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This is a partially completed cover for my Fic.
I actually drew this in pencil then scanned it. Gonna add a background at some point.

Here's the [Story]

Drawn with a mechanical pencil and colored in photoshop.

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I loved that fanfic. Do you have some tipps to write good fanfics?

Did the authors commission the other cover pics you made?
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2) I am the author :P

1) My Fimfic page has a box on the left, midway down labeled "pontifications". That, and my interview on PFV for Who We Are</a> have some musings. The only thing I can stress again is to read critically. Find fics you like and really dig down to find what you like about them and why. It also helps to have a complete background/motivations for your characters, even if you never exposit all of it.
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2) I know^^ but I saw that you alsmo made covers for fanfics from at least one other author.

1) thx
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I've done stuff for CloudySkies and a Commission for Benman.

No Problem~
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How much do you want for a commission for a cover?
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Ugh, twelve chapterZzZzZzZzZzZ.......
kittyhawk-contrail's avatar
pfft. It's 45kwords. That's maybe 1/5th of a real book.
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actually a very good fic, TwiDash or not
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Awww when this popped into my feed i thought you uploaded the story here too.

Oh well, cover's the next best thing.
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I have been thinking about it. (All that HTML formatting @_@) I really would rather have everything in one place though. I linked the fic in the description and am working on a "omni-document" that includes all 12 parts and the A/N for those with ereaders
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That's cool. I already have it favorited on FIMFiction, so its not like having it here would change anything.
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I really enjoyed your story. Nicely done! I might do a cover for your story if your interested :D
kittyhawk-contrail's avatar
Oh! I would love fan art. I've contacted another TwiDash fan about possible art as well, but will never say "no" to covers and/or just fanart. If/when I get any, I'll probably link it from my journal, if not a "bonus chapter" type thing on the fic itself.
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Loved this story! I was with you from the initial upload. We need more TwiDash. FlutterDash is way overdone.
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TwiDash is, according to the [shipping] group stats on FimF, the most written ship. Now, I have no idea how many are good (well: Furour's and Cloudy's are. I hear good things about SoundsLikePonies' too).

So thanks!

We need more intra-six shipping in general. NEVER ENOUGH!
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It is? I had no idea... uh where can i check that?^^;
kittyhawk-contrail's avatar
click on "stats" on Twilight's List, on the right is groups
Find [shipping]
click it
look at teh organization
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:iconcuterdblushplz: Oh, you.

I'm still putting off my long comment on your story. It's a busy week for me. And I've actually made a journal listing TwiDash fics I found [link] in case you want some (bold) suggestions.

But yeah, we need more of the rarer mane six shipping. Especially RariPie and ApplePie. There's way too little of that.
kittyhawk-contrail's avatar

I _might_ do applepie, but I'm having difficulties making AJ return affections. She's usually tolerant of Pinkie, but in Last Roundup, she was down-right annoyed with Pinkie being Pinkie. And that throws a lot of wrenches.
Fenwolf2003's avatar of your favourite ships is TwiDash, but you think ApplePie is hard to do because AJ is 'tolerant' of Pinkie just?

Dash basically hates her and sees her as annoying enough to actually use as a weapon against people, there are episodes where she runs from her and hides form her.

My head is so full of fuck now.
kittyhawk-contrail's avatar
Griffon the Brush Off starts with Dash hiding from Pinkie and pretty much immediately moves onto we should hang out more.

Of course Pinkie can be annoying. So can Dash. The thing is Dash seems to find Pinkie's more annoying moments hilrious (when she can direct them at others). If Pinkie were mild and tame, she'd be too boring, like certain other earth ponies.

The character interaction between Pinkie and Dash has a huge dynamic range. Both of them are capable and have shown widely varying moods within the show. Dash's desire for "cool" and for not wanting to appear as if she's unable to keep up work extremely well with Pinkie's tendency to be running a completely different race in the first place.

Shipping AppleDash almost always requires toning back the competitive nature of the two. AJ's stubbornness and Dash's need to 'win' everything, arguments included, makes it extremely hard for me to buy AppleDash. I would very much love to see a fic actually DO that: have them break up and get back together multiple times.

Applejack is boring
Fenwolf2003's avatar
AJ is boring?

Compared to one note Pinkie Pie and zero note Dash?

Oh yeah.
kittyhawk-contrail's avatar
How is she not boring? She has about as much character presence as Fluttershy. And Flutters' character breaking is actually fun. AJ just does more farmwork.
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