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Nagas || BC Pets for Zaiyon



(B/C pet stands for a "breedable/changing pet." Typically these are animals but human/humanoid shops exist as well on Gaiaonline. These pets grow and change over time through different stages of art, usually moving from an egg or child stage to adult.)

+default hair
+two sets of horns
+armor for female

Another commission by :icondarkicedangel:
Zaiyon on Gaiaonline

These are part 2 of the fantasy creatures she's requested for a shop in the making! Part 1 were the harpies (seen here!). Bless her for being patient with me. While I do like how these turned out in the end, their journey to completion was not an easy one. XD These were some tedious, stubborn snakes. But ultimately, she was happy and I was happy and we're all happy! :la: NAGAS ARE COOL.

There will be at least one more creature set on the horizon at some point. I'm looking forward to those too! This project has definitely allowed me to experience some new things and get a lot of good practice in. Plus the subjects are just plain interesting and fun!
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