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i need to learn to photoshop

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i have photoshop and somebody most learn me how to use!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I still don't understand your problem with Photoshop.^^ Though I have never tried any other software. :3
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MOstly the fact that any and all pigment mixing has to be done manually. Painter apparent;y has mixing settings based on the type of paint you want. Like, I want watercolors? Click watercolors.
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I see. I guess in PS you'd have to choose certain brush/es to create a 'watercolor image'.
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You need brush shapes, brush hardness, transfer, size, hue, opacity jitter, wet edges, and probably a billion other settings.

It can be done, but it's finicky as heck.
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Well, this looks better than all my (failed) attempts on using phothoshop. Besides, everypony's expressions look great to me.
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I've only used three digital tools:
Adobe Illustrator (For vectors)
Photoshop (Everything else)

I've lost a lot of my talent with it, but I've NEVER liked it. I don't run Windows, so no SAI for me.
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je, je.

I don't have many experience with Muro. (I think I've only used it once, in fact)

I've never worked with Adobe Illustrator, and, as I said before, Phothoshop + Me = Disaster

Being honest, I don't look forward to working with digital tools. They just don't appeal to me.
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I can understand. They take a lot to get used to.
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Furthermore, I really love painting and drawing with traditional tools.
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