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Elements of Harmony Meme - Gilligan's Island

What am I thinking, how does a goofy show from the 1960s have anything to do with My Little Pony? :iconawesomefaceplz: Nothing really, but this idea came to me as I'm pretty fond of Gilligan's Island and have been into the series lately. So here we have...

Honesty - Mary Ann (and not because she's a farm girl like Applejack :XD:)
Kindness - Thurston and Lovey Howell III (this was the only closest option I had for the Howells without making it look weird)
Laughter - Gilligan (this kinda speaks for itself)
Generosity - Ginger (Closest option for her really)
Loyalty - The Skipper (He has shown this quite a bit in the show, and it kinda references how much Alan Hale Jr. loved this role)
Magic - The Professor (because he's the inventor and smart one :lol:)

Credit for the meme goes to :iconsegasister: and you can find it here:
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Question, does Ginger show some generosity in some episodes at times? 
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"She's always willing to use her seductive powers or acting ability to help her fellow castaways." Taken from the Wiki, I think this kind of counts, even if it's a touch odd.
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Eh, I guess it's close enough. 
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Kind of ironic how the Professor has "magic", seeing as he doesn't believe in it, yet it somehow fits. XD
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Well it's kinda meant to be funny after all...:giggle:
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Well, both series are known for being compared to the seven deadly sins, so there's they're both awesome.
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Yeah, you're right, though I can't say I've seen the Mane 6 (plus Spike I think) as the seven deadly sins that much but maybe I haven't looked hard enough...:hmm:

So how well do the GI characters fit here with the Elements of Harmony? :) 
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I have, so just search harder (and yes, plus Spike).

Sounds about right.
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Pride: Rainbow Dash
Greed: Spike
Envy: Applejack
Gluttony: Pinkie Pie
Lust: Rarity
Wrath: Twilight Sparkle
Sloth: Fluttershy

Probably what sins best represent them I think...:shrug:

I also thought of doing a parody of Gilligan's Island with the DiC cartoon Koopalings that has Big Mouth as Gilligan, Bully as the Skipper, Cheatsy as Thurston, Hip as Lovey, Kootie Pie as Ginger, Kooky as the Professor, and Hop as Mary Ann. Though Hip and Hop's roles are a bit altered as they merely spend their time scheming with Cheatsy because they're bored. Hip and Cheatsy as a couple would just be weird and creepy because they're all siblings. ^^;
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Sounds about right.

Go for it.
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Possibly, but do you think the characters match up with their roles?
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It's been a while since I saw the show, so I'm gonna say yes.
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Okay then, but the episodes are easy to find on YouTube as well so...yeah. :aww:
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Hehe, what do you think of it? :meow:
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