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Welcome to my humble stock account!

Since I go travelling quite frequently, and take tons of pictures, I have decided to open a stock account so all of you lovely people here on DeviantArt can enjoy and make use of some of my photos.

My stock rules are as follows:

DeviantArt Membership
You need to be a member of DeviantArt to use my photos. If you want to use my stock outside of DA, let me know by sending me a note detailing which photo you are planning to use and the external site where you are posting it.

If you use my stock, you need to credit me by linking back to KittyKati727-stock, by linking back to the actual photo, or by sending me a note. This is so that others can see where you got your stock from and also so that I can see your work and maybe favourite it!

I am happy for people to use my stock in artwork which they also submit as a print. The same procedure applies as for normal artwork (i.e. credit and link back to me). If you do intend to submit a print, you need to have done something constructive with my stock, instead of simply changing the colours or tones, or anything un-creative like that.

Enjoy and happy creating!

PS: I do not check this account very often (maybe once every couple of months or so, unless I have new photos to upload), so don't worry if I don't reply immediately to any questions or requests. I will get around to it eventually! :)

Main account: KittyKati727
© 2007 - 2020 KittyKati727-stock
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