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(Request) The Loud House Stamp

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A Request by :iconfirepupmarshall:

The Loud House(c) Chris Savino
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Great cartoon and I hope there will be more episodes about SamXLuna. I like seeing the rooms where all the kids live.
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Esthefania2018Student Digital Artist
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JIMBYtheNERDHobbyist General Artist
It's been a long time since I watched The Loud House.
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BaronVonAaron783Student Digital Artist
Well your a b**ch i love the loud house
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ChesterCheetosFanProfessional Digital Artist
Am I the only one that actually HATES The Loud House? hmm The so-called "comical" commercials are extremely stupid, and not even remotely funny. Disbelief They lie about the Chris Savino...when, in actuality, it's not. :-X (Mad) I've been working for Loud House for almost 7 years...and have seen the dark side of it. They're all out to get me... Those self-proclaimed Chris Savino are nothing but no plot and no comedy of it at all and straight characters (Lincoln, Lana, Leni, Lori, Lilly, Lucy, Luan and Luna Loud).
I'm sorry if I sound very harsh about this cartoon... But watching it, It wants to make me feel "untruthful" it is just has a bad paced in my mouth. Crying Maybe it's The Loud House in the Idk I
watch Breadwinners best.
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iiAlexandraStudent Digital Artist
I hate it, i hope the show will be cancelled.
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LunaLoudTheRockerStudent Digital Artist
Nice to know
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LightningBlast114Student Artist
I've never seen The Loud House.
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LunarLeaf100Student General Artist
you are missing out on a lot of things.
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Any thoughts on The Loud House?
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Cartoon-AdmirerHobbyist Digital Artist
It's awesome and I hope it'll last for many seasons to come. One of the most pleasant surprises in the last few years.
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I was talking to SoraRoyals77.
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SparksInG-majorStudent Digital Artist
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LunaLoudTheRockerStudent Digital Artist
Its FirePupMarshall and Thanks 
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FirePupMarshallStudent Photographer
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