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Bess and Sivir - TheAkanemnon's Contest Entry by Kitty101ck Bess and Sivir - TheAkanemnon's Contest Entry :iconkitty101ck:Kitty101ck 14 5
Journey of Eclipse - Page 5 - the Questions
 The next morning I was ordered to do chores by Asagao and ate breakfast with him afterwards. It wasn't much different from the first day I've been here, the same food was served, a few different meat dishes to adjust to what was caught last night. I thought I was going to end up baking bread for the rest of the day or at least helping my uncle with such but I was surprised with nothing to do. I was free to do whatever I wanted until around dinner time when everyone had to do chores again. I was exempt from doing chores at lunch because of my injury and now all I have is free time. What I should do first?
 I decided on reading the books that were in my room. Maybe it can help me get to know the moon as well as my surroundings a bit better. I asked him if it was okay and all he said was: 'Whatever.' So I went to our room. I've been memorizing the layout of the town earlier but it didn't take up as much of my day as I thought to do it. It was a pretty compact town, and i
:iconkitty101ck:Kitty101ck 2 11
Journey of Eclipse - Page 4 - the Hunt
I slept the day away when my uncle left, and dreamt of the ghostly silhouettes of the people around me, and their souls dancing, with a rainbow of colors, in their hearts. With each color it had a halo comfortably snug around each soul that glowed it's own soft color. Each soul like a fire with it's inner personality and out ward feeling. Looking around I wondered what these new colors meant but I woke up.
 I was looking at the ceiling once more of my new room. I looked around and saw it was still empty and that the light from the window had faded. Slowly sitting myself up I found my back bandaged properly and felt better then before. I wonder if the door is still locked. I thought to myself. I slipped off the bed and walked towards it and found it unlocked. So I opened the door and tried to navigate through the maze of walls and doors until I found myself outside at the dining hall. It was dinner time and I saw before the silhouettes gath
:iconkitty101ck:Kitty101ck 0 8
Journey of Eclipse - Page 3 - the Baker
 We finally reached the ground and there were so many people there to greet us. I didn't know people could look so different. So tall, short, wide, thin, and colors beyond what I knew of. Some wore frowns, others come bearing smiles and laughter. All of them had something very common though, a mark underneath their eyes, it looked like the scars I've seen on my mother and father. It was odd, but I think it looked beautiful like everything else in the this world I've only just discovered.
 Then there were the buildings which were all new to me and looked quite different from picture books and holo-shows. The walls were all one smooth white surface with holes only shaped for doors and windows. It kind of looked like what ceramic cups were made of except less glossy. The doors were wooden and the floors connected seamlessly to the walls. Each house looked like rooms were stacked one after another like toy building blocks and had no symmetry to it.
 The person who was riding
:iconkitty101ck:Kitty101ck 1 3
Lore of the Stars - Contest Entry - Music by Kitty101ck Lore of the Stars - Contest Entry - Music :iconkitty101ck:Kitty101ck 18 2
Jounrey of Eclipse - Page 2 - Discovery
 I heard the soft rustle of movement before my eyes fully opened. It must be Jay having a bad dream... I'll tell mom later at breakfast.
 Then my eyes focused on the room I was in... It was dark but not fully dark, some light softly penetrated what I thought to be walls. I reached out to touch them and felt the wall move. It was not a wall but canvas... like what I once used to paint on easels with mother till we ran out of paint, and then out of canvas. I tried to get up but I felt a crippling pain sting the area around my back. It wasn't a dream then, or a nightmare. I really was thrown away by my father from our home, for whatever weird and twisted reasons I have yet to understand or never will.
 I rose slowly out of care for my pain and out from the comfort of the blankets I found myself in. If I was home, I would not care to move with such a terrible pain I felt now but I had to know. Where am I? Sitting up I couldn't see much. Covering the ground there was a
:iconkitty101ck:Kitty101ck 1 4
Journey of Eclipse - Page 1 - Tears
The quiet hum of electricity sang in the air, I never noticed it before until I opened my eyes to the dark abyss of my home. It was always night here, there never was day, nor did I know what day was, only of what stories my parents had told me and what pictures and images they gave. Those to me are not real, until I see it, like the starry heavens that were the only home I knew. I lived in the sky where it was always dark, where only stars and artificial light were the only things that gave life to my world. Those burning balls of gas far out of my reach yet it looked like magic in front of my eyes. This was my life in the small warm spaceship, my home, my world. I was snuggled against the soft blanks that surrounded me and bumped into two warm sleep figures, they were small but big enough that I could carry them yet. My only other source of warmth, my brother and my sister. One was only a few years younger than me while my new baby sister was only a several months old. She was an ado
:iconkitty101ck:Kitty101ck 3 2
Meet The Artist Meme by Kitty101ck Meet The Artist Meme :iconkitty101ck:Kitty101ck 2 8 Apatite by Kitty101ck Apatite :iconkitty101ck:Kitty101ck 4 8 Splatoon - Captain V by Kitty101ck Splatoon - Captain V :iconkitty101ck:Kitty101ck 4 6 Peridot by Kitty101ck Peridot :iconkitty101ck:Kitty101ck 6 4 Rain and Citrine by Kitty101ck Rain and Citrine :iconkitty101ck:Kitty101ck 5 2 MidNight - Human Form by Kitty101ck MidNight - Human Form :iconkitty101ck:Kitty101ck 3 2 Art Style Examples by Kitty101ck Art Style Examples :iconkitty101ck:Kitty101ck 3 6 Fizzle by Kitty101ck Fizzle :iconkitty101ck:Kitty101ck 7 12 Malek - AT Redo - Halgalaz by Kitty101ck Malek - AT Redo - Halgalaz :iconkitty101ck:Kitty101ck 9 62
My stories, my emotions, my friends.


Three words. THIS IS AWESOME. My first critique is of your newest art. It looks amazing. The shading on Vince is life like. Diren looks...


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Don't use this for commissions please and thank you.
Thank you for donating those who do!

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Yeah just, awesome stuff.
Complex backgrounds, shading and everything.
I might refuse if I don't like drawing the character requested.
 Keep in mind this can take from a few weeks to a month to do.
Complex character and semi complex background. Might take a week or so. (Honestly I can do it usually in one or two days but I'm too lazy.)
Journal Dolls
A simple piece with complex shading and lines. With or without simple colored background. Pretty much can do it within a day or so of the request depending on my schedule.
Flat or Sketch
Flat colours with no shading (or a minimal amount of it) and solid lines (or just the cleaned up sketch with no solid lines)
When you note me about this be specific to what kind you want.
Just enjoying the day, and completely forgot, I have just made my 3rd year on DA, :dummy:
I was planning to draw something for today but oh welp, that's for tomorrow's me.
Any ways, I've been quiet recently in my stories and stuff, as I quietly scheme up millions of stories and things to draw in my head, I haven't been putting much on here. I haven't been writing at all mostly, because I've been thinking about the series I wrote with KnightofCrochet and didn't like my story telling skills on my part but, I've decided, I'm going to continue writing it for the fun of it, like I always did before. Meanwhile I am also going to write another project for my characters that will be apart from the Journey of the Stars (which is what i dubbed my writings of this series :P) and will be centering around the character, MidNight, a few others and some new peeps. And be rewriting the origins of Crystal again, for the JotS, a bit because it's short and not very well detailed. Besides that expect the usually profile art and story. And I'll also be doing more fanart, for kirby and other series. I've said these kinds of things before, sorry if you're still waiting. I'm not really sure if there are many of you watchers that care. But there'll be stuff to come and that's that. Speaking of which, I'm continue a project I forgot about, and should be done soon, got a sword here and a background there, and it'll be out in a few days or so.
I'm going to try and set off this 4th year of DA for me with a running start.
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(the ID was a gift made by Mortengeli and I love it so much ;w; )
My icon was made as a prize from PaperLillie
Salutations world, I am a digital artist and writer in training. I was writing a great series with KnightofCrochet and it was originally a kirby fanfiction, but now it's just our own stories. I love to write fictional because the sky isn't the limit and I can write anything I dream up. I love to read all sorts of fiction and will do it day or night.
If anyone is reading this, Hi, I haven't been here for years and I'm going to start uploading works that will go into my portfolio and wips. I'll be starting up again in a few weeks, (July 2019). My art isn't going to be fully focused on the joy I had in just creating Kirby fanart but I also will be expanding my horizons to draw anything I can or at least try :aww:
I currently use the art programs: Krita, SAI Paint, Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop (though extremely outdated).

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