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Hey everybody.

I guess I should maybe make a formal journal entry about this instead of just leaving it.
I haven't been very active on here over the past couple of years(!) and honestly part of that is because I haven't been "arting" much. Most of my deviations over the past two or so years have been just stupid stuff, not really what one would consider "art" I suppose. Amusing, hopefully, but not really art.
The other part is that...well...shit's happened. Life happened. I've grown up, and for the most part I have grown out of deviantART. I've been focusing more on my writing as opposed to my art as of late, and hopefully I'll have a novel published eventually (I'm close to finishing my NaNoWriMo novel). I'll put a link to my Figment and my Wattpad if any of you are still around and want to check that out.

As for the formal goodbye:
I don't know when I'll be back...or if I'll be back. I recently went through this account and deleted a lot of my emotional rants from when I was 14 and hopefully I won't spam you guys with such things in the future if I am to return
I've have some good times on here, and have met some pretty amazing people, whom I hope in the grand scheme of life I may have the privilege to cross paths with again. Thank you for the for supporting me, putting up with me, talking to me, enjoying my artwork, and just being the awesome people that you are
I wish you nothing but the best in your life, and in your art. May the road rise to meet you and the winds be at your back. Thanks for the memories.

Until we meet again, 


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But but you can post text works now! You can do the arts!
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December 6, 2014


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