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Snowy day, isn't it?

Please watch in full view! :D
DA finally let me upload the picture!!! 

I guess you can see who that handsome stud is :eyes: Didn't think I would be done with this, like EVER :faint:
This is my entry for BRIS-love-is-MY-Live contest :la: I could not resist to enter and draw BRIS Pearl Harbor (Dany)!

For days Dany have been waiting for the snow to come. And one morning, the landscape has turned into winter.
Dany could not wait to get outside and play. But when he got out, none of the other horses were interested in playing, they wanted to relax and eat their fresh hay. He did not understand why they would eat when there were so much snow to play in.  
He walked around, trying to find someone to play with. Not a soul to find.
Dany was about to give up, and go and eat like the rest. But he suddenly spotted a dark creature standing by the old tree. He took a closer look. It was no one else than his fluffy old friend, Mr. Cat. He have not seen that little hairball since the summer.
Dany was so happy, that he ran straight to his friend. He jumped around, tried to get Mr.Cat attention, but he was standing still and proudly on his rock. Dany wondered what he was looking at. 
     All Dany could see was trees, snow and more trees. Nothing exciting to look at all. While they both were standing there, Dany got some snowflakes in his face. He looked up. The old tree was covered in snow. That gave him a idea. He could let it snow a little. He started to stamp his fet the hardest he could to the ground. And before he knew it, the snow felt down.
He looked at Mr.Cat, and notice that he has given him a snow hat. More fun have not Dany had all day. Sure his fluffy friend was not happy about it, but Dany knew he would be forgiven. How long that would take, that was another story.

Song: "Let It Snow"…

Horse belongs to ©BRlS-love-is-MY-Live
Art & cat ©kittycat02

Horse skeleton traced reference: 
Cat reference: my own cat :3

Brushes used on the sky, you can find them here

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with what you drawing this???