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Anime that I have watched: L = Liked K = Kinda liked M = meh H = Hated
1. Little Snow Fairy Sugar: M
2. D gray man L
3. Sword Art Online H
4. Squid Girl M
5. One Punch Man L
6. Erased L
7. Oreimo H
8. Blue Exorcist L
9. Yona of the Dawn L
10. Snow White with the Red Hair M
11. Senyuu L
12. FairyTale H
13. Blood Blockade Battlefront L
14. Daily Lives of High School Boys L
15. Seraph of the End M
16. Death Parade K
17. Gugure Kokkuri san L
18. Kamisama Kiss L
19. Say I Love You L
20. Your Lie in April L
22. Shimoneta L
23. Bakuman L
24. Barakamon L
25. Food Wars L
26. Kiss x Sis H
27. OverLord H
28. Is it Wrong to Try to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon? M
29. Gun Gale Online H
30. Tanaka Kun is always Listeless L
31. Princess Tutu K
32. The devil is a part timer M
33. No game no life L
34. Anohana L
35. Konasuba L
36. Re:Zero L
37. Oneechan ga Kita H
38. World Breaker: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman K
39. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou L
40. I can't understand what my husband is saying L
41. Gj club L
42. World Conquest Zvezda plot L
43. Problem children are coming from another world aren't they? M
44. When supernatural battles became commonplace K
45. Kotoura-san L
46. A lull in the sea
47. Henneko
48. One week friends
49. Please tell me Galko-chan
50. Ano natsu de matteru
51. Koe no katachi
52. Hanamaru kindergarten
53. Space Patrol Luluco
54. Recorder and Ransel
55. Break ups
56. Maoyuis
57. Eromanga sensai
58. Masamune-kuns revenge
59. March Comes in Like a Lion
60. The Moment you fall in Love
61. I've Always Liked you
62. 91 Days
63. Mob Psycho 100
64. Toradora
65. The Comic Artist and his Assistants
66. Myriad Phantom Colors
67. Boku no Hero Academia
68. Code Geass
69. No.6
70. Actually I am
71. Sweetness and Lightning
72. Nanana's Buried Treasure
73. Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet
74. The Unlimited
75. Shiki
76. Casshern Sins
78. Orange
79. Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun
80. Kimi ni todoke
81. Made in Abyss
82. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
83. Himegoto
84. Blend S
85. Tsuredere Children
86. Golden Time
87. Nisekoi
89. Plastic memories
90. Ancient Maguses Bride
91. School baby sitters
92. Little Witch Academia
93. Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid


1. Aindred xx
2. Alissa xx
3. Ace x
4. Alan x
5. Angel x
6. Airi x
7. Agnis x
8. Alexa x
9. Aireen x
1. Bowpi x
2. Bell x
3. Brianna x
4. Briar x
5. Blythe
6. Bella
7. Blueberry Tulip
8. Bellri
1. Clara
2. Crowsy
3. Carter
4. Chloe
5. Claire
1. Derdnia
2. Dayna
1. Elian xx
2. Elias x
3. Elaine x
4. Elizabeth x
5. Ellra x
6. Emmeryn x
1.Falaif x
1. Gilbert
2. Gail
3. Greta
4. Gumdrop
5. Gingersnap
6. GoldenCrisp x
1. Helaina
2. Hera
3. Hyacinth
1. Izzy
2. Ivy
3. Illy
1. Jack xx
2. Juniper/June x
3. Jill
4. Jasmine
5. Junith
1. Katherine
2. Karmen
3. Katel
4. Kimberli
5. Kitty
1. Lexine
2. Lilly
3. Livis
4. Leif
5. Liliath
6. Limestone
7. Lemon Drop
1. Milly
2. Maple Leaf
3. Madelyn
4. Marissa
5. Mary
1. Narissa
2. Nattely
3. Number
1. Rusnai x
2. Rose
3. Raelin
4. Rosa
5. Roselin
6. Rainbow Valentine
7. Rhodochrosite
8. Ruby
1. Sara
2. Saffron
3. Storm
4. Spotted venom
5. Strawberry Stripe
1. Tiger eye
1. Valerie
(more to be added)



CyanCybershock tagged me so here we go wooooooo!!!

Name: It says on my page, stop being so personal smh.
Birthday: May 17th, that's also on my page smh.
Height: 5'4
Weight: Like 98 pounds I believe.
Eye Color: Dark brown
Hair Color: Dark brown
Race: Hispanic
Zodiac Sign: Taurus I think???

Drink?: I'm a baby I cant drink smh!!!
Smoke?: nooooooo wAY
Use Drugs?: nO NEVER!!!
Cuss?: Sometimes...
Play Any Instruments?: YES I LOVE INSTRUMENTS!! I play cello, ukulele, guitar, viola and piano!
Have Any Peircings?: Yes my ears are pierced.
Have Any Tattoos?: Nope!
Like To Annoy People?: Not really.
Like Life?: Mmmm sometimes.
Wear Make-Up?: Not usually only for cospaly.
Dye Your Hair?: Yes, my most recent dye was a galaxy. It turned green after a while though :(
Scream At The top of your lungs for no reason?: Yes.
Get Distracted By Shiny Objects?: Not really
Like Pina Coladas?: YesS I DO!!
And Getting Caught In The Rain?: I get it these are song lyrics but like no way no thanks. Bye rain </3

Dependable?: Yes I tend to be.
Trustworthy?: Mhm!
Obsessive?:  Sometimes. >>
Hyper Active?: Only around friends.
Happy?: Usually I am. Or atleast I try to be.
Content?: Not really.
Boring?: Very.
Violent?: Nope.
Evil?: Nah
Hippie-Ish?: No????
Shy?: Yeah unless I am around friends.
Paranoid?: waht
Annoying?: people say I am :(
Social?: Yes very.
Religious?: Yup!

TV Show?: Uhm, Code Geass.
Movie?: I dont really watch movies?
Band/Singer(s)?: I really love shiloh and glass animals.
Song?: Lilianna Wilde - Grind me down (Jaswter Remix)
Book/Story?: Maiden Abyss.
Color(s)?: Yellow and light pink.
Shape?: what
Animal?: Cellos are my favorite animal.
Person(s)?: Thats a secret!
Smell?: uhm, good ones. :^)
Flower?: I like Roses ^^
Subject?: I love the subject of music 
Musical: 21 chump street.
Sport?: I dont really do sports... uhm, dance I guess?
Word?: Copious 
Quote?: idk
Store?: I like Michaeks and any music stores.
Season?: Summer!
Time Of Day?: Afternoon.

Worst Fear?: uhm, I guess being lonely forever.
Life Goal?: To be able to join an orchestra and play cello for the rest of my life.
Greatest Accomplishment?: I haven't done anything great in my life.

Pepsi Or Coke?: Coke.
McDonald's Or Burger King?: Burger King.
Converse Or Vans?: You can't compare shoes and vehicles.
Dogs Or Cats?: Cats.
AIM, YIM Or MSN Messenger?: ?
Chicken Or Fish?: Chicken
Black Or White?: THATS RAcisT
MTV Or FUSE?: what
MP3 player, ipod or CD player?: uHM
Pants Or Shorts?: shorts

Day: Being able to play cello for people all day. (or at a convention with friends!)
Life: I'd like to be a cello.
World: whAt
Romantic Date: with cellos.

God?: Yup
Heavan & Hell?: Mhm
Angels & Demons?: Yes
Reincarnation?: Nope
Yourself?: Not at all
Ghosts?: no way
UFOs?: n o
Big Foot?: nup
Lockness Monster?: nah
A Thing Called Love?: sure my dudes

Kill Someone Else?: no T-T
Kill Yourself?: Not sure.
Beg For Money?: I'd hope not!
Skydive?: NO WAY
Bunjee Jump?: NOPE.
Make out in the rain?: No! Thats unhealthy! You could get a cold!
Run Away From Home?: Already have >>
Ride A Motorcycle?: No thanks..
Do Extreme Sports?: Extreme cello? Sure!

Do You Own A Car?: Nope.
Ever Been To Jail?: nah
Ever Gotten Kicked out?: nup
Do You Have A Job?: yup
Do You Like Taking Surveys Like This?: sometimes.

Are You Lonely?: Very.
Are You Sitting In A BeanBag Chair Eatin' Cheetos?: no
Do You Fee The Urge To Send Me A Thousand Dollars?: why the heck would I do that? Are ya thick?
Really?: I literally said that.
Do You Know Where That Comes From?: what no?
How Many Licks Does It Take To Get To The Center Of A Tootsie Pop?: not enough
Is That Your Final Answer?: yas my dudes
Are You Sure?: mhm
Postitive?: what
Glad That This Is Over?: yes DA is being mean and laggy.


KittyAndNumber's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States

About me!

Hai! I'm Rose, a 14 year old weirdo who loves to draw!

Awesome people to check out <3

:iconiwubskitllels: :iconinohari: - My siblings
:iconzelza-nightshade: - my IRL friend
:iconharmonydapronoob: :iconmlpstarswirl: :iconawaybard9: :iconmelonsigh: :iconcyancybershock: - My best online FRANDS
:iconfaw-n: - My cousin
:iconkittykattyadopts: - My adopt page
:iconsheradioactive: - Just a cool person (Although, I would love to become friends with them at some point! They are just super nice and cool ^.^)

my FAV things!

Color: Yellow
Food: Sweet POTATOES
Shows/animes: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Boku no Hero Academia, Code Geass, Casshern sins, Konosuba, and 91 days.
Games: Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem, Legend of Zelda the Wind Waker, Legend of Zelda Breathe of the Wild and FFXIV.
Game characters: Pit, Corrin, Robin, Takumi and Link.
Favorite anime/show character(s): Izuku, Joseph, Casshern, Josuke, Johnny, Rolo, Lelouch and Kazuma.
(I'll add more later!)

Random stuff???

Bad Mood Stamps Smiling by stamps-club Cat Lover Stamps - Sparkyard by stamps-club Black cat stamps by Shizuru117 I love Siamese by WishmasterAlchemist I love kitties-stamp by GreenieGirl Gatorade Stamp - Kuro-stamps by stamps-club Stamps are AWESOME STAMP by stamps-for-everyone JJBA | Stamp by PuniPlush Young Dio | Stamp by PuniPlush Josuke Higashikata | Stamp by PuniPlush Joseph joestar stamp by babykttn Josuke higashikata stamp by babykttn [Request][JJBA] Josuke Higashikata Stamp by StarryWave [JJBA] Joseph Joestar by StarryWave [Request][JJBA] Rohan Kishibe Stamp by StarryWave [JJBA] Kira Yoshikage Stamp by StarryWave [Request][JJBA] Johnny Joestar stamp by StarryWave [Request][JJBA] Gyro Zeppeli stamp by StarryWave
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