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erika dawnofthegoldenwitch

oc: umineko

art me

hope u like it =D

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OMG its my BFF Miku!!!
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Hello :) would you like to join :icongoldenwitchacademy: and then :icongwa-student-council: ?? We need members D:
The Student Council is for GWA but it's having problems since the founder has gone away (I'm one of the co-founders)
Both clubs are for Umineko OCs :) Join?
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Miku+Erika=Mikurika :D
aquilix's avatar
OMGOOSH Erika Furudo :omfg:!!
atomic-firecracker's avatar
woah! scary, not too many pictures involving girls with guns, reminds me of miku from vocaloids.
eeeeee... but its cute anyways!
kittyhazel's avatar
yeaah she looks like miku from vocaloid XD thank you btw :glomp:
GodTiger's avatar
because you made her hair greener >3>
seiryuuden's avatar
Omaigad kerenn!!! *A*
gmbr situ colorful skali~ >u<
saia sukaaaa bgt!
kittyhazel's avatar
thankiesss much art kamu juga baguuus ;love::love:
seiryuuden's avatar
huwaaaaa~ sama2~ :love:
hen-tie's avatar
scary but cute. XD

i really like the contrast of colors. ^^
kittyhazel's avatar
craytm's avatar
Ih,stocking-nya baguss!!!
kittyhazel's avatar
thank u so much :love:
Inachu's avatar
IMUT BGT KAK XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD coloursnya mantab!!!!
kittyhazel's avatar
mkasiiiiiiiiih :love:
rhymebox's avatar
d-darahnya OAO
tp tetep imut bgt <333
kittyhazel's avatar
haha darah nya nyeremin =P thank u diani :love:
kzmaster's avatar
Awsome drawing, way to go!
-The quality of the light and shading is fantastic!
-I really like the design of the character also.
-I like the blood and the gun. lol
-tip, the legs are a bit tiny.
-Awsome job on the hair.
Over this is a great drawing nice job!
kittyhazel's avatar
thank u soo much for the critiques ;)
gachapin's avatar
The art looks great but there seems to be something wrong with the quality..
kittyhazel's avatar
yeah indeed,maybe the colour and the proposition
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