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Favs with comments

Because favourites are nice, but they don't tell the artist why you like or love their piece of art. A click of a button can't give the personal touch and interaction with the artist that a comment can in my opinion.

Dedicated to all those artists that, while they appreciate their favourites, feel like they aren't getting much feedback on their work. I think they deserve it, don't you?

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Using this! ♪
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I totally agree. If I see somebody :+fav:d my work, of course I'm going to want feedback on it.

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You do have a point. I mostly be putting favoriting people's artwork but I have been putting in more comments in their artwork recently most of them don't have many comments in their work
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That's soo right 😌
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Thank you! Can I use this to help out?
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How am I supposed to put this on my profile?
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It's cool when somebody likes your stuff, but I'd really want to know what could I improve more.
Favourites are ok, but I'd really want to get some feedback.

Gonna use it!
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This is so true, no matter how many favorites and watches. All I'm honestly looking for is comments and feedback. and i'm using
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Going to use this on my front page
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I'm using because only 8/39 of my deviations have comments. I have more favorites on my art than comments. 
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I'm using it, because i'm tired of having no comments in my deviations, it doesn't spread without comments.
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Can someone help me? How can I paste this to my profile?Sweating a little... I'm a relative new in Deviant Art and I've never pasted stamps...
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Thanks, I feel like I really need this stamp :)
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I'll be sure to use this. Thanks!
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Man, I totally agree. Too bad for me I get more faves than comments on my art.
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i lovee love love when i get feedback 
makes me feel special~
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I agree with this stamp, i love feedback! :D
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I agree! I get so many favs but rarely any comments
using btw
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I agree..also im using!
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I do appreciate favourites it means others liked my works but i admit faves with comments are pure gold for me, i love to hear what others liked, what they didn't like ect. I do not force others to comment, they are free to fave without commenting if they don't feel necessity to say something. I personally alway comment before faving because 1) i love to tell artist what caught my interest, 2) to have a precious gem in my Favourite Gallery.
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