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My Bio
Current Residence: the United States
Favourite genre of music: Pop, Rock and R&B
MP3 player of choice: ipod
Favourite cartoon character: Cye, Tsuzuki, Raphael
Personal Quote: Tomorrow is promised to no one...

Favourite Visual Artist
Wendy Pini & Sanomi Matoh
Favourite Movies
the Lion King
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Stevie Wonder & James Morrison
Favourite Writers
Richard Pini, Connie Mason & Lorraine Heath
Favourite Games
the Legend of Zelda (any of them)
Favourite Gaming Platform
Game Cube
Other Interests
Art, Writing, Friends and Family
...I am going to keep my distance from this site for a little while. It's sad that the creative team on this site just doesn't care about their users and patrons in the slightest and that blatant theft of user creativity was the highest level of disrespect. So, I've cleaned up my gallery, only leaving a handful of things here. If DA ever gets its act together and just as importantly, issues an apology to EVERYONE, I'm going to be directing my art to a different site. I'll still be paying attention to what goes on over here, but I won't really be posting over here until things turn around. You CAN find me here: Please ♥ visit me at: (PS: at the moment, my website is still under construction, but my FurAffinity page is active and I post there, regularly.
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Hybrid Revival

3 min read
...I think revival is the word I'm looking for. ...hmm... Anyway, I remember a long time ago, before I really started getting into writing The Carpenter And The Nightingale, I had said that I wanted to go back to my very first comic series, Hybrid: Gods And Demons, and redraw the their thing. This was my first comic that I did on my own, so my drawing skills weren't the best. The lines were heavy and designs were a little/a lot off and I really wanted to go back to it and give it the attention I never gave it, because...Sweet Shoppe. Sweetheart and the girls sort of swooped in and took over all of my creative drive and just sort of pushed all of my other projects to the side. But, she and the girls ALSO got their universe off into development. Catriona Isles, Adohi, Panthros, and Oslan we're developed in that series and it's because of that, that I was able to weave all of my main series (Hybrid, Sweet Shoppe, Lion Paws, Bella Mariposa, and Aoi: Blue Sun) into one universe and one collective timeline. At the beginning at that timeline is, Hybrid. So, I really want to go back to the beginning and do that beginning series (in every sense of the word) right. Every other story branches from this one and it's about time that I revisited it. So, whether I do it as individual pages, or one new comic for AC of next year, I want to get started on that reboot. Behind the scenes, I have continued to write and develop the story, the characters, etc and they have even been referred to in both The Carpenter And The Nightingale, as well as one of the short stories of the romantic escapades of Night and Mhina. So, yeah, I think I'll be focusing on that, next, as well as Dumi and Neha's story. I have a lot written about them, too, but their story is unfolding patiently, as I expected. The next book will not be ready by next year, or probably even the year after that. It's a novel, so I'm very thorough about getting things right, because once it's printed, I can't undo what's written. All 4 novels need to be consistent, so it's going to take a little time to flesh it all out. In the meantime, I'll have this endeavor to keep my creative processes fluid. ^_^
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Available now on the Amazon e-reader for just $3.99, my very first novel, The Carpenter And The Nightingale. I hope you will enjoy it. Even if you can't purchase it, I'm just happy for your support.
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Thank you! I hope you have a happy Christmas as well. ♡

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