it perfectly and right as they handed me two smoothies, she walked in the door.  She was wearing her usual knee length tights but it was a warm night and she didn’t have a jacket on.  She seemed bigger somehow, and I don’t mean just her breasts pushing up out of her workout top.  I walked over to her, wait was she taller?  She seemed to be about my height and I could’ve sworn she was shorter than me before.  I’m not the tallest of guys though so who knows.  When she paused to check in I said hello.  

“Hello,” she said bashfully.

“I’m Mason, I noticed you the other day and thought you could use a pre-workout smoothie…” I handed her the second drink.

“Oh,” she was somewhat startled, “thank you.  I sorry, I’m just not used to all this attention.”

“All what attention?” I stupidly asked.

“Oh, well, you know, just since…” she stopped herself suddenly.  “Well, thank you Mason.  I’ll put this to good use.” She said with a sweet smile and twinkling deep blue eyes.  “See you tomorrow?”

“Count on it.”  I responded as she went into the empty gym right as Sam turned all the lights off.  She didn’t seem to mind.

Awesome!!  That went way better than I expected.

The next night I was trembling with anticipation to see her again, but unfortunately she didn’t make an appearance.  Nor did she come to the gym for the next three nights.  I’m patient and on the fourth night I heard the door chime open and in she walked.  Ok, she was definitely statuesque now and as I picked up her drink our eyes met and she let out a little squawk…

“Oh no, you again!” she said and dashed out the door.  I was stunned for a moment then ran after her.  She was already at her red tricked out jeep and I yelled at her to wait.

“No, you need to get away from me…!”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because you’re doing it right now…!” she screamed and suddenly, with one hand, she grabbed my belt and flung me through the air onto the grass behind her jeep.  I could hear her crying over the roar of her jeep as she sped off.  What just happened?  How could such a slender woman fling all 165 pounds of me so easily? What was going on?  Was I facilitating her without knowing it?  Given this encounter she was most likely an evo and obviously there was no way she was going to be able to conceal it for much longer.

Undeterred I decided to wait for her again tomorrow night.

The next night, as I came out of the locker room and headed to the smoothie bar to get our two drinks, Sam called me over.  “Here, this is for you Mason,” he said handing me a note.  The note said:

‘I’m soooo sorry!!  Will you please forgive me?  This is all so strange.  I think you’re like me and I’ve decided I want to share with you.  Please stay after closing with me tomorrow night…  ???  Please!! Katrina’

I pondered it and thought about how much courage it took for her to send this.  I was definitely going to wait for her.  I asked Sam what state she was in when she dropped off this note and he said she looked like someone had just kicked her puppy.  That just gave me more confidence in my decision.

The next evening I was sitting at one of the tables at the smoothie bar with our two drinks when I heard the door open.  It was a good thing I was already sitting down because Katrina was stunning as she walked through the door.  She was wearing black stiletto heels a short grey ruffled skirt that highlighted her long slender smooth sexy legs.  She had on a black lacy top over what looked like her workout tops.  Her long brown wavy hair framed her cute face and sparkling sapphire eyes.  I stood up and with her heels I had to look up quite a bit to get lost in those blue eyes, she was tall!  Unable to speak I smiled at her and held out her smoothie for her.  She took it and took a bashful, sexy sip from the straw with her red, full lips.  Gah!! Everything about her was driving me crazy!

“It’s delicious.  Thank you,” she broke the ice and sat down.  She crossed her long legs and her upper knee was as tall as the table!

I swallowed hard and said “You’re welcome.”

“I’m so sorry about yesterday.  I didn’t know what to do and I overreacted…”

“Don’t worry about it.  I’m fine and I totally understand what you’re going through…”

“Really?  You’re one too?”

“I am…” I said quietly.

“Oh that’s soooo great!! I’m so glad I’ve found you.  You’re the first I’ve met.  This is sooo weird!!”

“It is definitely an adjustment…”

“So what do you do?” she asked me and I could tell she was wanting to verify her theory of me.

“I’m a facilitator…  Anyone around me gets better at what they’re doing about two to three times faster than normal.  Have you noticed how everyone at this gym is in the best shape of their lives?  That’s me and this field that I emit.  I’ve tried to turn it off but that’s one thing I can’t seem to do.  I can focus it in very specific ways too, like, I learned Spanish fluently in about three hours the other day.  I can even apply it to inanimate materials, like I can make paper stronger than steel and warm water warmer.  Whatever I’m affecting has to have some property already that I can enhance.  I can’t change the nature of the materials, like water into rock or something…  It’s quite useful…!”

“Wow, you know soooo much about yourself already,” she gushed leaning forward, her large breasts forming deep cleavage that I could see through her lace black top.  “I’m just discovering what I can do and what’s happening to me.”

“What can you do?” I asked trembling with anticipation.

“Well, you kinda already know, but since the gym is empty now, I’ll show you…”

I looked around and sure enough the gym was dark and deserted.  We were totally in our own little world there…  “Yes please,” I tried not to sound too enthusiastic.  We stood up and I was momentarily stunned by her height again.  I’d totally forgotten about the rest of her I was so focused on just who she was during our conversation.  We went to the free weights area where there was a bit of space between the machines.  She slipped off her heels and pulled out a pair of weightlifting shoes from her shoulder bag.  She slid her skirt off revealing a pair of tight workout shorts, and pulled her lace top off showing off her workout tops barely containing her breasts.

“Here’s what I can do…” she said and she flexed her arm.  A sizeable muscle tensed up and grew out of her arm but the weird thing was, when she relaxed, her muscle stayed the same size.  She flexed her quads and again they tensed up and grew a bit and then stayed the same size when she relaxed.  I noticed that it wasn’t isolated to just the muscle she was flexing.  After doing about six different poses her entire body had gone from quite slender to very fit and almost buff…

“I’m just getting started…” she said as she dropped to do push-ups.  Almost instantly all of her upper body muscles tensed up and started growing in response to this new work.  After 20 easy push-ups she stood up and again her muscles stayed the same larger size.  She started doing air squats and again her lower body, this time, flexed and tensed and grew in response to the exercise.  After 20 easy squats she walked up to me and asked: “Do you like what you see?”

I was looking up about 5 inches into her brilliant blue eyes, but in my peripheral vision I couldn’t ignore the fact that she was now, suddenly, as big and strong and muscular as a champion physique competitor.  She was beyond buff and now quite muscular and she hadn’t even lifted any weights yet!  I nodded and with a brilliant smile she bent down and kissed my forehead!  Her touch burned like fire on my skin.

She bounded over to the weights and picked up the 90 pound dumbbell.  “Now for my warm-up!” she said and started curling the weights.  I struggled with 90 pounds even when I was facilitating my muscles to grow.  She was curling the big weight easily and again her muscles grew and exploded with strength and power.  After 20 reps her arms and shoulders were bigger than any female bodybuilder I’d ever seen, and the rest of her body was quickly catching up.  For her lower body she picked up a pre-set 300 pound barbell and did 20 deadlifts making her legs explode with muscle just like her arms.

In a matter of minutes she had transformed from a tall slender sexy woman into a powerhouse of female muscle and strength!  Like a moth to a flame I had to touch her.  I walked up to her and put one hand on her arm, feeling her bulging bicep, and my other hand on her tummy where her abs were rippling.  She tilted my chin up so that we were looking at each other and said “Thank you!  I’m so glad you like who I really am.” And she bent down and kissed me full on the lips.  I was overwhelmed!  

“I’m not done with my warm up yet…” she said after kissing me.  She went over to the 300 pound barbell she’d just used for deadlifts and hoisted it over her head and started doing shoulder presses.  Again her body grew and exploded with even more muscle!!  After 10 reps with both hands she shifted the barbell over to just one hand and did 10 more reps and again exploded with even more muscle!!  10 reps later with the other arm and her upper body was bigger than any male bodybuilder I’d ever seen.  Her legs were still smaller but I could see them growing to catch up.  In order to balance herself out she started doing one legged squats (Pistols) with the 300 pound weight.  Each leg exploded into a pillar of might and power that made my entire body shiver with desire.

She was now the most muscular human ever!! Every part of her was bulging with giant hard rounded muscles that would shame the biggest of male bodybuilders.  Her cute face, beautiful hair, wide hips and generous bosom was an amazing feminine juxtaposition to her massive muscles…  With a sigh of contentment, as if it felt good to be her true self, she said:  “Ok, now I’m ready for my work out!”

She laughed her sweet laugh when she saw my expression that she hadn’t even started working out!  “What do you think?  How much can this little girl curl?” she asked flexing her bicep which expanded to a globe of power the size of a cantaloupe!  She winked at me and then surprisingly licked it with her quite long tongue.  She was so confident and sure of herself and knowingly driving me crazy.  I had to stop myself facilitating her long tongue which had already grown a little longer before I realized what I was doing.  Of course, with me here all of her was growing two to three times faster than normal for her, and normal for her was apparently super accelerated already!  Now I was super-duper charging her up into a massive hulk of a woman!

I wet my lips and responded: “200?”  the thought of her being able to curl my entire body with one hand was irresistible!

“Hmmmm, 200?  That’ll be a challenge…” she said winking at me.  I wasn’t sure which way her joke was intended.  We set up a barbell and she started curling it with one arm.  A smile blossomed on my face when it became clear, after the second rep, that this was ludicrously easy for her!  “How about we double it?” she asked after her 10th rep.  I was trembling with desire as I helped load the big heavy 45 pound plates onto the bar.  This weight was a challenge for her, that much was clear from the first rep.  Her biceps bulged and grew and hardened so much I was afraid they would burst right through her skin!  She squeezed out 5 hard reps and went for a 6th but was only able to lift it halfway.  Her other arm was similar and the pump this gave her arms was amazing.

“Now triceps… It’s arms and shoulders day for me!  I can only do 825 with skull crushers…” she said winking at me and flexing a horseshoe shaped muscle that perfectly balanced out her bulging biceps.  We set it up and I marveled that each of her triceps were lifting more than what most men could bench press.  Actually it was too easy, most likely because I was there, so we upped it to 950.  That gave her a challenge and pumped her arms up even more.  The rest of her body was responding in kind and she seemed to be even bigger than after her second warm up. Of course she was.  I was actively facilitating her muscles and didn’t even realize it.  I didn’t stop though once I did realize it…

“Now, shoulder presses, let’s start with 675 on each barbell, my old max…” she said knowingly.  She was smart too, as well as beautiful and sexy and super crazy strong and muscular!  She knew what I was doing… We set up two barbells with almost all the weights in the gym and she answered my unasked question: “The extra weights should be here in a couple days.  I’ve worked it out with Jerry…  I’m a growing girl after all!”  as expected this weight was a challenge for her, but with me here helping she was able to squeeze out 8 good clean reps. Her pumped up shoulders made her seem even bigger and more massive and I just loved standing in front of her experiencing her growing mass.

Actually, she was getting so pumped up that it seemed that her muscles were starting to crowd each other.  I pointed this out and she said: “Here’s something else I can do…”  She closed her eyes, tilted her head up and suddenly it felt like I was shrinking.  She grew about 6 inches taller, then, thanks to my help, she grew two more inches taller, dwarfing me by more than a foot, and her pumped up muscles looked much more proportional while still keeping her hulking size.  I had to have her and she could see that in my eyes.  She reached down with one hand, grabbed my belt, lifted me up to her new height, biceps bulging and we started kissing passionately. My hands were roaming and feeling her mighty muscles and I couldn’t help myself from getting turned on as she wrapped her meaty arms around me, pressing me into her soft chest.  

“My Hulking woman,” I gasped in my passion and she broke off our current kiss and said panting, “I’m a Hulkette… I’m waaay sexier than he ever was and I’m glad I’ve found you, my little man!” and we resumed kissing.  I knew she could feel my enhanced hardness pressing against her rock hard chiseled abs.

“I want you/I need you.” we both said at the same time. We gazed deeply into each other’s eyes and could see what we both wanted in our eyes.  She set me down on an incline bench press bench and straddled me. Looking up at this massive muscular woman made me quiver and feel so small and tiny, I couldn’t wait for her to lower herself, making her enormous legs flex impressively, and take all of me inside her.  We tore our own clothes off and she did exactly as I’d hoped she would.  As I slid up inside her I filled my big woman to capacity; it was as if I knew exactly how much to enhance myself so that I’d be perfect for my woman.

It was, in a word, incredible!!!!!!

After… she suddenly came to her senses through the veil of pleasure and, stunned, suddenly stood up, lifting me off the bench before I slid out of her and said: “Ohmygosh I’m so sorry. I’ve never done that before!” and bolted across the gym to the locker rooms.

I went after her and found her in a corner of the lockers sobbing and trembling.  To see a gigantic being with so much strength and muscle crying and totally broken down, hurt my heart.  I went to her and tried to comfort my massive woman as best I could.

“This isn’t me!  This isn’t who I’m supposed to be…” she started telling me between sobs, “I didn’t mean to humiliate you, that’s not me… I’m supposed to be 5’4” and 100 pounds, not this sex bomb muscle monster!  I’m supposed to be mousey and cute and smart and funny, not a freak who can throw a bus across a football field with one hand…!”

I hugged her tighter and told her that she is cute and smart and funny, AND beautiful and sexy and I told her that she didn’t humiliate me; that was the best experience of my life and that no matter what her body looked like, she would always be just mousey, cute, smart, funny Katrina to me.

She looked at me, tear streaked eyes hopeful, and asked: “Really, even if I weren’t a sex bomb muscle freak you’d still want me?”


Next thing I knew she had swept me up into her arms and was hugging me fiercely!  I started kissing her tears away, but that just made her sob even harder, but I could tell they were tears of relief, not sadness.  She kissed me again and then a laugh of relief escaped her as she said: “Oh my little man, thank you! Thank you! Thank you” and we kissed again, sealing our relationship.

She set me down and the bulk of her totally overshadowed me, I loved it!  I took her hand and led her to the showers where we continued to explore each other under the hot water.  She slid my body up the cold tile wall and pinned me there using just her chest.  The contrast of cold tile and hot water and hot woman felt amazing.  I was instahard!  I was perfectly positioned and all she had to do was move her hips forward to take in all of me again!

And again…

When we walked out to our cars she picked me up and set me on the hood of her jeep so that I could kiss her and be slightly taller than her.  I loved how casually and comfortably she used her strength with me.  I looked into her eyes and asked: “Shall we go out for dinner tomorrow night before coming here for your workout?”

“Oh yes please!  I haven’t gone on a date since I started to change and evolve.  Ok, that was only three weeks ago, but whatever!  I’d love to…”

“Sounds great, I’ll pick you up at 6?”

“Sure, but I think you’ll have a hard time picking up this little girl…” she said and flexed her massive arm in front of me! It had to be bigger than my waist and she laughed as my eyes bugged out of their sockets…  

“Wow!  I keep forgetting that you’re this massively muscled sexy Hulkette… I only see you!”  Her heart totally melted and she kissed me sooooo passionately!!  Best night ever!!!

That next afternoon I received a text from my lady, she asked that I text her when I pull up and that I wait by my car for her to come out.  She has a surprise for me.  I trembled with anticipation!  As requested I sent her the text.  A moment later her front door opened and she stepped through, completely filling the doorway.  She was about as tall as the door itself!!  I noticed she was wearing those same heels from last night, yet still she seemed taller.  She was her slender fit self, wearing a tight blue one piece dress that perfectly highlighted her large breasts, wide hips, long legs, well, frankly all of her amazingly sexy body.  How did I get so lucky?  She saw me and started walking towards me.  With every step, pounds of muscle started appearing out of nowhere until by the time she walked up to me, towering over me, she was as muscular as a champion physique competitor.  She hooked a finger under my belt and my feet left the ground as she picked me up to kiss me, her long tongue snaking into my mouth.

“You don’t mind if I go out like this, do you?” she asked and winked at me as she flexed her arm making a decent size muscle bulge.  

“Not at all!  Are you ta-“

“Taller?  Thanks to you I grew three inches overnight!  With these heels I’m about 6’10” tall!  I’m really coming to love what’s still happening to me.  I also figured out today that I have total control over my muscle size.  Like, I can use my full strength without allowing my muscles to grow bigger.  But what’s the fun in that, I like my massive muscles…!” as she said that last sentence she suddenly flexed and exploded into a muscle monster bigger than any man ever, then just as quickly shrunk back down to her physique size.

“Wow…..” was all I could say.  We got in my car and started driving to the restaurant.  “How did your dress survive your muscles just now?”

“Oh, my mom is a master seamstress.  She’s been making all my clothes since I started to change.  She also found this super stretchy and strong fabric that lets me grow as big as I can without shredding.  We ordered a whole bunch of different colored and patterned bolts of that stuff.”

“So your family is totally supportive?”

“Yep, they’ve been great!  They worry about my sudden changes tipping off the authorities about what I really am, but I figure, with your help, I’ll be my full Hulkette self in no time and then they won’t be able to stop me, no matter what they throw at me.  I already think I’m bullet proof…”

“How do you know that!??!”

“I don’t, it’s just a feeling…”

“Well I hope you don’t ever need to find out!”

“Me too!”

We arrived at the restaurant and made quite the entrance.  Obviously all eyes were on Katrina, with quite a few envious looks in my direction.  We were in our own world so we didn’t pay them any attention and enjoyed our dinner.  Our conversation flowed so nicely from one topic to another that when desert arrived we suddenly realized it was getting late.  I had another stunned moment when we stood up and suddenly I’m dwarfed by my tall muscular curvy sexy woman.  I really hope I never get used to being surprised by her size!  I saw her smile at my reaction and I could swear she was actually taller now than before dinner.  Of course I was actively facilitating her so that was entirely possible!

As we walked to her Jeep in the parking lot she seemed like a super happy giddy woman out on a date with her man and was totally radiant to me.  At the car she turned to me and leaned down to whisper in my ear, “Take me to your place and take me my little man!”  I shivered with pleasure that a woman of her stupendous strength and power wanted her little man to be said position of power!  I kissed her passionately and said “Absolutely!”

By the time we made it inside my place she seemed to be as tall without heels as she was at the beginning of our date with heels!  She also let me totally direct her and she took all her cues from me.  When I wanted her against the wall, she obliged while I stood on a chair.  She let me lead and it made me feel so amazing, especially when she started growing more muscular with every thrust of mine inside her!  She grew bigger and more muscular underneath me, and when her muscles were maxed out she started growing taller and bigger as well… With each thrust she started wailing as she grew and as pleasure grew inside her and as I facilitated her growth beyond anything she reached so far.  She was gigantic!!!  I couldn’t kiss her lips anymore, then as she grew I could barely kiss her nipples anymore while I was inside her!  The vast size of her was almost incomprehensible, then suddenly I felt her squeeze down inside me as her good orgasm overwhelmed her, and me too!!

As I lay on top of her while our orgasms subsided, I focused on facilitating just her vagina, and I could feel a tremor rumble through my giant lover.  I crawled up her giant body, not once touching the bed and snuggled in between her giant breasts to give her a kiss.  “OMG, you’re so amazing, you’re so… so, tiny!  Am I really THAT gigantic?? Oh!!  OMG that actually turns me on little man!  I suddenly LOVE being a ginormous Hulkette with my little man!!“

With that she flipped us over and kneeled over me, a sexy insanely muscular woman at least 10 times bigger than me!!  Based on the 8 foot ceilings I estimated she was now way over 10 feet tall since she was kneeling and her head nearly reached the ceiling!!  She lowered herself down onto me and I suggested she focus on her vagina and try flexing it.  She looked at me quizzically and then a mischievous look came across her face.  “Has my little man been naughty with his super power?” she leaned down and caressed my face and chest, then she flexed her vagina and we both let out a gasp of pleasure!!  “Oh!!  What did you do you sexy little lover…?” she asked as she flexed again and again and again… Then I felt her try something different, she was massaging up and down my entire length.  I started to see red and black as she did this.  Then I felt her try vibrating super-fast and I actually screamed with feral pleasure the same time she wailed with feminine power!  Then her back began arching as she kneeled over me and I felt her lift my entire body off the ground as she repeatedly sucked me deeper inside her.

I couldn’t stand any more pleasure and erupted into her and I felt her lose her newly gained control over her vagina as another round of orgasms flooded her massive being!  It wasn’t until the strongest contractions passed that I finally slid out of her as she relaxed.  It was amazing!!!!!!!

We lay side by said with her body totally encircling me with a mass of muscle I’d never dreamed of ever and found to be totally sexy on my giant Hulkette lover.  “This is the most amazing thing to ever happen to me,” she whispered to me just before we both fell asleep.  When we woke up she had shrunk down from her Hulkette size, but was still a very large woman!  I’m 5’9” tall and I estimated, as I wrapped my arms around her and held her big breast, that she was now about a foot and a half taller than me, and appeared as muscular as a physique competitor.  She felt me holding her and turned towards me with a contended sigh as she brought me in for a kiss.  “Morning little lover…”

“Morning my Hulkette, would you like some coffee?”

“Oh absolutely!  And a croissant too.”

“Ok, let me run down to the bakery on the ground floor and I’ll be back in two shakes.  You just lay here and stay sexy!”

“You’ve got a deal,” she said as she pulled me down for another passionate kiss where she used her long tongue so skillfully.

As I was waiting for my order I realized something was wrong.  A number of black vehicles suddenly pulled up to the building then the ESA piled out and secured the elevators while teams went up both stairwells.  With a sinking feeling I texted Trina “911 RUN!”  I ran out to the street under my balcony and saw her looking down scared.  When she spotted me she smiled and jumped!  I didn’t expect that given that I live on the 9th floor.  She landed gently in front of me as if she regularly jumped out of 9 story balconies.  We began walking down the street trying to mingle with everyone else, but Trina’s now extreme height made her stand out a bit.  She whispered to me that she got out before anyone came to the door and that this was now the shortest she could coax her body to become.  I told her we’d figure it out.

She actually knew exactly where to go and led us down a random alley and to a basement access stair going down a lot farther than I would’ve expected.  We finally came to a thick metal door that looked more like a door on a safe.  Trina knocked and accidentally totally destroyed to door, knocking it out of its frame and leaving a huge dent in it.  “Werps!  I’m totally not used to my new strength yet.  Sheesh, I’m orders of magnitude stronger than I was just yesterday thanks to you little man!”  I could only stare at the six inch thick metal door that she’d just inadvertently destroyed so casually.  Part of me was scared but also turned on!  She picked up the door with one hand and set it to the side to allow us to go in.

We went farther underground before getting to another door that opened as soon as we reached it.  “Welcome Katrina, we didn’t expect to see you so soon…  they came didn’t they.”  A young woman greeted us.

“They did.  Molly, this is Mason…”

“Hello Mason, we’re glad you’re here.  So Trina, did it work, are you maxed out?”

“I think so, my little man here was amazing and even gave me a little bonus…” she blushed.  “I’m pretty sure I’m as big and strong as I’m going to get…”

“That’s great to hear.  We’ll get the door replaced as soon as we can.”  Trina blushed again.

“So, who are you all?” I asked because I could tell there were dozens of people down here.

“We keep Evos safe,” Trina responded.  I was stunned to hear her answer, especially since I’d only know her for a week or so.  “And we’d love for you to join us.  Your abilities would really help all of us with our own abilities.  Mmmmm I can just feel the incredible amounts of strength you’ve given me lurking within my muscles…  Ooooh I feel like I could lift an aircraft carrier with one hand!!  It’s totally up to you though…  Although, I’m pretty sure the ESA wasn’t after me just now.”

“You mean they knew about me?  How?”

Molly responded, “We’ve known about you for months now, if we know, they know…”  That sent a shiver down my spine.

“I’ve only heard stories, never actually known anyone affected or even seen an ESA agent until today.  Crap, so my life as I knew it is over, right?”

“Yep,” Trina replied, “but you’ve found me, and I’ll do everything I can to keep you alive.  You’re definitely one of the more valuable and powerful Evo’s around.”

“Absolutely,” Molly added, “I can already feel that my abilities are strengthening just by being near you…”

“Wow, I didn’t realize that I’d have this effect, or opportunity.  I’m totally in!”

“You don’t know what you’ve just volunteered for, but we will gladly accept your help!” Molly responded.

I looked up at Katrina, and saw the love in her eyes for me and my decision.  She hooked a finger under my belt and lifted me up for a kiss.  “Let’s go to our room little lover, until we figure out our next move.”

“Yes please…!” I responded kissing her again.  As she carried me there she let her muscles grow until they were bulging everywhere, and in our private room she grew as big as the small room allowed while we made love and she explored her new body and what it was capable of.  I was never happier and totally looking forward to my new life with this amazing gigantically sexily muscular woman!!
Evo Kat
I was inspired to complete a story fragment I've had sitting around for years.  This came in my dreams last night...! Enjoy! :D


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