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Spoiler - Darrow's Giygas WP
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Published: March 16, 2010
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"Master Giygas. No, Giygas is no longer the wielder of Evil. He has become the embodiment of Evil itself... which he cannot control on his own. He is the Evil Power." ~ Pokey

Well, I've said before that I freakin' love Darrow's interpretation of Earthbound and his Giygas is no exception. I'm filled with a mixture of terror and sympathy for the alien. The dialogue you mysteriously hear in the final battle seems to finally make sense.

When fighting him... something felt wrong. Something was crying out to me and was very confused. With evil you usually expect the villain itself laughing at you and forboding your death. But this thing was not even self-aware. What could be a more frightening evil than something that has lost it's identity and has nothing but an echo?

This game is clearly not for the faint of heart. I wish E games could be more like this.

So here is an Earthbound wallpaper using images from Darrow's comic "The Chosen Four". I hope I captured the agony, madness, and deterioration that is Giygas.

Earthbound belongs to Nintendo
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DarthLangdon|Student Digital Artist
(I know this seems like advertising, but I could use an honest opinion. Pixel Giygas)
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I finished Earthbound the other day myself after years of simply watching footage/lps of it and what really made my skin crawl about Giygas was that I just got the sense he was in constant pain, like he clearly didn't know where he was, what he was, or what he was actually doing anymore. I felt bad, but, at the same time I felt determined to end his suffering, because it was clear that he WAS SUFFERING.
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CitrusEucalyptus|Professional General Artist
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Giegue used to be such a sweet kid...

and apparently he also used to be Mew from Pokémon...!
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a1umbreon346|Hobbyist General Artist
The middle giygas is adorbs
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NessThePSIBoi|Student Traditional Artist
Jeez! DARK! Yet amazing! Makes me want to cry, tho. ;-; poor Giygas. It's good I suck at EarthBound so I won't be able to reach and kill him
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NessThePSIBoi|Student Traditional Artist
Nevermind I beat him already...
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Neolancer|Hobbyist General Artist
Miuna Crying Icon 
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SuperThiago|Hobbyist General Artist
so cool
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StarWritter|Hobbyist Writer
Incredible :')
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OH MY GOD As if I didn't think this guy was tragic enough! ;_;
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This is amazing! He is one of the darkest villains in Nintendo history. He deserves his own game.
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It really shows the end battle in Earthbound in one full picture.
Beautiful (because of Marias relationship to Gyigas) and disturbing (because of his insanity) at the same time. 

All Giygas wanted was to be loved, but he was forced to shut his emotions off (I really can relate to him, ...) 
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KirbyKirbyKirby24|Student Digital Artist
I know what this represents:


You see, after Giygas became the "Evil Power", as Pokey said, he lost his mind. He couldn't think rationally. As a result of this, he and his followers tried to stop Ness and his friends, but it was too late. Giygas was closer to his end by every location they'd visited.
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one of the darkest Nintendo villains
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having one of the Most Tragic Backstories Ever...I always Thought of Giygas as a relentless Killer with only darkness as his motives, but it wasn't that, it was Revenge For someone He loved Dearly.
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Cr34tiv3-U53rn4m3Edited |Student Traditional Artist
Just like Asriel...

-Tragic Backstory

-He is defeated by feeling, just like giygas who is defeated by the human feels...

-Both are great cosmic destroyers
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OH....MY....GOD.... Toby knew EarthBound Well.
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luxi213|Student Artist
WUUUTTT!! It's me or thats wirth ''Ninten im sorry''? But WOW
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ChaosMiles07|Hobbyist General Artist
This entire page is basically a snapshot of the maelstrom of his (no longer existent) mind after his descent into madness.
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Take a melodey...
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bbbhyt|Hobbyist General Artist
he's going for pokey and he is out for blood.
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DreamRevolution|Hobbyist General Artist
Do You have a link to Darrow's Comic?
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great work, this Wallpaper is really good :)
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