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jan Toki

so basically
i got into conlangs a couple months ago, becoming a fan of Conlang Critic, and he really likes the language Toki Pona and i learned it!
conlang critic's video:…
Where to learn toki pona:…

if u dont know what a conlang is, its basically a language that's constructed/invented, and not developed naturally in societies. 

And countryhumans / planetpeople / social media humans Gave me an idea..

What if i humanized conlangs in kinda the same style--

And so i did, i drew the one conlang i learned, Toki Pona, or jan Toki. uwu
i might draw other conlang humans, like Esperanto or Kay(f)bop(t)
And my idea for conlang humans is they all speak their specific conlang but they understand eachother.
any way my headcanon for jan Toki is they're a simple person, who is generally optimistic and caring for everyone else. They are an extrovert who loves hanging out with others. They are a minimalist. c:
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