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God has horns

By kittrose
"Bullshit. God has horns."

(Terry Bellefleur, True Blood)


Just a sketch. Photoshop & Wacom. Tumblr post:…

Character ©Marvel
Artwork ©kittrose



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© 2014 - 2021 kittrose
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I love the colors and lighting of this. Stunning!
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I love this one Heart
Wonderful colour and details.
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I am just loving the shadowy theme! Beautiful use of colours :)
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this is impressive!
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That line from True Blood never gets old. I first heard it five years ago and it's still funny. The entire scene was hilarious. Brilliant usage here, I love it so much!

The picture is wonderful! Love the details and the coloring. It's just perfect! You've done a mesmerizing job! :love::heart:
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Thank you very much! (yes, I still adore that line)
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Gorgeous, thank you!
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Hi Hun! I was just wondering is it ok if I could share this image on the Da seniors Instagram? I will fully link and credit you of course! :D :D
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Of course you can! :heart:
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if you also want to tag me I'm on instagram as ragenruin!
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Magnificient colors.
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Very interesting colours.
I'm a fan of Loki art, but I haven't seen him quite like this before.
His emotion is subtle... he could be sad, perhaps feeling loss or longing for his brother.
Or he could be quietly prideful, even mocking, looking down on people.
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Very nice colors and ambiance =D
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LOVE this painting! The texturing and technique on the highlights is stunning! Wonderful job! 
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God, I love him. This is mesmerizing. Heart 
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