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this was originally gonna be another experimental crystal color pallete design but i decided to make it an oc [might redesign it to look less like a crystal recolor but loool]
his name is semicol; and hes got semicolon nipnops
also a brief depiction of his personality without rly saying tooo much is that he's very very expressive and doesn't take criticism very well

also ft momma, comma, and parent :3 [which i will probably super redesign]

sidenote: thank u to all the people who have been supporting me in the coment section, and even the people who didnt say anything but support me nonetheless, i appreciate very much
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what is this beautiful pup creation
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DaisydelleStudent Digital Artist
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NyanCat0120Hobbyist Digital Artist
Turn on high contrast (ctrl, search, h if on chromebook) to see a lava/fire boi
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kittydogcrystalHobbyist Filmographer
THAT MAde me go to my history !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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NyanCat0120Hobbyist Digital Artist
Omg hai! Didn't think you'd comment on my reply! two questions, if you don't mind answering. 
1: What are your oppinions on the tracers? (It's very sensitive, i know. But the one known as leathersosoft got banned/deleted)
2: *In mario voice* Are you gay, kittydog? (but seriously, are you??? i've got no problem with it, you've just made a lot of jokes on it)
BTW im sorry about you going to your history :3. I'm on a Chrome laptop, sooo... have an hour of Mario singing country roads for your troubles!…
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skylypoofStudent Artist
witch button is the search button ;w;
(i just got my Chromebook I'm sorry)
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NyanCat0120Hobbyist Digital Artist
It should be the button with a magnifying glass (mine is on the left where a caps lock key would be on an hp laptop.)
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FloofyGeckoHobbyist Digital Artist
Semicolon nips
...Now that's something you don't see often everyday XD
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AlexaDoodlesHobbyist Digital Artist
I love how the lineart is white and not the typical black outline, I think it's cool how you're experimenting with the lineart colors 
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Kiroma337Hobbyist Writer
It looks like his nipples are crying
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elidrawzHobbyist Filmographer
someone traced this
My OC Nicky! by NickyDrawsStuff
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AlexaDoodlesHobbyist Digital Artist
That was quick tbh 
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sleepyyouthHobbyist Digital Artist
amazing lol c:
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eevee-the-uncatchablStudent Digital Artist
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

lol noice
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AshleydoesartsStudent Digital Artist
Me eyes has been the blessed :>
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Nice, man! I like the bright colors. The background really helps it stand out. The tail in particular is really cool.
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KiiskyeProfessional Digital Artist
The contrast is really nice
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Princess-Pinky-121Hobbyist Digital Artist
he looks cool in high contrast
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【Baja Blast Mountain Dew vibes】
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butterscsProfessional Digital Artist
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linasue51Hobbyist General Artist
Wait, I never said anything and yet im appreciated?! O.O
Fine lemme tell you something: you are more talented than me when i was 16 
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DominiferHobbyist General Artist
Semicolon nipnops XD That's genius
I love Semicol, great work!
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neondustdaydreamHobbyist Digital Artist
me like
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