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Almira Bio/Questionnaire
Name: Almira
Gender: Female
Hero or Villain: 2 can be both
What race are they: Antro She is my icon. But she can change her form but is mostly a girl with a brown tail with a black end
What are they afraid of: It deepens and what form she is in but not much
What do they wear: Red shirt and blue Pants but can change depending on her form
What weapon are they most likely to use: Mainly her cat senses but likes using a bow and arrow
I don't have a pick of her current design
Because she is good and bad she can hunt easily hunt or help depending on what’s happening
Her main form is a 20-year-old girl with shoulder length chestnut hair and light coffee eyes
Next is when she has fluffy black ears and tail.  (Like the pick I posted)
A short haired brown cat
Black cat with red eyes when angry or with the intent to kill (demon side)
Black panther can be both good and bad depending who she is facing
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Questions open
Here you can ask question and I will do my best to answer them~
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Finally got something up
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War of Dimensions 1
War of Dimensions
The day was a warm summer day, people walk around as it nothing were wrong.
Yet things seemed tense at the world meeting building.
So, tense you could cut it with a knife. Something bad is going to happen but none are willing to say anything. Everyone sits in a tense awkward silence. Why are they still here?
"Dudes!" Alfred says taking charge
"Somethings obviously wrong! So, am I the only one who’s going to do something?!"
"How are you going to find out what’s wrong?" Ludwig asks
Alfred falls silent, looking at Arthur as if he knows what to do.
Arthur's brows furrow realizing the American is asking him for help.
"You expect me to help?" he huffs "Fine, all I know is other worldly forces are doing something, as for what I don't know..."
" Ai-yah!" China exclaims
"Are you sure Angleterre? " France asks just to annoy England
"Yes, I’m sure!" Arthur snaps. He bites his li
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For You by kittykatrocks12 For You :iconkittykatrocks12:kittykatrocks12 2 19
If We Won and You Lost 10
If We Won and You Lost
The group make their way toward the border.
“What now?” Miria asks
“Me, I what to see what ‘appened to me!” France shouts
“Yeah, after all this I am wondering how France is” America says
“From what I recall we went to Germany and fixed his, Prussia and Canadas situation, then we went to Spain and fixed my and the Italy’s, now we are in Russia and helped him and America. Miria mentioned that Japan and the Asians are okay so all that’s left is France” England says, listing it all off
“Zen ve are going to France” Germany says
“What’s left of it” Miria comments
It’s quiet the rest of the way back. At the truck Miria holds an elastic and sunglasses out to France.
“What are zese for?” he asks
“Your eyes and hair are your most defining features and you are supposed to be missing so i
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If We Won and You Lost 9
If We Won and You Lost
“What? You can’t be serious” England whisper yells
“Russia is a closed off country, if you are seen something bad will happen to both Americas” Miria says sternly
“Then what do we do?”
“Only Russia can go if he wants too”
All eyes are on Russia, wondering if he will go help the one he supposedly hates.
“I’ll go” he says, getting up
He catches sight of other Russia pinning other America to the ground. He runs to the front door where he sees America swearing while trying to open it.
“Need help~?” he asks cheerily
America narrows his eyes.
“Why are you asking?” he asks
“Because I am the only one who can help you” Russia answers
He pulls a key from his pocket and inserts it into the lock then opens the door. He turns to America with an innocent smile. America scowls and runs pas
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Arctic Ocean by kittykatrocks12 Arctic Ocean :iconkittykatrocks12:kittykatrocks12 6 2
Five sides of Hetalia
Five sides of Hetalia
Human: Ludwig Beilschmidt
2P: Lutz Beilschmidt
Nyo: Monica Beilschmidt
2P Nyo:
Human: Feliciano Vargas
2P: Luciano Vargas
Nyo: Felicia Vargas
Nyo: Daisy Vargas
2P Nyo: Alice Vargas
Human: Kiku Honda
2P: Kuro Honda
Nyo: Sakura Honda
2P Nyo:
Human: Arthur Kirkland
2P: Oliver Kirkland
Nyo: Alice Kirkland
2P Nyo: Olivia Kirkland
Human: Alfred F. (Freedom) Jones
2P: Allen (Al) L. (Liberty) Jones
Nyo: Amelia F. Jones
2P Nyo: Emily L. Jones
Human: Francis Bonnefoy
2P: Francois Bonnefoy
2P: Louis Bonnefoy
2P: Jacques Bonnefoy
Nyo: Francine Bonnefoy
Nyo: Marianne Bonnefoy
2P Nyo: Francine Bonnefoy
Human: Yao Wang
2P: Yi Wang
2P: Yang Wang
2P: Xiao Wamg
Nyo: Chun Yan
2P Nyo:
Human: Ivan Braginski
2P: Ion Braginski
2P: Viktor Braginski
2P: Vlad Braginski
Nyo: Anya Braginski
2P Nyo:
Human: Matthew Williams
2P: Mathieu (Matt) Williams
2P: James Williams
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Russia X Reader Brutal Crime 9
Russia X Reader Brutal Crime
Night falls and Ivan is in an eerily good mood as he carries the bloody, beaten and unconscious Arthur out to his car. The trunk is open, and he tosses him into the back.
He briefly wonders if he is still alive but that thought vanishes and a grin comes to his face when he shifts. He gets into the driver’s seat and drives away. He is careful as he picks a spot close to the police station and the café.  He opens the trunk and gets out. He unties Arthur’s bonds before taking him out and tossing him in the alley. He takes out his pipe and beats him more than he already is.
Arthur barely flinches. He doesn’t have the energy. He can feel his life slipping away and he knows it’s the end.
This is his last thought before the life seeps from his body, leaving behind a corpse.
Ivan grins and toss his pipe back in the car. He takes out garden sheers and uses them to cut open the man
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OHSHC X Albino Reader Walk and Talk
OHSHC X Albino Reader
Once the Germans are done unpacking they come back and sit at the table.
“So, Vhat now?” Gilbert asks before taking a swig of his beer. He pouts when there is nothing in it
It is silent until (Name) gets an idea.
“I know, why don’t we take you for a walk around and we can talk too”
“Ja! Zat sounds Awesome!” Gilbert shouts
“let me clean up and we can go” (Name) says, taking a plate
“Let me help” Haruhi says, taking another plate
“Zey look cute togezer” Gilbert says when the two leave the room
“Are you saying they should get together?” Tamaki asks, horrified
“Nein, zey’re just cute” Gilbert turns to grin at Tamaki “Or do jou vant her for jourself”
Tamaki sputters incoherently.
“Zey are on ze same level vhen it comes to boobs”
Ludwig shu
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Its Our Turn 4
It’s Our Turn
Dark spreads Jacks legs and sits between them, then pushes the Irishman’s shirt up. Jack would have struggled or moved away, but Dark still has the controller for the shock collar. He whimpers as Darks hands slowly make their way down his torso to his pelvis.
“Why didn’t I do this before? It’s so easy. Your body is just asking for me to fuck you”
“That’s not true” Jack mumbles
“What was that!” Dark snaps
Dark growls and slaps him.
“Say it again, louder so I can hear it”
“It’s not true” Jack says louder, touching his red check
Dark grins and presses a knee to Jacks crotch.
“Yet your body is saying otherwise”
“I’m thinking of Mark”
“That was the wrong thing to say” Dark growls
Dark sits up and takes out the controller. Jacks ey
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Discolored eyes watched from the small black spot as Jack happily talked and played with his friends.
‘Why does no one ever notice me…’
‘Dark is talked about all the time’
‘He is a shadow and I’m just a glitch’
‘Stuck here and just watching everyone even Dark have fun’
‘I can only come out when people think of me’
“But I’m nothing more than a glitch I will never be anything more…”
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Hiatus OVER!
Hiatus OVER!
Hey everyone this crazy Cat is back and stories will come out! I have a tablet so go to my Wattpad for stuff I don't post here. Same for Fanfiction.
Stuff will be uploaded as well as deleted. I'm trying to be as organized as possible
Any questions feel free to ask~
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Holiday Challenge
Holiday Challenge
Hey here is a nice change for the holidays~
Take 3 characters ONLY 3 from the same place and put them in one of these:
Lost in a forest.
On a falling plane with no other passengers or crew.
One gets sick and dying.
Trapped in a building surrounded by snow and ice.
Its up to you what they do~ make it however you want. I will pick out my favorites and feature them.
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Hiatus Update
Hiatus Update
This will last until Christmas (I think)
If you want to read my original stories as well as me posting random stuff that happens in my life go to my other account :iconkittykatrocks21: (I need to change the icon)
Do not bother asking for me to update stories everything is on my PC my USB needs to be reformatted Thankfully everything n it are copy's (This is why I don't trust them)
Sorry for this I Love You All~
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