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Neko Kaito Cursor

Free to download, free to use. After you unzip the folder, I made a read me.txt to help you install cursors o w o

Download with that download file button at the right ------>

Please let me know if you get any problems!

Edit: as far as I know, this would only work in Windows. You might be able to figure out how to install cursors in a Mac but I have no idea, sorry OTL;;

How to use / install: I'm bad at explaining O n O;;

Note, you have to be an admin to the computer you're using to be able to do this. Otherwise please follow the "Read me.txt" instructions included in the downloaded file.

- Download the .zip file at the right
- Open the folder containing your downloaded file, then extract the zip by 1) right click on the icon, 2) select "Extract all..."
- Open the folder containing the extracted files
- On a new window, open "My Computer"
- In the new window, go to this directory:
C:\Windows\Cursors This is your computer's default cursor directory.
- In your Neko Kaito cursor folder, highlight all the cursor files (press 'ctrl' on your keyboard then click each) then drag them to the default cursors folder.
- Now, go to "Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Mouse"
- A new window should open. Go to "Pointers" tab.
- Near the bottom right there should be a "browse" button. Click that and set your cursors.
- Be sure to save your cursor settings with "Save As" when you're done.
- Click "OK" at the bottom, and you should be done!
© 2013 - 2022 KittiRawr
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so cutw will you make a full version ?

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Cute cursor! Ngl. I really love it, and I am keeping it.

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I'd most certainly love to have that cutie as my cursor every day, since nekos are the cutest thing in the world.
it's on the side -.- on the right side -.-
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Er, where is the link ;w;?
its on the side -.- on right -.-
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Thank chu~ This is adorable
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thank you oh my god
FangirlPhantomhive's avatar
I love it! Thank you<3
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What software you use to making this cursor?
I want made 1 for my own too.
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Where's the link?
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i cant find the link ;v;
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Thanks! I love it! uvú Kao Emoji-04 (Cute) [V1] 
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Thank you for making this cursor! That's so cute ♥
Enchanted-Feline's avatar
Thank you so much for making this cursor!!! QAQ
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