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This needs to happen in the show. Like. Now. :stare:

Here's how I think Starfire would look if she were to turn up in Young Justice. HHHNGGG--

It took me two days. Did the characters in one, and the background in the next. :B Greatest idea ever.

Even though the background is kinda sucky. :XD: It's the best you'll probably get from me. >_>

*PhotoShop CS3 Extended
*WACOM Bamboo Graphics Tablet

:police: There's a watermark there for a reason... DO NOT USE. If I find this anywhere else, other than my gallery, (or any future groups I give permission for this to be submitted to) action will be taken out immediately against you.


Enjoy. :iconpervykaibaplz:
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omg why didn't this happen in season 1 ??!! or at least season 2!!
kittycakez's avatar
Because the writers are terrible. :B

I'm guessing it was so they didn't take away from the rest of the characters' spotlight. 
Samantha1613's avatar
I wish this could happen in Young Justice
kittycakez's avatar
Aw. I'm sure a lot of people did. :XD:;;
Mexicanightbat's avatar
This would be the best and only scenerio for starfire in young justice. Love your picture!
kittycakez's avatar
Thank you! :)

Yeah, I think it's a really sweet scene. :aww:
g70084's avatar
Zantanna and Batgirl are sooooooooooooooooo going to be jealous.Pervy Blossom 
g70084's avatar
For me, Starfire belongs to Robin in teen titans,While in young justice Robin belongs to Babs.Nuff said.:B for KashaPaw 
kittycakez's avatar
To each his own. I don't mind Dick/Kory or Dick/Babs in any scenario, really. ;p 
robinwuvszattana's avatar
most of the time ive been looking at these, ive been listening to smooth criminal
robinwuvszattana's avatar
zee & babs are gonna be pissed!
GlimmeringAngel26's avatar
Awesome and the background looks cool :+fav:
Ninjanathan1's avatar
love how star looks but she needs her skin to show to absorb sunlight for her powerss
kittycakez's avatar
No, that's an excuse that they used in the comics so she could run around essentially naked so the male fans can have something to get off to. :|
Ninjanathan1's avatar
oh wow really? That's weird... Well then, now I know.
kittycakez's avatar
Yeah. Who's to say that the suit that she's wearing doesn't allow her to absorb the suns rays? Or perhaps she does so in her own time and then wears this kind of armour for battle. Technology takes us all many places. :B
KickingKoryAnders's avatar
TT/Yg fanbase: Denied.

But the fluff is so cute all the same!
kittycakez's avatar
The fluff conquers all! :iconragefaceplz:
KickingKoryAnders's avatar
Lol, it will take over the world someday! Soooooooooomedaaaaay!^^
DuskNightmare0's avatar
I love this! I'm like between wow and love right now!
kittycakez's avatar
Oh, thank you! :D
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