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Elements of Harmony Meme - Gilligan's Island



What am I thinking, how does a goofy show from the 1960s have anything to do with My Little Pony? :iconawesomefaceplz: Nothing really, but this idea came to me as I'm pretty fond of Gilligan's Island and have been into the series lately. So here we have...

Honesty - Mary Ann (and not because she's a farm girl like Applejack :XD:)
Kindness - Thurston and Lovey Howell III (this was the only closest option I had for the Howells without making it look weird)
Laughter - Gilligan (this kinda speaks for itself)
Generosity - Ginger (Closest option for her really)
Loyalty - The Skipper (He has shown this quite a bit in the show, and it kinda references how much Alan Hale Jr. loved this role)
Magic - The Professor (because he's the inventor and smart one :lol:)

Credit for the meme goes to :iconsegasister: and you can find it here:
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Question, does Ginger show some generosity in some episodes at times?