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Hibiscus Brush Set

By kittygurl521
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A Hawaiian brush set for photoshop lovers :3

Please contact me if the folder is corrupted, or if the shapes are not large enough.
© 2009 - 2021 kittygurl521
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Used here:
Thanks for sharing! :D
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No problem! I'm glad it was put to use in such a lovely piece. :)
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Looks awesome! I also have a character named Fidget. :D
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As luck would have it :)
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I saw you gave permission to someone else to use these in a commercial project with credit. I hope it's ok if I use these for commercial use as well. Full credit will be given!
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Sure thing, have at it! :D
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I used your brushes here [link] They were a great help! :D
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I'm glad you found an use for them! Thanks for giving credit :)
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Thanks for crediting me! :)
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Thanks! Used for creating a semless tile background :thumb301500556:
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Thanks for linking back! :)
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Hello ^___^
I've used your brushes for my new website, spring edition.
I hope you don't mind. it isnt live just yet, but it will be soon.
I will be putting a link to your deviant art page in the f.a.q section (where i have written about the website design)
Here is a link to my website if you are interested (new one with your brushes will be there soon)
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I'd love to see! Yes, it's perfectly fine since you're planning to give credit. :)
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Hi there

I used your brush set a while back. Completely forgot to include the link for you.....and I've only just checked my deviant art again.
I have given credit in the F.A.Q section, with the URL to your deviant art page :)

I'm so sorry for replying nearly half a year later, but thank you so much for allowing me to use it :)
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No problem, glad it could be of some use! :D
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