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No i do not play Pokemon GO

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No i do not play Pokemon Go from the looks of it it looks really stupid in my opinion in i rather play Pokemon on the 3DS which is a lot better and a lot more fun than Pokemon Go.

Now if you excuse i'm going to go play Pokemon Omega Ruby on my 3DS until Pokemon Sun and Moon comes out.

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Welcome to the club. I find Pokemon Go to be fun but too addictive, so I don't play Go either. I rather play Black 2 on my Nintendo DS.

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Jojolantern2000Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I will regret on playing this game...
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CharizardFighter101Hobbyist Artist
I used to. Got bored quickly
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SilverPhantom27Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, it is actually.  I play it all the time and I know a lot of other people who do as well.
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TIPOVERDEStudent Digital Artist
i played pokemon go, but one day i watched a assault in the cafeteria, it was the horrible thing in the world 
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Jojo-IzumiHobbyist General Artist
I never got into Pokemon Go, personally. I gave it a go, but all it did was drain my phone battery, use up too much data, overheat my phone and even crashed it at one point. As much as I love the Pokemon series, Pokemon Go never appealed to me, so I'll be sticking with the real games from now on.
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Same. Risks outweigh benefits. I rather play Pokemon on the consoles.

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KCpenguinStudent Interface Designer
I've been looking for a stamp like this 
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JenTheEdgeLordHobbyist Traditional Artist
okay i like the new pokemon go game but i do have to admit it can get boring and there have been quite lot of accidents due to the game....but alot of people get upset because someone doesn't like the game...why cant we just get along D:
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spooky-accountStudent Filmographer
u indeed are very special
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shadhardbloggerStudent Writer
I would rather play Candy Crush than this!
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Sayuri-LapisStudent General Artist
Yeah, I'm not really a pokemon fan. 
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I did not play Pokemon GO rather I was not a huge fan of Pokemon games.However,I would rather see Pokemon Sun and Moon comes out which made my gaming life easier....
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YoshiondiviantartHobbyist Digital Artist
Pokemon Go just seems really, really dumb, and the worst thing is that it's so overrated. Firstly, people always say that the best part is the 'social aspect', which really just isn't true, at least not for me. Most people who play Pokemon Go are not my kind of people, and while some may actually be fans of Pokemon, if I wanted to talk to them, I would go on a chatroom for Pokemon in Amino or something else. People who only play Pokemon Go I can assure you know nothing about the core series (or any Pokemon past Gen 1), and I don't want to talk to people about Pokemon, who don't actually know anything about Pokemon. Not like the gameplay is any better. The combat is nothing more than tapping the screen (which is bad if it's the main part of your game). I mean, in the regular games you could train your Pokemon to make them stronger, which involved a lot of tapping, but it wasn't a necessity, and you didn't have to do it for long if you didn't want to, and if you did, it felt rewarding to finally have strong Pokemon. In Pokemon Go you take over a gym and then you... take over more? Then there are a whole bunch of glitches, and just generally bad decisions (in my opinion) that just don't make the game fun for me. I mean, it's basically just a Pokemon Fitbit. If I wanted to exercise and catch Pokemon, I would exercise and play Omega Ruby or something. 
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Old Pokemon is better to be honest.
The GO one is just dangerous and i've seen too many news about accidents or crimes about it, i don't know why the developers thought it was a good idea anyways? 
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AeskulapmothHobbyist General Artist
I thought I was the only one who likes Pokémon and yet doesn´t play this game :o

I don´t get the sudden hype about it... Since when do SO MANY PEOPLE like pokemon...
When I had my "pokemon phase", I just felt like I was annoying some with my hype...YET IT´S BEEN TURNED AROUND :o

(yeah, I would like to play the game...BUT I onlyhave internet on my phone Via WLAN...and my father told me that there were reports that some versions had a virus/trojaner in it...
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I've never play Pokemon GO all my life. Besides, this game is addicting to catch different Pokemon.
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NinjaGremlinMaccyStudent Digital Artist
Well you never played it all your life because it has just recently came out, I agree it is addictive from what I've seen.
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Yes. I felt the same way though.
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me too, look stupid, must out from home, visit dangerous place just got useless animated animal can't do like ped, can't eat.

i would like play good game like pis1 game, call of duty, metal gear, re, or other game
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TommyGKProfessional Artisan Crafter
Thank you for making this. I needed this. Never mix fiction with reality. I'll go CATCH a real butterfly instead.
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GalaxyPrincess3Student Digital Artist
I would rather play SSB for the WII U
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