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kittycatsclub  is a Cat Photography only Group! :camera::silentkitty:

We accept pieces featuring all types of Cats/kittens, as well as large cats, such as lions & tigers.

kittycatsclub is a Photography Group as much as it is a Cat Group, and as such
Cell phone pictures will not be accepted.

Pictures will be judged on:
Focus quality( if the cat in your cat photo is not in focus, it Will not be accepted)
Composition( pictures of the back of a cat's head while it's walking away. Random shots in the house, and pieces that appear to have no composition at all) Will not be accepted.
Overly, dark and pixelated photos Will not be accepted.

Photos where the eyes have been retouched.
And Photos with people and cats in them , Will not be automatically declined But are less likely to be accepted!

Needless to say if you have put your Deviation into storage it will be removed from the group!

If you are submitting a photo to kittycatsclub you should be the one who took the photo, if not, do not submit it to kittycatsclub!

If your picture is not in one of the following categories:

Photography > Animals, Plants & Nature > Domesticated Animals
Photography > Animals, Plants & Nature > Wild Animals
Photography  > Macro > Nature
Photography  > Animals, Plants & Nature > Dogs & Cats
Photography > Darkroom > Digital
Photography > Darkroom > Traditional

Do Not submit it to the club's gallery!!

kittycatsclub is a Cat Photography club!

kittycatsclub Does Not accept cat photos with writing on them.
As far as captions and such.
However watermarks and copyright protection is acceptable .

kittycatsclub does not accept, unauthorized copy written pictures, regardless of alteration.
Submission of all artworks is at the sole discretion of the clubs administrator!
kittycatsclub reserves the right to reject any Submission that does Not fit with our standards of quality or content!!

All submissions are to be made to the "Featured" gallery folder. All other folders are closed to the public and editable only by kittycatsclub staff.

A note on frequency of submission:
kittycatsclub is growing group with a large volume of submissions. So please be patient when joining the group, and submitting art, do not expect more than one piece of art to be submitted to the group per week, and please do not be alarmed if it takes a few days to see your picture appear.


To join kittycatsclub  click the Join our Group button. on our front page.

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