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It's a cute child! CC by KittyHawk456 It's a cute child! CC :iconkittyhawk456:KittyHawk456 1 0 Magmakit :: I Lava You :: TLT by KittyHawk456 Magmakit :: I Lava You :: TLT :iconkittyhawk456:KittyHawk456 4 0 Shahab || Cold blooded thief || POA by KittyHawk456 Shahab || Cold blooded thief || POA :iconkittyhawk456:KittyHawk456 3 0 Honeyblaze icon by KittyHawk456 Honeyblaze icon :iconkittyhawk456:KittyHawk456 1 0 Amunta || Beautiful Gemstone || POA by KittyHawk456 Amunta || Beautiful Gemstone || POA :iconkittyhawk456:KittyHawk456 6 0 A Shit  Load Of Icons Part 2 by KittyHawk456 A Shit Load Of Icons Part 2 :iconkittyhawk456:KittyHawk456 6 5
Selma's Rouge class application
It is dusk, the sun sinking into the horizon, and Selma head towards the stone castle in the distance, ready to become a citizen of Aether. The lanterns lining the streets are lit, casting a pale glow on the cobblestones under her yellow paw… But as she draw closer to the castle, she wondered if it’s even a good idea to become a citizen, I mean, considering that she was a thief for crying out loud.
Suddenly, as Selma passed by an alley coated in shadows, a throaty whistle catches her attention. The Liepard whipped around at lighting speed to see a Zoroark wearing golden hoops in his mane beckons her towards him with a single claw, with what seems like a permanent smirk on his face.
“You there, come hither,” calls the Zoroark in a distinct but unplaceable accent. “Seems to me you’re the kind of ‘mon that prefers darkness to light - after all, it certainly makes your job easier, now doesn’t it? - and what a coincidence, for so do I! Do tell
:iconkittyhawk456:KittyHawk456 3 0
Selma || Cold Blooded Jewel || POA by KittyHawk456 Selma || Cold Blooded Jewel || POA :iconkittyhawk456:KittyHawk456 6 0 *dying noises* (Vent) by KittyHawk456 *dying noises* (Vent) :iconkittyhawk456:KittyHawk456 6 14 Honeyblaze || I can't let them know || by KittyHawk456 Honeyblaze || I can't let them know || :iconkittyhawk456:KittyHawk456 3 0 Design swap meme (TLT) by KittyHawk456 Design swap meme (TLT) :iconkittyhawk456:KittyHawk456 2 8 Roari the Pyroar by KittyHawk456 Roari the Pyroar :iconkittyhawk456:KittyHawk456 7 5 A Shit Load Of Icons by KittyHawk456 A Shit Load Of Icons :iconkittyhawk456:KittyHawk456 0 0 Cardnialkit icon by KittyHawk456 Cardnialkit icon :iconkittyhawk456:KittyHawk456 1 0 Cat adopt AUCTION! 3 (Open) by KittyHawk456 Cat adopt AUCTION! 3 (Open) :iconkittyhawk456:KittyHawk456 4 5 Cardnialkit ::One day I'll know how far I'll go:: by KittyHawk456 Cardnialkit ::One day I'll know how far I'll go:: :iconkittyhawk456:KittyHawk456 2 0




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United States
For Those in the Community or Those Supporting by endler I don't know you enough. by PrincessFlaw Bisexual Stamp by sunbirds Stamp - Autism by MauserGirl Stamp - Eating Disorders by MauserGirl

Sup? I'm Kitty, but you can call me Kitty. I don't upload much due to school or just overall being lazy but I still do the best I can.

Oh yeah, and I don't own the Profile picture or icon...they belong to their rightful owners.

Feel free to talk to me, I'm here all day. :)

Sister :iconstartheinklingdraws:

Friends in real life: :iconamycakes05: :icondjwolf84:

Friends on the inter webs: :iconnukeleer::icondr0wsii:

Discord Friends: :iconsupersonicderp::iconfranz122::iconwormclowns::iconaxolatte::iconsm0l-be4n:

Other accounts:


Google plus (i don't do much here):…

Summer Secret Santa KittyHawk456 by Detts
Page doll by Detts

Pokemon teams!

Pokemon Blue team:

Bulbasaur by pokemon3dsprites (work in progress)

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire team:

Swampert by pokemon3dsprites / Mega Swampert by pokemon3dsprites Latias by pokemon3dsprites / Mega Latias by pokemon3dsprites Mightyena by pokemon3dsprites Shiny Kirlia by MidnightsShinies (i'm being dead serious) Breloom by pokemon3dsprites Skitty by pokemon3dsprites

Pokemon Black team:

Servine by pokemon3dsprites Blitzle by pokemon3dsprites Sawk by pokemon3dsprites Sandile by pokemon3dsprites Lillipup by pokemon3dsprites Lillipup by pokemon3dsprites (Lillipups have the ability pickup)

Pokemon X team:

Delphox by pokemon3dsprites Talonflame by pokemon3dsprites Pyroar (female) by pokemon3dsprites Sawk by pokemon3dsprites Venusaur by pokemon3dsprites / Mega Venusaur by pokemon3dsprites Lucario by pokemon3dsprites / Mega Lucario by pokemon3dsprites

Pokemon Ultra Sun team:

Incineroar 727 by pokemon3dsprites Toucannon 733 by pokemon3dsprites Mudsdale #750 by pokemon3dsprites USUM Dusk Form Lycanroc Sprite by Wildcat1999 Lurantis #754 by pokemon3dsprites USUM Dusk Mane Necrozma Sprite by Wildcat1999

Pokemon Ultra Moon team:

Primarina 730 by pokemon3dsprites Noibat by pokemon3dsprites Zoroark by pokemon3dsprites Salazzle #758 by pokemon3dsprites Gabite (female) by pokemon3dsprites Lillipup by pokemon3dsprites (Lillipup has the ability pickup)

Pokemon Pearl:

Prinplup by pokemon3dsprites Luxray (male) by pokemon3dsprites Staravia (male) by pokemon3dsprites Buneary by pokemon3dsprites Glameow by pokemon3dsprites

Pokemon Heart Gold:

Totodile by pokemon3dsprites Spinarak by pokemon3dsprites Togepi by pokemon3dsprites

Pokemon Black 2:

Snivy by pokemon3dsprites Riolu by pokemon3dsprites Growlithe by pokemon3dsprites Lillipup by pokemon3dsprites Lillipup by pokemon3dsprites Lillipup by pokemon3dsprites (Lillipups have the ability pickup)

Will update once more progress is made c:
  • Listening to: Random Music
  • Reading: Nsfw Fan fictions X//3
  • Watching: Vines
  • Playing: Pokemon Ultra Sun
  • Eating: -
  • Drinking: Dr. Pepper
Animal Crossing Bell Coin Emoticon Current amount of bells: 3,000 bells Animal Crossing Bell Coin Emoticon 


Pink Flower Villagers Pink Flower  

Roari application (CC) by KittyHawk456



~~No Items~~

Bingo card:

Bingo card 1 by KittyHawk456




It's a cute child! CC

Awwwwwwwwwwwww Roari looks adorable as a kitten!Omg so cute 

Bell count:

Full body: 300
Lineart: 200
Color: 200
Total bells: 700 bells

Blank meme by ToweIie
Magmakit :: I Lava You :: TLT

Design by CryptonicDemon 


Name: Magmakit
    Name meaning: Magma: For his orange coat. Kit: Traditional kit suffix 

Past names/nicknames: Maggie 
Sex: Male

Age: 0 moons
Clan: Lushclan


Rank: Boi he was just born, he's obviously a warrior
    Past Ranks: 
    Current Apprentice: 
    Past Apprentices:

Appearance:  This cat a notable red color with sokoke markings and dark socks. Their markings form somewhat-winged patterns on their shoulders, then fade into stripes at the hindquarters. They have a white muzzle, toes and tail tip, with amber eyes.

Brief description (book description): Red colored Sokoke tom with saddle markings and amber eyes

Voice: Imagine if Maxie (from Pokemon) had a child voice 

Scent: Fresh moss and milky 

 = ABOUT =


Bullet; Green Calm

Bullet; Green 

Bullet; Green Tidy (well, he tries to be)

Bullet; Green Observant 

Bullet; White Aggressive 

Bullet; White Down-to-earth

Bullet; White Stern (it will show off more when he's an adult)

Bullet; White Strict (it will show off more when he's an adult)

Bullet; Red Calculating 

Bullet; Red Cautious 

Bullet; Red Envious 

Bullet; Red Strong willed


Kit-hood: Magmakit was born to Snowbird and had three sisters, Opalkit, Marblekit, and Lapiskit. He was the only male in the litter...witch is pretty awkward. 


4/10 hearing
5/10 scent
4/10 sight
3/10 speed
4/10 agility

2/10 strength
5/10 intelligence
5/10 memory
4/10 flexibility 

F2U | Team Magma Logo | PKMN Magmakit is based off of Maxie from Pokemon Ruby...witch is ironic since he's a the kit of Twistedmoon VT: Awkward Moment Emote 
F2U | Team Magma Logo | PKMN  If there's a kit named Aquakit, I want them to be rivals XD

 = R E L A T I O N S H I P S =

Status: Inactive 
Sexuality: Unknown 

Current Mate: 
Past Mate(s):

Current Attraction: 
Past Attraction(s): 


✔ - 
✔ - 
✔ - 
✔ - 
✔ - 

✘ - 
✘ - 
✘ - 
✘ - 
✘ - 

Parents: Mother: Snowbird Father: Twistedmoon
Adopted parents: 
Siblings: Opalkit (sister), Lapiskit (sister), and Marblekit (sister)
Adopted siblings: 
Distant relatives: 

Bullet; Red // Annoyed by
Bullet; RedBullet; Red // Dislike
Bullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; Red // Hate

Bullet; Orange // Like
Bullet; OrangeBullet; Orange // Respect
Bullet; OrangeBullet; OrangeBullet; Orange // Respect a lot

Bullet; Yellow // Wary
Bullet; YellowBullet; Yellow // Cautious
Bullet; YellowBullet; YellowBullet; Yellow // Avoided

Bullet; Pink // Slight crush
Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink // Crush
Bullet; PinkBullet; PinkBullet; Pink // Love

Bullet; Green // Friend
Bullet; GreenBullet; Green // Good friend
Bullet; GreenBullet; GreenBullet; Green // Close friend

Bullet; Blue // Wants to get to know them
Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue // Misses
Bullet; BlueBullet; BlueBullet; Blue // Can't bear without

Bullet; Purple // Relatives
Bullet; PurpleBullet; Purple // Family
Bullet; PurpleBullet; PurpleBullet; Purple // Joint at the hip

Bullet; White // Not trusted
Bullet; WhiteBullet; White // Slightly suspicious
Bullet; WhiteBullet; WhiteBullet; White // Very suspicious

Bullet; Black // Shy
Bullet; BlackBullet; Black // Jumpy/Nervous
Bullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; Black // Fearful

Rose // Dead


    RP Form:

   :check:   || Paragraph

    :check:  || Text (1-2 sentences) 

   x   || First Person

    :check:  || Third Person

    RP Rating:

    :check:  || G/PG

    :check:  || PG + 13

    :check:  || M 



 x 00
 x 00  

(c) Application by Konarika / Witherfrost 


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