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September 5, 2007
I love the fact that this is indeed different from what you currently get to see by the dozen when looking at the popular manipulations on dA. But beyond that, it sparks my imagination and makes me long for a holiday with a good book and lots of interesting places to visit (at least in my mind). A New World by =KittyD
Featured by kuschelirmel
Suggested by cosmosue
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A New World

Something I had on my pc for a wile but never submitted. It really goes against the current "mood" in the manips gallerie, but I like this image by its difference.

Stock: ~Burning-Liquid and sxc.

Edit: Omg! A DD? :faint: I feel rather odd, cause this is a really simple manipulation, that I had kept on my hard drive for about 5 or 6 months. Thank you soooo much to ^cosmosue for suggesting this humble work of art, and to `kuschelirmel for featuring it. :hug:

Edit 2: I'm sorry but I dont have the time to thank everyone who has faved this. Please accept a thank you here from the heart. :heart: :cuddle:

Edit 3: Took the frame off to make the image lighter. It looked to heavy with DAs new backround. :)
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Anubis1744's avatar can i buy a ticket for this place ;-)

Look realy great.
tsahel's avatar
Magnificent ! I would like to visit such place !
Jaspersmum's avatar
Amazingly beautiful :)
KittyD's avatar
Lady-Adly's avatar
Beautiful work!!!:iconiloveitplz:
Vordazeth's avatar
Legendary41's avatar
what program or software you use?
Legendary41's avatar
my gods! This is awesome! Wish you can do something like this to one of my pics to bring them to life.
JBLcustomdesigns's avatar
Nice... I like the way my eye flows through the image, nicely layer out... Oh and the images is very cool!
Silver-Shadowed-Rain's avatar
Oh this is beautiful <3 Absolutely stubbing :'D I really love images like this, and words cannot describe what a wonderful job you did here <3
Jammy-P's avatar
Just one word for this: wow!
tsukopathe's avatar
Waw, a kind of view I would like at my window...
Lady-Sonata's avatar
I´ve always loved this piece! :love:
TheSprunk's avatar
This is absolutely fantastic. Very stunning image. Kudos and fav's to you ma'am!
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something like this look hard to make
KittyD's avatar
KittyD's avatar
ZeroXphtgrphy's avatar
This picture is AMAZING!
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