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I'VE HAVEN'T BEEN MAKING PART 3 OF BTKH IN SO LONG AHHHHH SORRY!!!! I'll try to get part three out as soon as I can!!!! REEEEE
this is totally random, but I'm imaging the "Beneath The Koopa Hell" (BTKH) having such a crazy random. idk I just kept thinking of that lol

Welcome to our hell..

"Heh... what the matter junior.. I Thought you where always brave..?"
Larry said making his words sound more ominous than "friendly". Junior looked at him while tears start dripping down his cheek. Larry notice and began to laugh, "What the matter junior?You think crying is gonna save you!?" As larry continued to laugh junior kick larry right in the stomach making Larry drop him. "YOU LITTLE-" Junior then hit Larry in the face before running away from his so called brother. Junior then hid in one of the corridor closet making sure that the coast was clear... "What is going on! Why is everything like this?!?" Junior thought to himself. "First dad is dead and now my own brother is trying to kill me! This isn't the home I remember being in!" Junior started to sob while thinking back at his old memories of his family... them playing, laughing, having a great time... it just made him miss the old days more and more. Junior then was interrupted when the door slammed open! "YOU LITTLE BASTER! DO YOU REALLY THINK YOU CAN GET AWAY FROM ME?!?"Junior back away in fear of being killed. He tried hitting Larry's again, but it only caused him to get his hand grabbed again. "That little trick isn't gonna work anymore you little shit!" Just as Larry said that he threw junior out of the closet and back into the corridor. Junior tried to run always, but was pinned to the ground. Struggling to break free junior looked at larry and said "YOU'RE NOT MY LARRY! THIS ISN'T MY HOME! WHO ARE YOU!"Larry then covered Junior mouth making sure he cannot speak... "Isn't it obvious...? I'm the one who created this place.. My own hell or should I say "our" own hell.. " Junior then looked at larry then to his drill which was ready to be used on him. "And Junior... " larry spoke in a hush tone... "This is now your home... " Just as he said that he began to cut junior stomach with an "x" mark on it. Junior was screaming in pain while he see blood everywhere on the floor to hid face... and then he began to black out... only to hear his brother finally words... " Welcome to our hell... Junior.... "
Hmm wonder what gonna happen to Junior... : )


Junior woke up after a nightmare he recently been having for a couple of nights now."Ugh why do I always have these weird dreams! I wish they can just go away!" The young Koopa Prince said trying not to shed any tears. Junior was thinking all about the dream he's been having and was thinking about what it could possibly mean... The dream was very confusing to him, It was mainly towards his family being... something unusual... nothing bad just something else... That was all he could remember from his dream due to his "Charcot Syndrome" that he had for a long time now... He was starting to go back to sleep until he started smelling a terrible odor somewhere in his room."Ew what the heck is that smell?" Junior looked around the dark room to find the source of the sent." It's too dark here! Dad!" He yelled out to his father... but he never came "DAD!!!" he yelled louder, but again he never came by.. Junior huff out of anger seeing his dad wasn't coming, "Fine I'll do it myself!" He then blew out a fireball towards his unlighted torch... and saw a horrible sight... "W-what is that!" he saw dried blood all over the wall, all looking like it was there for years and years on end. Junior was shaken on how and why the blood was there... but when he turned around towers the front of his bed he thought he was still dreaming... he saw his dad's corpse at the end of the room sitting lifelessly on the ground. His eyes were gouged out and his arms were ripped apart, but the horrific part was what was on his forehead... Junior was unable to see on what it said... however he didn't even need to read it... he thought of the first thing it might say... "Hell"...
Junior then screamed and ran out of his room crying. Junior then stop to think about what the hell is going on and why it's happening to him. "NO NO THIS IS ALL JUST A BAD DREAM! COME ON JUNIOR WAKE UP WAKE UP!!!" Junior said hitting his head hard... and then stopped to see... someone at the end of the corridor hall. Junior wasn't sure if he should trust his gut or his thoughts... Once the figured waked closer to him he saw the figures shadow appearance. "L-larry...?" He said becoming less shaken. "Larry is that you!?" Junior then walked up to him slowly.. The figured then stopped dead in his tracks.. so did junior... "hehehe" the figure laughed and reviled himself out of the shadows..."H-huh?" Junior saw ever feature on his brother... larry was missing and eye and his left arm however his arm was replaced with a robotic one. He was all bloodied up and junior was frozen when he saw the drill on Larry's robotic arm... larry then smiled saying in a low voice...  "I see you saw my work on father Junior.... " Junior then backed away, but Larry grabbed him by his arm and whispered... "How about we fix you too junior... "

End of part 1
This is part 1 of the story. This is my first time ever writing a story so please if I made a mistake don't tell me I get really embarrassed real quick. Anyway hope you enjoy this new series!
hi I'm a person who creates weird koopalings au for fun cause yes


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I'm a kat with channel yes.... Hhhhh


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Its just a starter on this so yeah I won't be too hard on my fam

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