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Halloween 2021 Skeletal Vuline: DTA [Closed]

With all of your help, Poe has managed to not only banish the small imps back to where they came from, but also found the source of the dark magic that had drawn them to congregate near the caverns. A Vuline has appeared, imbued with some magic of Halloween in their blood, though it's up to you to see if they are friendly, or not. 

What is a Vuline?

A Vuline is an extremely rare creature that is formed by a burst of wild magic being super charged by a natural disaster or supernatural phenomenon. They usually vanish quickly into secrecy, but rarely tales tell of sightings in dark, quiet forests near still pools of water. This is a closed adoptable species that can be adopted through our group here~

Delve into the Golgem Caverns!


General Rules for these Adoptables
~ Please check out the Official Golgem Rules for all of the adoptable rules for the species. The rules are the same for the Vuline.
~ Vuline are a closed species, you may not make your own vuline.
~ Do not sell you vuline if you no longer wish it. You may freely gift/trade the vuline, or return it to the artist who designed it to allow for it to be re-adopted.
~ Do not remove my watermark from the image.
You must be a member of the group!

Rules for this DTA Contest
~ To enter for this Vuline, you must draw a picture with the following prompt: Draw this Vuline doing something they enjoy either in the Fall season, or around Halloween. 
~ You must submit a minimum of 1 entry but can enter up to 2 pieces. Please reply to your original comment with any additional entries
~ Entries can be any medium; digital, pixel, traditional, crafts, etc.
~ Submit the entries to the DTA/WTA folder of the Golgem Caverns group
~ Be respectful of others, do not message them or attack them over using similar ideas 
~ Please ask permission to use any other adoptables that you wish to use in your art that are not owned by you 

Skeletal Vuline 
Owner: MommaScar
Name: TBA
Sex: TBA
Focus: Pumpkin Candies on their Horn Accessory
Ears: Narrow
Body: Smooth
Feet: Hooves
Tail: Skeletal 
Mutations: Twin Curled Horns - Uncommon

End Date: Sunday, November 7th, 2021 at 11:59:59 PM (EST)

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Please reply to this comment with your entry to try for this adopt!

Prompt: Draw this Vuline doing something they enjoy either in the Fall season, or around Halloween.

End Date: Sunday, November 7th, 2021 at 11:59:59 PM (EST)

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Almost forgot to upload this... orz But here it is!

"This spooky Vuline(of whom I have dubbed Thanatos) enjoys the autumn season tremedously, the nostalgic smells and cascading of colorful leaves, the nice weather and assortment of pumpkins and spooky-scary decorations popping up everything-- but most of all, he enjoys getting to see his children having fun in the piles of leaves under his watch. Even if they are not directly biological, he cares for them dearly and never wants them to be sad and thus brings them to the edge of the forest where he lives and lets them play with allllll the colorful leaves they want, despite the possible dangers, but he doesnt want them to worry about that. He'll protect them while happily enjoying their mirth in that fleeting moment."

DTA Entry: Under the Falling Leaves
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Been working on this almost all week, finally done. ;o;

"Autumn in its entirety is not the only thing he enjoys about the season. The night of Halloween is another he enjoys quite deeply but not completely because of himself; he loves seeing the happiness and laughter and scares burst forth from the seams all around him. He may not look it but he is the sort to only really feel happiness by seeing the happiness of everyone around him, otherwise is it quite uncommon for him to feel happy on his own. Thus begins his journey of collecting as much candy as he can. Not for himself of course, he doesn't particular care for sweets, but to spoil his children with. Getting all dressed up in his costume and with the aid of his little batty helpers, collecting candy is a cinch, and once his bag is brimming full, he heads home. Thanatos is ecstatic to see the joy on the faces of his little ones when they see what surprises he brought them, perhaps he may bring back some little toys too, and maybe some tricks~"

DTA Entry #2: Sweetest Halloween

( I had so much fun with drawing both of these, I've been struggling with allergies and currently having a bit of a depression relapse and have been struggling to enjoy things that normally make me happy and have fun with, heck, I barely had the mental energy to draw, let alone do a full-on digital piece but... goodness, the inspiration I got for this one, I just couldn't resist regardless of how I felt. I just had to try, push myself regardless of how awful I felt, physically and emotionally.

Thank you so much for this chance~ ;w; )

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While it might be by default, these pieces are so amazing! I am glad to see them go to a good home ^^ I will get the images sent over, please let me know if you want to name him Thanatos or not!

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;w; I am glad you liked them! And yes, I would love to keep his name Thanatos, and he'll be male. xD