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You're the best! Love    
I would like to thank everyone who sent me birthday wishes :heart: I haven't been around for the last few days, so I couldn't thank each of you personally, but you're all so sweet!


Oh, and PSA: I'm on Tumblr and Instagram.

I'm quite new to Instagram, but hopefully I'll catch up! Thanks everyone for following!
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Commission info and Thanks

Sat Jul 28, 2012, 9:57 AM
- First of all I would like to thank euclase for giving me a Premium Membership. Can't explain how grateful and happy I am for this, because Euclase's work has inspired me very much, on so many levels.

:icontongueblush: :iconblushplz: :iconbunchiesyeahplz: :iconthanks-1plz::iconthanks-2plz:

- Secondly, since I've been receiving a few requests for commissions, I would like to give you some info about how I work, and how much I charge for commissions, etc.

Currently I'm only accepting digital commissions, but I'm considering the possibility of doing commissioned drawings as well. Traditional paintings are, by now, off limits. The pricings depends of nature of the commission (fanart, portrait, original characters portait, illustration, etc.) and obviously on the difficulty of the piece (the amount of details, the number of human figures, the presence of a realistic background, and so on)

You can find all the info on my website ----->…

and on my artblog ------>…

Please read carefully the terms of use and the pricing list if you plan to request me a commission.

Send me a deviant note or an email to my address ( if you need further explainations :)


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Mon Feb 13, 2012, 4:15 AM


I didn't realize that I surpassed the "1000 followers" milestone.

Too bad because I wanted to give a million dollar bill as a gift to my thousandth follower. How unfortunate that I'm too late!  


But all jokes aside, I want to thank everyone who followed me in the last months. I can't thank each of you personally because I don't have enough time, but I want to say that you make my day, every day, with your kind comments. It gives me the energy to keep doing stuff and believe me, I need it.   

:thanks:   :glomp:   

Also, big thankies to my "old" followers too!


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Daily Deviation!

Sun Apr 10, 2011, 6:47 AM

Yesterday, April 9 2011, was a day to remember: I got my FIRST DAILY DEVIATION!

Something I can never have by kittrose

I'm so happy I can't even believe it, yet.

I want to say a big and heartfelt THANK YOU to :iconmishelangello: for suggesting it and :iconalexandrasalas: for featuring it.

And many many thanks to anyone who faved, commented, added me to deviantwatch or simply took the time to watch my artwork closer.

It's really flattering and I need it to go on and keep on drawing and painting, because sometimes I feel so little creative, so little skilled, especially compared to some exceptional artists here on Deviantart. I needed it!


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New! ArtBlog and features

Sun Mar 13, 2011, 10:18 AM

First of all,

I've just opened an art & sketch blog:

Go and have a look, I will post there some stuff and scribbles which are unworthy of a proper deviation, or works in progress, etc.

Secondly, I finally remembered that deviantArt offers a portfolio service. So I created mine:

Now some awesome stuff I found on DeviantArt, mostly from my favourites....


Mature Content

Amber by jeffsimpsonkh
   The Little Mermaid by jeffsimpsonkh   Kudu Guard by jeffsimpsonkh
:thumb198264887: Lost Hope by Thaldir Musing by AaronMiller


Innocence by BluEyeS1984

Mature Content

Phosphors by el-woopo
Lebensunwertes Leben by gottfriedhelnwein
Love Never Dies by Michael-C-Hayes Ophelia by PinkParasol :thumb194178601:


Baby Vamp by doormouse1960 Frailty in Blue: Eric Northman by MohaniRose True Blood: Eric and Pam by cogdis

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Wed Oct 27, 2010, 8:43 AM

Wow, a journal skin.

Wow, I finally got a subscription. It's funny to explore the special features.

Wow, I've hit a lot of targets lately! More than 20.000 pageviews, more than 1.000 comments, almost 450 followers!
I know this is nothing compared to some talented artists here on DevArt but it's still satisfying for me. More than I could hope for.

I want to say A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has faved, watched or commented my artwork.

Thank you, you really make me want to keep painting.

Now some awesome pieces of art I adore (that's the first time I do this stuff, let me have some fun with it!  ;))

:iconjialu: Jia Lu:

Mature Content

Compassion 05: Rain by jialu
Dignity by jialu Compassion 01: Broken Halo by jialu

:iconeuclase:  Euclase:
:thumb181711349: :thumb178280726: :thumb183731630: :thumb170915159:

:iconarkaciofina85: arkaciofina85:
Plutone by arkaciofina85 Glance of the future by arkaciofina85 Mercury by arkaciofina85

:iconblueyes1984: BluEyeS1984

The Dream by BluEyeS1984 The hidden place by BluEyeS1984 the dead zone by BluEyeS1984

Other stunning artwork:


Mature Content

Maureen van Mortis by DanielaUhlig
no1 by yadou Mael by Heteferes Hmm...? by nathie

Mature Content

Tryst by TAR3N
Calamity by TAR3N :thumb154685936: IRREVERENT_GIRL by chumo untitled_2 by KeithEric :thumb108696130: Red Hair and Glasses by STiX2000 Aracnotopia by Claudia-SG

(more to come)...

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Some gratification, at least....

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 5, 2010, 3:30 PM
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The official True Blood page on Facebook featured my artwork:…

And I'm still in shock for the unbelievable amount of comments it collected.
Thanks to everyone.

To answer to those who were asking if I sell any of those pieces: I never did such a thing, but if I can earn something through my silly fanart, why not? At the moment, all I can say is contact me to my email address. Surely I prefer not to sell the traditional ones, since I'm really attached to them, but I'm starting to think about selling prints.

By now I'm very busy since I'll have a few exams in the next weeks, but later I think I will consider this thing seriously.

PS: among many many enthusiastic comments, a few people wrote why there is not Bill, why there is always Eric, and blah blah.
This is MY fanart. I do not do this as a job (though I would like to), so I draw and paint what the hell I want. I like Eric? I paint Eric. Problems? Get over it.
Anyway, I really would like to draw Bill someday (the Bill from the very first episode, the Bill I liked), and Godric, and Lafayette, and Sophie Ann, and Lorena. I'll do this when I have some time.  ;)

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A Journal Skin

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 14, 2009, 6:56 AM

A Journal Skin!

I know everyone who hasn't got a premium membership is doing the same silly thing, but I needed to try how a journal skin looks...
It's so pretty!

Well, sooner or later I'll have to subscribe. When I get a credit card, maybe.

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Promoting awesome art...

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 8, 2009, 2:37 PM
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Journal Entry: Thu Oct 1, 2009, 11:53 AM
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If there is a god, why does he let things like earthquakes and tsunami happen?
I have nothing to say but this.

Six months have passed since 4-6-2009 when a quake half destroyed my city and still I'm not allowed to turn back home, and I miss home like hell.
And now, I'm watching tv and I see those horrible scenes again. Destruction, death, rubble, homeless people, again.

I have to say I've been lucky.

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