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Hey, guys! Soooooo im feeling a little better now, and im ready to post some art or even if you want take some requests and rp with you guys! 
sorry guys i just feel like shit right now and i just need a break from all social media. I just feel like killing myself. Talk to me if you want, it won't do any good. I'm so sorry. I love all of you. I might post some art here and there, but it might mostly just be vents n' shit. love you all and hoping none of you have to go through this crap. <3
guysss im so sorry idk what happened to my art ;-; it kinda just disappeared or maybe someone hacked me, but i just wanted to say im sorry about that. I'll be posting more art though, so dont worry.
SORRY GUYS! i got hacked by meowsweet and shes a liar. we've had some fights, and i'm very dissapointed in her.
Heya, guys!! So, I've been thinking...that i should make commissions! ^^" I'm sorry, its just that i think it would be great because i reeeeeally want to earn some points for the first time! {I have none lol} I'll make em real cheap for my first time, don't worry ^^ Thanks, and bye!Sweating a little... Love =P (Razz) 
Should I Do The Left Hand Challenge Just To See If I Can Get Any Worse With Drawing? XD QWQ Sweating a little... Sweating a little... Sweating a little... Ayyyy Nice:bademoticon: HMMMMMMMMM