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Uniquely Yours
I think you're beautiful.
Sorry I didn't say before.
I walk by here everyday.
I tried,
But there are reasons why
Why I refrain.
Some people would stare,
Be unsure,
Ask questions.
Because you have a peculiar kind of beauty.
One uniquely yours.
People ask who you are,
Say you're weird.
They throw you down,
Stare you down,
Feel your frown,
But I don't,
Because I see what is uniquely yours.
And don't worry,
'Cause I'm here.
When people say we're too similar,
As close as humans can go,
I won't care.
Let them stare.
Because sometimes life just isn't fair.
I love you, my girl.
Your beauty,
Your person,
My sight sees that
This is our version.
This is our own kind of love,
One unlike any other.
Just like you,
I can see through
And I will be uniquely yours.
:iconkittykat098:KittyKat098 8 17
Say goodbye to the last second.
It ticked by.
It's gone.
You won't get it back.
It's a sad thought.
Youth isn't eternal.
Age is inevitable.
Our life leaves us.
Some have nothing,
Others have all.
But once it's done,
After every card's been played,
Wasn't it fun?
:iconkittykat098:KittyKat098 4 11
Cut-Off Place
We live in a Cut-Off Place. We are alone on our own personal island. Our lawn meets the ocean. Our house is the floating remnants of livelihood. It's quiet now. Silent, almost. The buzz of the town was lost long ago. My wife and I were left alone when the rain came.
We were a newlywed couple when it happened, living on a small hill away from town. It was a place for travelers, the train being the main source of transportation. People came and went. We sat and watched. Like the wheels running across the track, like the smoke spewing into the air, like the horn's fading sound, life left us.
All the people were washed away.
It is beautiful. It is tranquil, a Cut-Off Place sitting amongst the new ocean's blue waters. We are happy here, but soon we must go. The train will take us to our next destination. The next Cut-Off Place waiting to be made.
The town will be flooded. One house will remain. Until the whole world is beautiful, tranquil.
Until the whole world is a Cut-Off Place.
:iconkittykat098:KittyKat098 9 11
Crayon Box
It's been a long time
Since the colors were here.
Others forget, but I hold them dear.
Back when I was a girl, the world held hues you don't know.
Grasses were more than green,
Skies, more than blue.
Nowadays it's all singular.
And you're through.
The crayon box was infinite
A long time ago.
It's variety held the earth.
And it's beauty glowed.
Now it holds sixteen
With only a few in between.
This technology drains of what I used to see.
And I'm sad.
And I'm dreary.
I'm alone in this world
As a little old lady who dreams of being a girl.
Until one day when another came along.
She told me her story and sang me her song.
I get it now.
I understand.
Now I can see,
That I'm nowhere near done yet.
I have yet to be free.
:iconkittykat098:KittyKat098 7 14
Black and White
Black is friends with White.
White is friends with Black.
They seem unlikely.
There are too many opposites to count,
But they've found a meeting ground
And have made a compromise.
Now they play on the playground
Hand in hand,
And see eye to eye.
:iconkittykat098:KittyKat098 7 5
Who is Arnold?
Who is Arnold?
Please, tell me. 'Cause I don't know.
I've heard he's been following me,
But he never shows.
I've heard he's a writer.
I've heard he's a leader,
I've heard he's a power,
A shouter,
A screamer.
I've heard that's he's loud,
And I've heard that he's quiet.
I've heard he's the mystery man
Who lives in your closet.
I've heard he's a player,
And a narcissist too.
I've heard he's a moron,
A typist,
A clue.
Is Arnold a woman?
A man?
Or another?
Is Arnold a person who thinks he's your mother?
Is Arnold a person I don't want to know?
Is he a creeper,
A sneaker,
A sleeper,
A shmoe?
Is this the truth?
Or are these just rumors?
If you find the answers,
Please contact Miss Trooper.
:iconkittykat098:KittyKat098 1 1
And so we Lived
Long ago, there lived five beings: Pride, Gluttony, Anger, Religion, and Ignorance. These black beings all lived together on Earth. They hated each other and they let it show. There was fighting and arguments, but they never amounted to anything.
Until one day, when the other side appeared.
Five other beings lived on Earth, but hid in the background, listening to the others bicker. One fateful day, the white beings tried to stand up to the ten bullies.
Charity, Forgiveness, Love, Acceptance, and Positivity came out of hiding and confronted the other beings and expressed their best talents.
Love and Acceptance, hand in hand, came forward and spoke in clear voices, "We accept you, but you must change your childish ways."
The black beings revolted, their shouts and growls echoing through the empty Earth. Each of their dark spirits broke in half, one staying with their hideous bodies and the other half coming together, forming yet another monster.
War rose from the ashes.
He lifted his dam
:iconkittykat098:KittyKat098 6 18
The Path Less Traveled
Dedicated to a dear friend of mine.
Day 365,000,000.
0 days left.
No more waiting.
Closing the Clockwork Journal, the dark knight rose from his bed. It was time to wake his princess. There was no other moment worth living for, but tonight. This was it. He had waited so long, but it's time.
The wooden door to his hut eased open and the cold-his cold- enveloped him once again.
Every twelve hours, this was his routine. His eyes snapped open-there was no in between sleep. No early morning grogginess. Just on, and off- then he left his home and made the long twelve-hour journey to the other side. Away from the darkness, the cold, and the stars, and into the warmth of his long lost lover.
It wasn't a grueling walk, just a tiring one, but after a millennia of walking the same path, he had grown immune to the sweat, the heavy breathing and any heart beat he could have left.
He had grown so immune, in fact, that he didn't even notice the others rushing by him down the same dirt path. Fo
:iconkittykat098:KittyKat098 8 12
Because I'm Blind
A young girl once asked a blind man, "Can you see?"
"Why, no, silly girl," the man replied. "I'm blind."
"I know that. Can you see?"
The man thought hard. He couldn't remember one moment when he had vision. "I'm sorry, my girl, but my eyes are broken. I don't understand what you mean."
"I guess you can't then..." The girl sighed, defeated.
She spent her whole life searching. She learned many languages and toured many countries during her mission, but none brought her to who she was looking for. One day, when she was old and retired, she sat on her front porch, feeling the soft breeze blow through her hair and listening to the soft creaking of the floorboards under her rocking chair. She looked out at her world with reverence. It was beautiful. "I wonder why no one else can see," she said.
A young boy stopped in front of the porch and looked up at the woman. "See what?" he asked.
"The beauty."
"I can see it," the boy said, smiling at the sparkle in the old woman's eyes. "I don't
:iconkittykat098:KittyKat098 1,009 287
I Dream of a World...
I dream of a world
Where there's no gay or straight.
Only love,
And no hate.
I dream of a world
Where skin doesn't matter.
It's the inside,
The glowing light
That makes the world brighter.
I dream of a world
Where there are no smokestacks spewing,
No train tracks using
What the companies are schmoozing.
I dream of a world
Where everyone is heard,
Where no one is deterred,
Where no one is absurd.
I dream of a world
Where we all can unite,
Where we all can ignite
Our power of flight.
:iconkittykat098:KittyKat098 10 12
Happiness, sadness,
Pleasure, and pain.
A sin, a virtue,
A moral, a way,
A life, a group,
Unity, and strength.
Pride and love,
Colors and saints.
:iconkittykat098:KittyKat098 11 5
I'll carry the moon to you on golden goose wings.
I'll take the world on my shoulders,
I'll lift all the boulders.
I'll do all I can,
Anything you demand.
I won't mind what you say.
I will listen anyway.
Your beauty is impeccable,
Your strength is unmatched.
You can do anything you strive for.
Be prepared for an attack.
I'll stand right beside you.
I'll let nothing pass.
Say what you want.
Go ahead.
Let me know.
And eventually,
One day,
I will see you glow.
:iconkittykat098:KittyKat098 8 5
I Don't Mind
Have you been rejected so many times
That you feel the pain when you love?
That you can't forgive and forget?
That you always feel empty?
I'm missing my other half.
Always have.
Always will.
I used to be unsure,
But now I'm certain.
The feeling of love is liberating.
The feeling of No is hell.
I never want to be a burden.
I wonder if he can tell.
He's left me here heartless.
He's left me here cold.
His smile left me speechless.
His kindness gave me nothing to hold.
I'm nothing,
I'm empty,
I'm only a shell.
If not for his happiness,
My life would be hell.
Love is what it is.
What is done is done.
This heaviness I feel
Weighs a ton.
So, I'll leave this year.
And never look back.
I'll try to move on.
I'll put on my mask.
His happiness is more important
Than anything in the world.
When my heart sunk,
He still stood.
So, I'll watch from down here,
Where my love has led me.
I'll see his happiness,
I'll cheer him on.
His rejection was sweet.
His rejection was kind.
And that's why I will endur
:iconkittykat098:KittyKat098 4 9
People like to think there is no reason to go somewhere that they can easily see in pictures.
I like to think, don't you want to be the one taking the picture?
:iconkittykat098:KittyKat098 4 6
Love by KittyKat098 Love :iconkittykat098:KittyKat098 1 8
Our Generation
The world is such a beautiful place,
People moving at a non-stop pace.
Birds tweet in a sing-song voice.
Kids come to school with little to no poise.
Our generation kind of scares me.
Threats of death, and songs in a bad key.
Rapping, slapping, insults yapping,
All these things are really trapping.
The Earth is beautiful, but no one sees it.
They're too consumed in their worlds to please it.
We try so hard to fix our mistakes,
But in the end we only take.
Let's give a little, give it back.
Let's get ourselves back on track.
We may have to work hard.
Can we clean up our own backyard?
We could be nicer to one another.
We could try not to be a bother.
We could put ourselves in others shoes.
We teenagers have nothing to lose.
Sometimes I worry I'm too old,
Thinking in the past, but present actions are bold.
I'll do my best and see what I can do
To make all my bold wishes come true.
So go on your way,
You don't have to pay
For the happiness and love you find.
You find yours, for I've found
:iconkittykat098:KittyKat098 9 2


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Please, dA. You have to help me. You see, my stepdad just offended me. He thinks that literature and books are not art, not an art form, and are not widely considered as art. If you believe books are beautiful in any shape or form, please comment. Tell me something about how a book has changed your life. What makes words beautiful?


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Hi there! All you really need to know about me is that I'm a very serious writer. I love doing my thing. I'm quirky and I'm weird and I don't want to be any other way! Embrace the weird! :D

NOTE If you're interested in becoming a writer, or you already are one, and you have a story you'd like some advice on, I'd be glad to help. I'll edit one short chapter, short prologue, poem, or anything else writerly-brains can think of. I'm interested in reading some of your talent! Just note me a bit about yourself, your piece, what you'd like me to do with it, and a link to the piece. If it's already been posted, give me the link. If not, you can copy and paste it in the note. I hope to hear from you!

P.S. What I want in life is to reach my goal of every person knowing that they're wonderful. Because of this:



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