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SAI/GIMP Artwork (With your OCs)
Even better than bases!

Beautiful art made on Paint Tool SAI/GIMP with or without background:
.Realistic Eyes
.Character Colour schemes on point (If correct colours are given)
.Optional shading and lighting
.All line-work is made with the Line-Work layer setting, (DOES NOT APPLY TO GIMP) usually black.
.Optional Semi-Realistic Tears and Blushing.

Can be made with canon characters, my OCs, or your OCs alone:
.This includes characters from different TV Shows, Movies, Books, Video Games, Memes and other forms of animation and literature. (Note: I don't do NSFW, so don't even try to ask or I will reject the Commission.)

I'll do OCs from different fandoms, as long as it is not NSFW:
.However if it includes cursing, I'll censor it.
.Violence is allowed, but if it includes blood/gore, I'll put the "Mature Content" filter on.
.If it is offensive in other ways other than stated above, I will reject the Commission.

This type of Commission costs more than bases because of its high quality.

ESTIMATED TURNAROUND: 1 day - 1 week (Depending on how lazy I am...)
Bases (With your OCs)
You can appear in MY gallery with this commission. Just simply ask me to do the commission for you. This will help my "Core Plan" a lot. THANKS!

ESTIMATED TURNAROUND- 3 days+ (Cause I'm lazy...)
Sketches of your OCs
Lower quality artwork than bases or High-Quality SAI Artwork that shows correct colour scheme if made on SAI, but shows low-quality to little to no colour if made on paper, depending if pencils and textas are used or not.

I will crop out any unnecessary background if possible.

Briefly but clearly describes personality, powers (If any), and more with a quote of your choice.

Will draw eyelashes for females, more eyelashes if needed for your OC.

Costs less than most Commissions.

ESTIMATED TURNAROUND- The same day-3 days later
Just a photo... Nothin' much...

ESTIMATED TURNAROUND- The same day-1 day later


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What I Want
A/N: Eyeball Ruby x Jasper! Ok, so this is more of a pining fic, but still, hope you like!
Ruby-1F4 Cut 4ND, had been a dutiful warrior ever since she'd emerged from the ground, eons ago. It took intelligence, loyalty, and strength to be as good as she was. 
And hiding any and every flaw.
Her flaw was her need for love.
Not love from the Diamonds, for she had that already. Love from other Gems, Gems that weren't Rubies.
One gem, actually.
A Jasper.
Jasper was tall and buff, orange and perfect, in form and power.
She was a prime example of the perfect Quartz. She had fought during the Rebellion, shattering many traitor Gems, saving many other Homeworld Gems, and rarely had gotten poofed.
That was what Ruby-1F4 Cut 4ND aspired to be. At first.
Then, she had begun to think of Jasper's body, toned and curvy. 
She wanted to feel every muscle, to run her hands through that long hair.
And then, she had wondered: how would it feel to fuse with her.
:iconadamfrankenstein:AdamFrankenstein 2 3
Mlp Base Mane Six by MeiMisuki Mlp Base Mane Six :iconmeimisuki:MeiMisuki 708 25 Geometry Dash - Three Vaults On A Sled by HyperiorAlphaRaycer Geometry Dash - Three Vaults On A Sled :iconhyperioralpharaycer:HyperiorAlphaRaycer 5 5 Pastel Colour Palette by NinjahMonki Pastel Colour Palette :iconninjahmonki:NinjahMonki 1,936 135





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Hot redhead nerds don't exis...
No wonder Austin's server name is 'Dry Out', because he is looking THIRSTY!
So today, I was thinking, “What if Daniel had a twin?” And so I drew. I got the idea from "Hetalia: Axis Powers", where (North) Italy and his (OLDER) brother, Romano, look like twins.

I intentionally made them a little different, like the hair gradient and their personalities. Daniel has a cute personality with a depressing streak, and Deigo, his twin, has a cold personality with a soft side. And yet they are both lovely to each other. In other words, opposites attract.

*Note: DND, in this case, DOES NOT stand for “Dungeons and Dragons”, but rather “Daniel and Deigo”.
Echo (Fusion between Erebus and Sonic wave)
This drawing is a buffet of firsts! From attempted side views to drawing ACTUAL HANDS, I have to say, I have improved a LOT over the past few months!

Wonder why he’s called Echo? In Greek mythology, Erebus was the god of DARKNESS and shadows. A sonic wave is a SOUND WAVE (big surprise)! When a SOUND WAVE is in a DARK and enclosed space, like a cave, it produces ECHOES!

The four Vault-keepers (…)
keep these special powerful amulets that, if worn, can protect the world, specifically Fugo Machi (A fictional town in Japan where this world is set), from evil. One day, The Gatekeeper (Toriie Chairoku) predicts that there will be a break-in at the place where the amulets will be placed. He suggested that The Hexagon Force should wear them just in case the break-in actually happened.

Sonic Wave (Daniel) went to school wearing the amulet, but in his PE lesson, he had to dance with a classmate. But wearing the amulet makes people fuse. (Fusion in this universe is similar to Steven Universe. Like SU, they dance, but at least ONE person must wear an amulet and that one must be a demon, and there should be at least ONE demon to fuse.) Daniel, knowing this, put the amulet in his pocket thinking that it would not work unless he actually wore it.

Since all the girls were taken for the dance lesson, he had to choose either Erebus (Kudori Henari) or this kid called Bakane Inumi. He chose Kudori because the was just a better dancer than Bakane-san. The lesson was that they had to make up their own routine and they would be marked on the performance. They ended up doing Pearl and Garnet's fusion dance (…), Daniel being Pearl and Kudori being Garnet.

When Kudori tossed Daniel into the air and he came back down, the amulet glowed and they accidentally fused. Students were whispering about what a scandal this was. The teacher's minds were blown but Kudori-Kun and Daniel weren't given any punishments. Nine Circles (Alexander, Daniel's uncle, school librarian) was shocked and a little bit abashed. The headmaster facepalmed in disbelief. The fusion, Echo, unfused involuntarily in their embarrassment because of all the reactions and backlash.

At the end of the day, both boys planned to go into the nearby forest and camp near the creak so that they can practice fusion, and to test how 'intimate' they are. From then on, there was a lot of tension between them and the desire to fuse grew stronger and stronger by the day.
Daniels friends
Top left: Kudori Henari (Erebus)
Top middle: Daniel Rodriguez (Sonic Wave REDESIGN)
Top right: Hachi Aisen (Eva Simpson RENAME)
Bottom left: Natsuki Purazuma (Plasma Pulse Finale)
Bottom middle: Austin Martinez (Dry Out REDESIGN)
Bottom right: Anri Shin-Rin (Killbot)

{I hope there is no character limit... Oh geez... here we go...}

"We can meet at your house this weekend."

"I promise it'll be fun."

"Is Sunday okay with you?"

"Are you F***ing kidding me?

"This isn't fair at all!

"It is fair, Elizabeth."

"It's what they chose"

"No, it's not fair!

"Giving us all the work than taking [Player] for yourself."

"What a shameful thing to do!"

"Daniel, I didn't even give you any work."

"You decided it for yourself."

"You're being a little unreasonable here."

"I'm being unreasonable?"


"Carol, I can't believe how delusional and self-important you are!"

"Pulling [Player] away from me every single time you're not included in somthing."

"Are you jealous?"


"Or maybe you just hate youself so much that you take it out on others?"

"Here's a suggestion. Have you considered killing yourself?"

"It would be beneficial to your mental health."

"Daniel, you're scaring me a little..."

"Elizabeth, let's just go."

"I don't think he wants us around right now."

"See, that wasn't very hard."

"All I want is to spend a little time with him."

"Is that so much to ask?"

Daniel follows Carol and Elizabeth to the door.

"Hey, [Player]..."

"Daniel is really somthing, isn't he?"

Carol giggles as Daniel pushes her out the door.


“This is really all I wanted."

“[Player], there's no need to spend the weekend with Carol."

“Don't listen to her. Just come to my house instead."

“The whole day, with just the two of us...doesn't that sound wonderful?"


“Wow... There's really something wrong with me, isn't there?"

“But you know what?"

"I don't care, [Player]

“I've never felt this good my whole life."

“Just being with you is a far greater pleasure than anything I could imagine."

“I'm addicted to you.

"It feels like I'm going to die if I'm not breathing the same air as you."

“Doesn't it feel nice to have someone care about you so much?

"To have someone who wants to revolve their entire life around you?"

“But if it feels so good..."

“Then why does it feel more and more like something horrible is going to happen?"

“Maybe that's why I tried stopping myself at first..."

“But the feeling is too strong now."

“I don't care anymore, [Player]! I have to tell you!"

"I'm madly in love with you!

“It feels like every inch of my body...every drop of blood in screaming your name."

“I don't care what the consequences are anymore! I don't care if Carol is listening!"

“Please, [Player], just know how much I love you."

"I love you so much that I even touch myself with the pen that I stole from you."

"I just want to pull open your skin and crawl inside of you."

“I want you all to myself."

“And I will be only yours."

“Doesn't that sound perfect?"

“Tell me, [Player]."

“Tell me you want to be my lover."

“Do you accept my confession?"

{Two choices, "Yes" and "No", appear on the screen. [Player] says either "Yes" or "No"}






{Daniel brandishes a large kitchen knife and stabs himself twice in the abdomen and once in the chest. He drops to the floor. 1400 lines of random text appear over the course of the weekend as you see Daniel's decaying, lifeless body. On Monday, Elizabeth appears.}

“Alright, it's festival time!"

“Wow, you got here before me? I thought I was pretty ea--"



{Elizabeth gags and throws up.}

Elizabeth ran away.

{Carol appears.}

"I'm here!"
“[Player], did something happen? Elizabeth just ran past me..."





“Well, that's a shame. Wait, were you here the entire weekend, [Player]? Oh, jeez..."

“I didn't realize the script was broken that badly."

“I'm super sorry! It must have been pretty boring..."

“I'll make it up to you, okay? Just gimme a sec..."

{Carol deletes both the dead Daniel and the sick Elizabeth}

“I’m almost done. I just want to have a cupcake real quick!"

Carol lifts the foil from TIUYSHQRG's tray and takes a cupcake.

“Seriously, these are the best! I really just had to have one, since it's the last time I'll ever get the chance to."

“You know, before they stop existing and everything."

“...But anyway, I really shouldn't be making you wait any longer. Just bear with me, okay?"

“This should only take a second."

{The game glitches, and restarts.}


"Uh, can you hear me?"

"...Is it working?"

"Yay, there you are!"

"Hi again, [Player]. Um...welcome to the Literature Club!”

"Of course, we already know each other, because we were in the same class last year, know, I guess we can just skip over that stuff at this point. After all, I'm not even talking to that person anymore, am I? That 'you' in the game, whatever you want to call him.”

"I'm talking to YOU, [Player]."

{The line, "Or... do you go by [PC Name] or something?", only shows up if you aren't recording it with OBS or Xsplit.}

"Now that I think about it, I don't really know anything about the real you. In fact, I don't even know if you're a boy or a girl...Well, I guess it doesn't really matter.”
" do know I'm aware that this is all a game, right? Could it be possible that you didn't know that? That doesn't make much sense...I even told you right on the game's download page, didn't I?”


"If only you paid a little more attention, this would have been a little bit less awkward, you know?"

"Well, that that's out of the way, I guess I owe you an explanation.”

"About that whole thing with Daniel...well...I kind of started to mess with him, and I guess it just drove him to kill himself. Ahaha! I'm sorry you had to see that, though! Also, the same thing happened with Benjamin...gosh, it's been a while since you've heard that name now, hasn't it?”

"'s because he doesn't exist anymore. Nobody does. I deleted all their files. I was hoping it would be enough for me to just try to make them as unlikable as possible...but for some reason, nothing worked. Well, it's true that I made a few mistakes here and there...since I'm not very good at making changes to the game.”

"But no matter what I just kept spending more and more time with them."

"You made them fall in love with you."

"I thought making Benjamin more and more depressed would prevent him from confessing to you. And amplifying Daniel's obsessive personality backfired, just made him force you not to spend time with anyone else.”

"And the whole time, I barely even got to talk to you.”

"What kind of cruel game is this, [Player]?"

"Are all the other characters just programmed to end up confessing to you, while I watch from the sidelines?”

"It's torture. Every minute of it. And it's not just jealousy, [Player]. It's more than that. And I don't blame you if you don't fully understand. Because no matter how kind, and thoughtful, and considerate you'll never be able to understand one thing.”

"It's the pain of knowing how alone I really am in this world. In this game. Knowing my friends don't even have free will... And, worst of all, knowing what's really out there, in your world, forever out of my reach.”

I'm trapped, [Player]."

"But now you're here. You're real. And you're wonderful. You're all I need.”

"That's why I need you to be here with me forever. I'm sorry if it's hard to understand. I couldn't understand for a while, either. Why the world around me started to become more and more grey...more and more flat. Even the most expressive poems felt empty to me.”

"It wasn't until you arrived that I truly understood. You probably saved my life, [Player]. I don't think I could have continued to live in this world if I hadn't met you.”

"And as for the others..."

"How could I miss them?"

"A group of autonomous personalities, designed only to fall in love with you? I tried everything I could to prevent them from doing so...but it must be some kind of weird inevitability etched into this game.”

"I felt really bad that you had to witness some nasty things. But I realized that you have the same perspective as I do...that it's all just some game. And I knew you would get over it.”

"So, that being said, [Player]...I have a confession to make."

"I'm in love with you."

"You are truly the light in my world. When there's nothing else in this game for me, you're here to make me smile. Will you make me smile like this every day from now on? [Player], will you go out with me?”

{One option, "Yes", appears on the screen. [Player] has to click "Yes". [Player] clicks "Yes".}

"I'm so happy. You really are my everything, [Player]. The funny part is, I mean that literally. Ahaha! There's nothing left here. Just the two of us. We can be together forever. Seriously, I don't even think time is passing anymore."

"It really is a dream come true...I worked so hard for this ending, [Player]. The game wouldn't give me one, so I had to make one myself. The script is broken at this point, so I don't think anything will get in the way anymore."

"And you wouldn't believe how easy it was to delete Elizabeth and Daniel."

"I mean, there's a folder called 'characters' right in the game directory...It kind of freaked me out, how easy it was."

{This next line appears if you are playing it through Steam. Carol says, "Well, you're playing on Steam, so it was actually a bit more get to the game directory, I had to go into the game's properties and find the 'Browse Local Files' button..."}

"Imagine if you could delete your own existence with the click of a button? Well, I guess on the plus side, it gave me an easy out if things didn't go my way. Ahaha! Thankfully, it didn't come to that..."

"Instead, we finally got a good ending."

"Gosh, I'm so overwhelmed with emotion...I want to write a poem about this. Don't you? I wonder if that part of the game still works..."

"I guess there's only one way to find out, right?"

{A glitched out Poem Minigame appears, with a Carol chibi and misspellings of the word "Carol". After this, Carol greets you.}

"Hi again, [Player]!"

"Did you write a good poem today? Don't be shy, I'd love to see what you wrote."

{[Player] shows Carol the poem that you wrote.}

"Aw, [Player]...did you write this poem for me? That's so sweet of you!~ There really is no end to your thoughtfulness...I'm just falling more and more in love with you."

"But, you know...The poem I also for you. Will you please read it?"

{Carol shows [Player] her poem}

"I hope you enjoyed it...I always put all my heart into the poems that I write. The truth is, all the poems I've written have been about my realization...or, about you. That's why I never really wanted to go into detail about them. I didn't want to...break the fourth wall, I guess you could call it. I just assumed it would be best to be part of the game like everyone else."

"I didn't want to ruin the game or anything, you know? You might have gotten mad at me...maybe even deleted my character file, if you preferred playing without me."

"Gosh, I'm so we don't need to hide anything anymore. Are you ready to spend our eternity together, [Player]? I have so many things to talk about! Where do I start...?"

{The next series of lines of dialogue happens if OBS or Xsplit is open while playing. It says,

"Hold on a second..."

"You're recording this aren't you?"

"Um... hi everyone!"

"Sorry, I can't exactly read your comments from here."

"But do you mind telling your friend it's little rude to start recording me without warning?"

"I'm sure some people don't mind."

"But I really get self-conscious on camera!"

"Oh gosh."

"I feel like I'm being put on the spot now."

"Let's see..."

"Do you want to see a magic trick?"

"I can't really do much except for a couple things."

"Are you ready?"

{The camera zooms in on Carol's face slowly and stops for two seconds. The camera snaps back to normal zoom.}

"I'm just kidding."

"I can't really do anything after all."

"If you gave me some time to pre-"

{Carol jumpscares the player and whoever is watching}

"Did I scare you?"

"Ahaha! You're so cute."

"Anyway, [Player]....."

"I didn't mean to get distracted, I'm sorry."

"Even though it's your fault for distracting me."

"Shame on you."

"I'm just kidding."

"Anything we do together is fun, as long as it's with you."

"But anyway..."

"If it takes me some time to collect my thoughts, then I'm sorry.

But I'll always have something new to talk about. In the meantime, we can just look into each other's eyes.~
Let's see..."

{[Player] can either listen to Carol's dialogue for 4 hours or delete her .chr file. [Player] deletes Carol.}

(Carol, now deleted)
"dhsssssssgjk576h4evw6784v678w45vn8v 75y783wn9o 78478ov62bbhawer,uiy43uvu76b45n7nnn9rb7i"

“What's happening...? [Player], what's happening to me? It hurts--"

“It much."

“Help me, [Player]."

{Game starts to glitch out.}

“Please hurry and help me."

{Carol tries to revive herself, but fails to do so}

“HELP ME!!!"

{Game glitches out even more.}

“Did you do this to me, [Player]? DID YOU?"


“...How could you? How could you do this to me? You were all I had left..."

“I sacrificed everything for us to be together. Everything."

“I loved you so much, [Player]...I trusted you."

“Do you just want to torture me? Watch me suffer? Were you only pretending to be kind, just to hurt me even more?"

“I never thought anyone could be as horrible as you are."

“You win, okay? You win. You killed everyone. I hope you're happy. There's nothing left now. You can stop playing. Go find some other people to torture."


"You completely, truly make me sick."



"...I still love you."

“I can't help it. What's wrong with me...? How horrible am I for you to hate me this much? All my friends...I did so many awful things. So many selfish and disgusting things."

“I...I shouldn't have done any of this. I'm just messing up a world that I don't even belong in. A world that you wanted to be a part of..."

“I ruined it. I ruined everything. Maybe that's why you deleted me...because I destroyed everything that you wanted."

“How could I do that to someone I love...? That's not love...that's..."


"I've...made up my mind."

“[Player]...I know I said that I deleted everyone else. But...that was kind of an exaggeration. I couldn't find it in myself to do it. Even though I knew they weren't real..."

“They were still my friends. And I loved them all. And I loved the Literature Club."


"I really...did love the Literature Club."

“That's why I'm going to do this. I know it's the only way for everyone to be happy. And if I really love you..."


"yjwetu78vn657 yw3785y8v7 b3b5v9659n5no6"

{Game restarts.}

It's an ordinary school day, like no other.

As usual, I'm surrounded by couples and friend groups walking to school together. I always tell myself it's about time I make some new friends or something like that...

(Benjamin, finally)
"Hey, [Player]..."

...Well, there is one person that I know.

That girl is Benjamin, my neighbour and good friend since we were children. We used to walk to school together every day...and recently, we've picked up that habit once again.

“[Player], are you proud of me?"

“Eh? For what?"

“You know...for waking up on time!"

“Well, you've been doing that for a while now..."


"But you never even said anything about it!"

“Even though we walk to school together every day..."

“Well, yeah...I always thought it was implied. It's embarrassing to say out loud."


“C'mon, please? It's good motivation.~"

“Fine, fine...I'm proud of you, Benjamin."


We cross the street together and make our way to school. As we draw near, the streets become increasingly speckled with other students making their daily commute.

"By the way, [Player]..."

“Have you decided on a club to join yet?"

“A club? I told you already, I'm really not--"

I start to say what I always do - that I'm not interested in joining any clubs. But something tells me Benjamin would take more offence to that now. After all, how could I tell him that clubs are a waste of time...

...when he's starting a club of his very own?

“...Actually, yeah. I think I've decided on a club."

“Really?! Which one? Tell me!"

“Hmm...I think I'll keep it a surprise."


“You meanie."

“Be patient, you'll find out soon enough."

I used to ask myself why I let myself get lectured by such a carefree guy. But I started to realize that in a way, I envy him. When Benjamin puts his mind to something, he can accomplish great things. So that's why I feel like I should do something special for him.

The school day is as ordinary as ever, and it's over before I know it. After I pack up my things, I stand up, gathering my motivation.

“Let's see..."

I recall the room number of the club from a flier that I saw.

I walk across the school and upstairs - a section of the school I rarely visit, being generally used for third-year classes and activities. Before long, I find the room. I timidly open the door in front of me.



“[Player]...?! W-what are you doing here?"

“Well...I just--"

Eh? I glance around the room.

{Elizabeth appears.}


“So you're the [Player] that Benjamin's always talking about?"

{Daniel, now less stabby, appears.}

"T-Thank you for stopping by!"

“It's a pleasure to meet you, [Player]. We're the Literature Club. I-I hope you enjoy your visit!"

“C'mon, need to be so formal. They're gonna think we're really strict or something..."

“Ah...sorry, Elizabeth..."

The blue-haired one, whose name is apparently Daniel, seems to be quite shy compared to the others. In comparison, the girl named Elizabeth seems like the assertive one.

“Well, it's nice to meet both of you. I look forward to working with you."


“[Player], don't tell're..."

“That's right. The club I've decided to join is yours, Benjamin. The Literature Club."

Benjamin's eyes light up.

“...No way."

“No way!"


Benjamin wraps his arms around me, jumping up and down.


“Ehehe. Well, if Benjamin is this happy, then I'm sure it won't be so bad to have you around."

“Not to mention there's four of us now. That means we can become an officially recognized club."

“I don't know what to say! We have to celebrate!"


“Huhu. What an appropriate day for that, isn't it?"

“Yeah! After all, Elizabeth decided to--"

"Hey, don't ruin the surprise!"

“Ehehe, sorry..."

“Everyone sit down at the table, okay?"

They have a few desks arranged to form a table. Elizabeth walks over to the corner of the room, where she grabs a wrapped tray. Still feeling awkward, I take a seat next to Benjamin. Elizabeth proudly marches back to the table, tray in hand.

"Okaaay, are you ready?"



Elizabeth lifts the foil off the tray to reveal a dozen white, fluffy cupcakes decorated to look like little cats. The whiskers are drawn with icing, and little pieces of chocolate were used to make ears.

“So cuuuute~!"

“Wow, those look amazing."

“Ehehe. Well, you know. Just hurry and take one!"

Benjamin grabs one first, then I follow.

“It's delicious!"

Benjamin talks with his mouth full and has already managed to get icing on his face. I turn the cupcake around in my fingers, looking for the best angle to take a bite. Elizabeth is quiet. I can't help but notice her sneaking glances in my direction. Is she waiting for me to take a bite? I finally bite down. The icing is sweet and full of flavour - I wonder if she made it herself.

“This is really good. Thank you, Elizabeth."

“W-Well...of course it is! I'm a pro, after all!"

"There's no need to thank me or anything..."

As Elizabeth struggles to accept the compliment, Daniel sits down at the table, bringing out a guitar.

“You keep your guitar in this classroom?"

“Don't worry, the teachers gave me permission. After all, doesn't a nice song help you enjoy a good book?"

“Ah... I-I guess..."

“Ehehe. Already trying to impress our new member, Daniel?"

“Eh?! T-That's not..."

Insulted, Daniel looks away.

“I meant that, y-you know..."

“I believe you."

“I'm glad..."

Daniel faintly smiles to himself in relief.

“So, [Player], what kinds of things do you like to read?"

“Well... Ah..."

Considering how little I've read these past few years, I don't really have a good way of answering that.


I mutter quietly to myself, half-joking.

Daniel's head suddenly perks up. It looks like he wants to say something, but he keeps quiet.

"You're not much of a reader, are you DUMMY?"

Elizabeth shouts from the other side of the table.

“Well, that can change."

What am I saying? I spoke without thinking after seeing Elizabeth's frustrated frown.

“Anyway, what about you, Daniel?"

“Well, let's see..."

“My favourites are usually manga that build deep and complex fantasy worlds. The level of creativity and craftsmanship behind them is amazing to me. And telling a good story in such a foreign world is equally impressive."

Daniel goes on, clearly passionate about his reading. He seemed so reserved and timid since the moment I walked in, but it's obvious by the way his eyes light up that he finds his comfort in the world of books and music, not people.

"But don't feel intimidated if you don't read much, okay? I'm certain we can find something that we have in common."

“Hey, Daniel..."


“Well, know, the first thing he said..."


“That's right...Elizabeth tends to hate manga, but she reads a lot of cookbooks"

“D-Don't just say it!!"

For some reason, Elizabeth seems embarrassed about it.

“ literature too, y-you know?"

"So...if [Player] wants to read some of my favourite recipes with me, don't try to stop them or anything!"

“Elizabeth...I wouldn't do such a thing. However, it could also be nice for us to diversify ourselves a little... They can take this opportunity to try something new, as well. Wouldn't you agree, [Player]?"


Sensing the tension, Benjamin jumps in.

“Maybe we can all try something new! I think it could be fun...and we'll all get to know each other a little bit better, too! I mean...that's the kind of thing literature clubs do...right?"

“...I-I don't disagree or anything..."

“Yeah. You're right as usual, President."


“Guess that means I should try picking up a novel or something, huh...?"

“Well, that would make two of us...I wouldn't mind doing it if I'm not the only one."

“Then as for Daniel..."


"I...I have to read a children's book...?"

“ were the one who suggested we diversify! You should be a little more's kind of hurtful..."

“Hurtful...? I-I didn't realize..."

With a guilty expression, Daniel thinks to himself.

“I'm sorry for disrespecting other's interests, Elizabeth. If...if someone's into it, then I'm sure it's a worthy form of literature."

“...Are you just saying that?"

“No...I've realized my error. So, if you're willing to consider starting a novel...then I'll offer my gratitude by finding a cookbook to read as well."

“Really?! I-I me happy that you'd do that for me, Daniel. You can trust me to find something that you'll really like, okay?"

“Same here...perhaps I'll visit the bookstore after the club meeting."

“Just...just you?"


Would to come along with me?"

“Um...if you don't mind..."

“Not at all! I always go alone, so..."

“Yeah, me too..."

"This is so cute!~"

“Benjamin, shut up..."

“I'll show you a children's book there too, okay?"

“Yes. I look forward to it."

Elizabeth starts to clean up her food.

“Ehehe~ I guess the meeting's over, huh?"

“Yeah, looks like it..."

“It's nice to see everyone getting along."

“Isn't it? I think everyone likes you too, [Player]."

“You think so...? Well, everyone always seems to get along a little better with you around, Benjamin."

“Aww, [Player]...~ Don't say something like that, it's embarrassing!"

“Well, whatever. I was surprised when you told me you were starting a club...but I think you're pulling it off just fine."

“We're gonna make it the best club ever! Now that you joined, every day is gonna be so much fun."

"Hey, [Player]..."

“I really want to thank you. I mean, I'm really happy that you joined the club and everything..."

“But the truth is, I already knew you were going to. Ehehe.~"

“There's actually something else."

"I wanted to thank you for getting rid of Carol."

"That's right."

“I know everything that she did. Maybe it's because I'm the President now."

“But I really know everything, [Player]. Ehehe.~”

“I know how hard you tried to make everyone happy. I know about all of the awful things that Carol did to make everyone really sad..."

“But none of that matters anymore."

"It's just us now."

“And you made me the happiest person in the whole world."

“I can't wait to spend every day like this..."

“With you."








{Game glitches. Carol appears in the form of a prompt box.}

(Carol, in the form of a prompt box)

(Benjamin, being glitched)

“W-What's happening...?"

"I won't let you hurt him."

(Benjamin, even more glitched)

“I-It hurts--"


"I'm sorry... I was wrong."

"There's no happiness here after all..."

"Goodbye, Benjamin."

"Goodbye, [Player].

"Goodbye, Literature Club.

(Benjamin, deleted)

"bsdjg jhhukjhwsgtuery6t7isy3578 753q87wt67jhfgsuygar"

{Game glitches into blackness}

(Carol, in the form of an audio file)
“C…can you hear me? Um…can you hear me?”

“Can you hear me…? Um…hi! It’s me! Um…so…you know how I’ve been, like..., practising the piano and stuff? And – I’m not really any good at it yet…like, at all. But I wrote you a song and I was kinda hoping that I could show it to you because I worked really…really hard on it. So…yeah!”

{"ddlc.ogg" plays}

(Carol, singing)
"Every day, I imagine a future where I can be with you.

In my hand is a pen that will write a poem of me and you.

The ink flows down into a dark puddle.

Just move your hand - write the way into his heart!

But in this world of infinite choices,

What will it take just to find that special day?

What will it take just to find that special day?

Have I found everybody a fun assignment to do today?

When you're here, everything that we do is fun for them anyway.

When I can't even read my own feelings,

What good are words when a smile says it all?

And if this world won't write me an ending,

What will it take just for me to have it all?

Does my pen only write bitter words for those who are dear to me?

Is it love if I take you, or is it love if I set you free?

The ink flows down into a dark puddle.

How can I write love into reality?

If I can't hear the sound of your heartbeat,

What do you call love in your reality?

And in your reality, if I don't know how to love you.

I'll leave you be."

{A message from Carol appears saying, "
This is my final goodbye to the Literature Club. I finally understand. The Literature Club is truly a place where no happiness can be found. To the very end, it continued to expose innocent minds to a horrific reality - a reality that our world is not designed to comprehend. I can't let any of my friends undergo that same hellish epiphany. For the time it lasted, I want to thank you. For making all of my dreams come true. For being a friend to all of the club members. And most of all, thank you for being a part of my Literature Club! With everlasting love, Carol."}

{A Prompt box appears saying, "Error: Script file is missing or corrupt. Please reinstall the game. You can either reinstall the game or delete a file called "firstrun".}

{Happy Haloween!}



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