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Crossroad Blues



So... The world needed another Supernatural artist, didn't it?


All jokes aside, consider me a newfound SPN fan. I only started catching up the show from season 1 on a few months ago and now I'm currently watching season 6.

I made a full-immersion, basically. After the bitter taste that season 4 of True Blood left me, I needed fresh air, and something new in which I could completely immerse myself. And I found it.

I didn't think I could fall in love so hard with Dean and Sam and their world, to be honest; but it happened, and faster than I even realized.


Photoshop and blah blah. (you know what I use, it's the same old tablet I bought 4 years ago! I'm so boring)

This is kinda wallpaper-sized so feel free to download it and use it on your desktop.

Also, I tried to make the gun Dean is holding in his hand as similar to "the" Colt as I could.

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred: Square version and a few steps on my artblog: [link] :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

Characters ©CW
Artwork ©kittrose

ETA (04-30-2012) : this piece won the Jus In Bello Art Contest! Many thanks to Daniela and to the entire Jibcon staff :heart:

I'll show you the signed copy as soon as I receive it.

Oh, I also updated the file with a slightly lighter and sharper version.


Other SPN related artwork:


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This has been my desktop for a while now :) I was wondering if you mind it if it's partly visible in some of my YouTube videos. If not I'll just switch it out when I need to. Thanks in advance for your reply :)