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No Recipe for Perfection

Wallpaper version of a cover for :iconcloudyskieswrites: newest fic, No Recipe for Perfection.

Cover Art with Title found here. There is about 200 more pixels on top.

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"Pinkie....Pinkie....Pinkie Pie".-Rarity
"I'm the one in the middle ,four eyes".-Pinkie
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Your eye for detail is marvelous~ The background looks quiet lovely. The ponies are cute too :3
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Yay! Thanks!

Ponies are so cutie. I love doing backgrounds. Sadly, this is Rarity's work room and not teh show room, so it's not got the fancy, frilly doodads and little tents and things. Guess it DID shave 500 hours off of the BG.
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You're right, if you did the bigger room, it would take you forever XD This is still lovely.
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