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I prefer DeviantArt over Tumblr

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Yep i perfer to be on DeviantArt than over a place called Tumblr where people on Tumblr are just crazy people and beside i think DeviantArt is way better than Tumblr in my opinion.

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SimonaAlexHobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm glad that I don't have a Tumblr account.
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Tuquinho29Hobbyist General Artist
Deviant art will be the new tumblr soon enough... and when this happens i will leave this awful place
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pastel-chan22Hobbyist Artist
both of them have their flaws heres an example

-toxic users
-fetish arts

-sjw and feminists
-special snowflakes who asks for attention

and what they have in common?
DRAMA yes drama that toxic drama
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Both Tumblr and DevianArt share ALL of those similarities, honestly.
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Fuck tumblr stan deviantart
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ProtanaArchives94Hobbyist Digital Artist
Using, because it died from my interest anyway. I always thought that there was not point having a tumblr account.
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BleuHunter1Hobbyist General Artist
they're both equally awful. I stopped posting to here and tumblr cause the people and staff are just horrible. I dont use tumblr at all, and now just use my account here to comment and fave. Thanks DA for nothing. 
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hell-lottieStudent Digital Artist
I know people say DeviantArt is full of little kids, bad fetish art, and overall is an outdated relic of the 2000s but I'm grown way more comfortable with this site than Tumblr. In terms of drama Tumblr is way worse.
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TiiaTannerProfessional General Artist
Tumbrl is full of SJW and feminists. Deviantart is way more tolerable community. 
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Tacos-SakiProfessional General Artist
I agree..
- Tumblr is full of Shit Happens 
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WerecatqueenNicHobbyist Writer
Deviantart doesn't have gaymrl and his band of pricks ruling the Super Paper Mario fandom with an iron fist
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LucyFlowers57Hobbyist Digital Artist
*Climbs through crowd* EXCUSE ME, MATEY!!!!
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tultsi93Hobbyist Artist
I like tumbrl, but I hate its community.
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RieSonomuraHobbyist Writer
I kinda wish some Tumblr artists would consider posting their art on DA or Pixiv or other places, so I wouldn't have to brave a toxic community filled with little shits who sometimes even spam tags with gore, just to see some nice art. same goes for writing, tbh
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Priveto4kaHobbyist Filmographer
I don't even use Tumblr.
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tmma1869Hobbyist Traditional Artist
deviantART community > tumblr community

That's what my personal experience told me.
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DiamondEyedGeminiHobbyist Digital Artist
Ive never been on Tumblr to be honest. A Friend liked it and recommended it to me but from what Ive heard of Im actually terrified of being hated for being different despite their claims to be open minded... :<
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zixzateHobbyist General Artist
for crying out loud ! tumblr is filled with crazy,racist,SJW,art thief etc people !
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Kiro-KurusuHobbyist Artist
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darkcandlelightHobbyist General Artist
Same here.

I mean, I do like Tumblr, but I honestly find this site to be more friendly and accepting than Tumblr will ever be.
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spaced-out-knightHobbyist General Artist
Tumblr is all for accepting, until you're happy in your own skin. This is why I lrefer DA. This stuff happens here, but not as much.
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PeeSnansStudent General Artist
Tumblr has gotten better over the years, but it's still awful
I also don't really like the layout for Tumblr either
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AngeliniaHobbyist Digital Artist
Me for sure!
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RyuuseinowStudent Digital Artist
Both sites have their ups and downs however........
is it wrong that I prefer Tumblr a little more than dA. This website makes me feel lonely.
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